2010 census jobs


The 2010 census is fast approaching and as usual it provides a lot of opporutunity for part-time work for people. Work begins in spring of 2009 with most hiring taking place from February through May of 2009. As I understand it the hours are pretty flexible and workers can work from 20-40 hours per week.

What do census takers do?2010 census jobs

Census takers usually work in their own neighborhoods or communities, which is convenient, and from what I have read, there are two main job opportunites…

Updating Address Lists

During the Address Canvassing operation, census takers visit all the places where people live or could live. The census taker must knock on each resident’s door and if someone answers explain that he or she is verifying the correct address for a short census questionnaire that will be mailed in 2010.

Conducting Interviews

These operations involve knocking on doors and conducting interviews with residents.

How much do census jobs pay?

The US census job page doesn’t mention a specific rate. However, after doing some more research I found a job board with a listing for 2010 census takers that indicates a wage of $11.75/hour + $.585/mile. I did see mentions of higher wages elsewhere, so my hunch is that they pay based on local standards. For instance, the cost of living is a lot higher in San Diego than it is in Tulsa, therefore they probably will be paying a lower wage in Tulsa than in San Diego.

I am not sure where the $11.75 wage falls, hopefully on the lower end, but I am not sure. Either way, I think that is still a pretty decent wage for a very easy job without a degree.

Qualifications for census taker positions

According to the census job site these are the qualifications…

  • You must be able to read, write, and speak english
  • You must be a U.S. citizen
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must pass a written test of basic skills
  • You must pass a background check
  • You must commit to 4 days of paid training during the day, evening, or weekend.

How to apply for a census job

The first step is to call and schedule an appointment to take the skills test… 1-866-861-2010. You can also use this map to local your local census office directly.

Have you ever been a census taker before? If so, please tell us about it in the comments

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  1. Bjorn

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing. My wife is considering taking on a part time flexible job to supplement our income. She is a full time Mom. I wonder if dragging your kids along would be a problem…

  2. bob

    it would definitely make it more exciting 😉

  3. aj

    My husband worked for the Census bureau doing this 10 years ago. He worked for them for about 18 months to 2 years, until they got to the very last phase. The initial phase was mapping areas marking anything that could be a residence, and gathering addresses. This involved a good bit of travel in our rural area but he was reimbursed mileage, and then the pay was $10 hour plus overtime if you worked over 8 hrs a day. The overtime didn’t happen until they got close to phase deadlines and really needed to finish things up. I can’t remember all of the details but I know that after the census had mailed out the forms, one phase involved following up with those who did not fill them out and return. This was done in teams of two workers visiting houses, or calling. The goal is to have every one of the forms filled out and returned. The very last phase, which my husband opted out of, was a Census employee and a Federal Marshall that visited the homes to ensure that the papers were filled out. You just never knew what you were getting into at that point so he called it quits. He did enjoy the first phases of it and made quite good money.

    He is running his own biz now so he is not interested in participating this time around. I do know that in our area they were starting out at $12 hr and are desperately looking to recruit! One note, they say flexible hours but in reality (atleast in our experience) they wanted people who could dedicate 8 hours a day M – F to work on this project as they are on a deadline. But it is great if you just want to pickup some extra work/temporary job. Our area was broken down by county, with all the census workers meeting every morning with the supervisor/coordinator at the beginning of each shift. This supervisor was also a local person who did not have any census experience but has some sort of higher education that qualified them for a higher paying job (plus it is based on how well you do on their testing I believe) so there is an opportunity to make much higher than the starting pay I believe.

    • bob

      thanks for your insight – it’s good to have info like this from someone who has been through it…

  4. thankyoujesus

    I called the number listed above and they transferred me to the local area for me and they told me they have suspended everything until the Spring. So I guess they will not even speak to people until the spring.

  5. kylie

    Don’t even bother. The test only takes half an hour, but you lose an additional one and a half hours of your life while other people fill out all the paperwork they should have brought with them ALREADY filled out, take the test, get a perfect score, and never hear another word. BIG waste of time!!

  6. Barb

    I worked the past 2 census. I did both while holding a full time job. I worded the 1st (1990) census as an enumerator. 2000 I worked as a crew leader. Great part time job. My advise is be honest. Do not make up data. Work is spot checked. I worked alone, not paired up as another person wrote. (New Hampshire and Orlando area is where I was.) If you are uncomfortable in an area, you can request assistance. They stress safety. I plan to go for a 3rd round this year or next.

