$1,000 Visa Gift Card Giveaway


Just in time for Christmas we are excited to announce a $1000 Visa gift card giveaway!

We know there is a lot of financial pressure that seems to be applied during and around Christmas time and so a bunch of fellow Christian bloggers have pulled together to put this giveaway together.

$1000 Christmas-Giveaway

Thanks to our sponsor

We first want to thank the folks over at FaithWorks Financial for making this giveaway possible.

Put simply, FaithWorks Financial is a company that helps those who are deep in debt.  People who are behind on their credit card payments or have bill collectors calling can be greatly helped by them.

We’ve now partnered with them for over a year and they have proven to us that they will point the people that they speak with in the right direction. I feel very comfortable recommending them as they are the only debt management company I’ve found with a true Christian mission. They even donate a portion of their fees to the church of your choice.

If you would like to find out more, you can fill out the form below to request a FREE consultation with FaithWorks Financial.

First & Last Name

Amount of Debt

Email Address

Best Phone Number

Best Time To Contact You

Any other info that you want to share?

How to enter to win the $1,000

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter

Enter the giveaway by following the instructions in the Rafflecopter form below (click here if you are reading this in an email to see it)

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  1. Jill

    I signed up for the newsletter.

  2. Dee

    Great newsletter signups. Thanks! Need more great christian newsletters and a chance to win a gift card giveaway too! Awesome!

  3. Victoria

    Thank you so much CPF for the opportunity. I could really use the winnings right now.

  4. Paula

    Sure hope I win it would be a blessing”

  5. Sheila Smith

    Thank you, Bob, for offering this Christmas gift-away 🙂 for all your readers (and your friends’ readers, too.) Hope you have a Wonderful Christmas this year!

  6. Amy G

    What an opportunity to make a difference.

  7. Mel

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to win! Merry Christmas!!

  8. Phyllis

    Me and my Family could really use this. thanks for the opportunity, and good luck to all! God bless!

  9. lucia airo

    i thank God for this wonderful opportunity i pray to God that i be a winner.God bless you and merry christmas.

  10. cherie

    This would come in handy about now. We are scrapping to make due but feel blessed that we still have our home and each other. Though it would help us pay taxes and things that happen to fall at Christmas, but I would like to help our local charities to help those worse off than us. That is what I would do. After all…it is the season for giving!!!
    Merry Christmas to all and may God Bless you and get this United States back on track with Him!

  11. Kristin

    Oh dear, I signed up for the faithworks financial consultation thinking that I was entering the contest 🙁 Oops!!

  12. Jamie C.

    What an amazing giveaway – sure to be a blessing to whoever wins! Thanks so much for teaming up for such a great Christmas gift!

  13. Steph

    Hi, Bob, thank you for the chance to win a gift card! Merry Christmas.

  14. Paul Koti


  15. Ryan

    Wow, what a great opportunity! Kudos for doing this.

  16. Suzy Finigan

    Love this newsletter!!

  17. Cindy

    I love reading your newsletters!!!

  18. Victoria Johnson

    Praying and hoping to win! Thank you.

  19. Melanie

    Just found you…sounds like an interesting and great company!