  7. Beth B

    This site about census taking is a Godsend (maybe even a miracle in progress for me). I am so desperate for money right now(and starving!) that doing this census job is a blessing beyond belief! I only pray to God in heaven that they hire me. If not, friends, I really don’t know where to turn or what I’m going to do next.Please pray that I get this job because if I don’t, I will probably end up homeless or worse! I’m already out of food and need money desperatly to pay for my medicine and/or rent. If anyone out there could help me please,please contact me as soon as possible, and if anyone could please lend me any kind of help (even just a few dollars), I promise to pay you back with interest, as soon as I can find a job! Thank you for taking the time to read this and for perhaps your consideration for helping me. (Just lost my job of ten years recently). Thanks again so very much, Love, Beth Batz

  8. Yvonne

    I was a Census Follow-up Enumerator in 2000. I went to the addresses or questionable locations after the census was done. I recently called and they said the next testing wouldn’t be until later this month — but I enjoyed the work and pay.

  9. Anthony Lawrence Sanders

    I wqrked as an enumerator during the 1990 census in the city of St. Louis. As an enumerator, I worked flexible hour until the census was completed. If one does good work this could last for a while. I hope so, I could use it.

  10. Jennifer

    I would be interested in knowing what is meant by ‘flexible hours’. Can I decide what hours and what days (so long as I am getting to all addresses/people as required) or will I be instructed what days and hours I will have to work? I have been hired and I am trying to plan out childcare. Thanks!

  11. John

    I have training on the 30th of this month. I am trained for 5 days which are paid. My job title is a census enumerator. I see that during the spring of 2009 it will be Address Canvassing. So is that what I will be doing? So will I just be handing out forms? They said that it will least for 8 weeks. If I do a good job will they ask me to go outside of my area? What will happen after the 8 weeks?



  13. Sue Nixon

    I am wanting to work for the census bureau again I worked fot them in 2000 as a enumerator. And found it it be interesting wok and hope to get to once again. I am trying to find out if I must test again and just what are where I need to go to find out.

  14. John

    To Sue Nixon: Yes you must test again. They are still hiring from now until 2010 so you have time. There is different stages of the Census. I am currently working for them. I was first hired as a recruiter and I finished and than they have me as a taker. My job I have in my area will last for at least 4-5 month because we are short on people. 🙂 OVER TIMEEE!!! Go to the website and give them a call they will tell you when and where the next testing nearest to you.

  15. Census Lister

    Currently, the first phase is only lasting 2 weeks, not the anticipated 6 – 12. A lot of people will be out of work as of this week. Very disappointing.

  16. Lister

    I just finished working for the 2010 Census.
    My title was “enumerator”, doing “listing”.
    For approximately 8 weeks we walked around our community and checked addressess “on the ground” versus addresses in the database. This year we were all given PDAs with lists of addresses to verify. I’m sure this was MUCH better than the old paper days. We even were able to submit our payrol electronically. Way to go Census!
    Southern California area pay was $17 an hour, yes it varies by location.
    Was told initially that minimum hours were 20, max 40.
    NO OVERTIME. They stressed this repeatedly. You would be fired for any overtime you tried to bill.
    I was assigned more work than some others, either because I was a decent worker (efficient, minimal “errors”), or because I was willing to work the 40 hours per week.
    All in all, was nice to have the work, especially in these times, and pay was very decent for the ease of the job.
    We are in limbo now…no idea what will happen for “next phase”.

    Was told that once Obama started trying to get everyone back to work, the Census was told to hire as many people as it could. It did, which meant that those hired went to the 4-5 days of training, and then most just had to sit and wait for work that never came. Too many folks hired.

    Good luck to you all…if I get into another phase, I’ll re-post….

  17. Me

    I just finished 6 weeks of address canvassing. We just turned in our gear. Does anyone have any details of future phases besides Non-Response Followup?

  18. Steve Fischer

    I worked as a crew leader for the 2010 census in rural Iowa. When I took the job they said it would take to the middle of June to complete the address canvassing. We were done by May 11. I worked for about 6 weeks, but the canvassers only worked 4 weeks including training.

    I enjoyed working with my people, but the state office was either incompetent or very disorganized. At times doing the field test on the new hand held computer was fun, but at the same time it had many issues that caused major problems (very costly). The training that I got was poor, but since I have been a teacher most of my life I was able to take their rediculous manual and make it work.

    I took issue with their quality control several times as they got the exact same training I got.

    If I get a call for the 2nd faze, will I go? I haven’t decided, If I’m assigned a crew then maybe yes. The pay is the same as in 2000 $12 an hour. I got a little more as a crew leader. I made most of my money in mileage $.55 a mile, since I had 3 counties to cover.

    Towards the end they promised that they would find more work, they didn’t. Later I found out that other states were way behind. I had told them I would go where ever they need help.

    As far as taking the test, I found that they were very inconsistant in getting the times and sites out to the public. After you take the test and pass, (you need a high score), then just call them once a week and with luck you’ll get a right answer.

  19. Anna Young

    I took the test and passed, how can I find out about employment?

  20. Willona Morris

    I participated in the 2000 Census and would like to participate for 2010. How would I go about doing this?

  21. Ann Ma

    Instructions for those interested in Census jobs…..: Go to http://2010.census.gov/2010censusjobs/
    Hiring is based on three factors 1) Where you live 2) Test Score 3) Veteran’s preference. Workers are needed in nearly every geographic area. If many people apply for jobs in your same area, then the difference will come down to TEST SCORE. Veteran’s receive extra points toward their score and a disabled vet will receive even more points. TAKE THE PRACTICE TEST at the website listed above until you can ace it. Then schedule your time to take the actual test by calling the phone number also listed in the website above. Many people aren’t being hired because they’ve scored 80-90% on the test and they think this is good. A vet with the same score will beat you out every time. You need a 100% to increase your chances.

  22. Judy/Robeson County

    I worked the 2000 Census.Very rewarding. I met so real nice people and some nasty mouth people. I treated everybody with a kind word. I was a Crew Leader.I had nice people who worked under me. One of the hardest worker I had died three years ago. I never had to go out to do her work because she approached people in a nice way. I would love to be a crew leader this year. GOD is goooooood !

  23. richard e lucchesi

    worked the 2000 census in and around ashland and mechanicsville va. great people work and pay . hope i can join the team for the 2010 census

  24. Patrick

    I worked on the 2000 census and found the job to be both easy and challenging. Too bad the government wastes money on tracking down morons who can’t fill out a form, but, I also had to note when a house was abandon or burned down or otherwise not there anymore. I have a different job now with different hours, or I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  25. Alice Brown

    I was an enumerator in 2000 in Maryland. It was an awesome way to earn extra income. Paychecks were very timely. A very important part of being an enumerator was the fact that I had the choice to decline going to homes that posed a safety issue. Cencus is the way to go and I would do it again in a heartbeat>

  26. Lassy

    I’m assuming that you have to come off of unemployment if you actually get
    a job with the census. When you do, and it’s for just a short time, is it worth it?
    Trying to get reassigned to unemployment pay afterwards may be a big delay and I don’t know if you can count on it. Not finding a job during or immediately after the census job will mean being in this position. Anyone have any experience with this issue? Also, does the clock start over for unemployment or does it pick up where it left off? One more thing…I wouldn’t think the census offers benefits. If your on COBRA does that get effected while working? I’m hoping to hear from someone who has experienced this since there is only one phone number for the state of California for unemployment and I’ve never gotten through to ask a question. Thanks.

  27. LFChandler

    I took the test. Rcvda call that I passed but have not rcvda call as to when I may start. Looking online is just to take the test. What is the next step?

  28. ADeguzman

    Is it true that if you are only permanent resident (INS status) you cant be eligible on this job?

  29. jean kelly

    to Beth Batz,

    Please contact asap! we had a computer crash and still have not recovered all info.
    Jean K and Tom

  30. A. MELCHER

    Please contact me! Just found this website today, or would’ve contacted u sooner. Don’t have much money, but I have exp. applying 4 & receiving gov’t help (food stamps, pay utility bills, SSI & Medicaid 4 my profoundly mentally handicapped daughter).
    I need this Census job. Adult Protection, OCDD, a Medicaid Provider Co. & Case Mgmt Agency took my profoundly mentally handicapped (mind of a baby) 21 y/o from me. LIES were told to & about me b/f, in, & after court. The PCA knew she would NOT have a job if I switched co. I just found a STAY AWAY ORDER on her & DOMESTIC ABUSE/BATTERY she did on a Physically Handicapped man, who CAN talk! What will she do with my child, who canNOT talk! She warned them I would be represented by Legal Aid for FREE, so OCDD blocked me by retaining them! Then they got the Advocacy Center to represent my child against me, blocking me using them! All I needed was a Good, Free Attorney & a Continuance.

    Thanks, A. Melcher

  31. Lucinda Nazelrod

    I also had the pleasure of enumerating for the 2000 Census out here in the beautiful Mojave National Preserve. I put alot of miles on my truck that Census, but I loved every mile. I hope to be part of the 2010 Census, it is such a great way to truly get to know the area and the people who live there !

  32. phillybred

    I live in Brown Summit NC (north of Greensboro) . our starting rate for a Census taker is $13.50/hr and .50 for mileage…..there are also other positions …clerical and supervisors eith differnt rates….clerical pay is around $10/hr…..varies according to region Charlottte NC is $18.50/hr….I took the test this morning…28 questions need to get 10 correct to pass ….
    70%….There is a practice test on line which is helpful… If you are not happy with your score you may retake smany times until mid Feb. but only once a day ..I scored in the high 90’s…30 mintues is alloted for the test….the application and I -9 are online and may be completed before you arrive for
    the test…..The recruiter will go over to make sure everything is ok so the paperwork is not rejected….It was mot a wste of time amd time went quickly……the hours a re flexible you make work 20 hrs or 40. also you need not work 8 hrsstraight in a day…you make work a couple hrs in the am and go back out in the afternoon or evening….There is lor of info on line and the recuiter at the testing center was helpful…..good way to make some money
    or supplement your income.. oh payday is every Wednesday and direct depost is the preferred way….but is not mandatory… hopes this helps someone……

  33. Craig

    I worked as a crew leader/classroom trainer in the 2000 census. I scored 29 out of 30 on the test and worked in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The test is fairly easy, and less than 50% was considered passing. Only 1 student I tested was refused employment because of a very low score. The job lasted about 6 months and paid $12.50 per hour. Wages are higher for 2010. When training was finished, I spent time on follow-up for missing forms. I have a great tutor job but am considering part-time as a census worker. Training was 2-1/2 days
    in 2000. With only a short form, I am surprised that 4 days of training are needed for 2010. I encourage people to look into census work for extra income. This is important work for allocation of funds, # of Congressional representatives, etc. and also a very fulfilling job.

  34. Daddy Paul

    Good read. This is the best forum on the web I have seen. It also comes up high on the google search.
    I want to thank everyone in particular AJ for her insight.

  35. Camila

    I notice many people say “I took it and a few weeks later begin training” but testing has been ongoing, so: Does anyone remember when they actually started working?
    I took the test 1/22/2010. Some sites say ‘end of march’ others say ‘began in february’. Just curious if there’s any norm to this at all.
    And when they called you and offered you the job, how many days after did you go in for training?
    I got the first phonecall to check on my schedule and give me my test results (which were good).

  36. amethystlady2

    To John, first…if you have been hired, have you been to training yet? It doesn’t sound like it with all of the questions. When I worked the 1980 Census, all I did was drive around and locate addresses…that is possibly how you will start…then you will go to see the people who didn’t send in the forms, which are MAILED to every home, you don’t “deliver forms”…and after that, I don’t know..I was unemployed at the time I did that work, and it paid really well…had been laid off, but in 1980 we were in pretty good shape financially…if you go as an enumerator, they want you to have someone go with you, mostly to keep you safe, and from what our sheriff’s department has said in an email, the census takers do NOT enter any house…

    If you have been hired, they won’t start doing any work until March…I just took the test again tonight, and passed…you only have to get 10 right…its not a difficult test…just very intense as you only have 30 minutes – 28 questions…and you have to read, and sometimes just guess at the right answer or you will be stuck on the test forever and take a chance on not finishing it…I am hoping to be hired as it was a great way to earn some extra income for our upcoming property taxes…But the test really is not a difficult test…I would go for it for anyone who is hesitant…and I haven’t heard of any suspension here…I would reapply or call that number again and when they call you, set up an exam time…

    It is NOT a waste of time…its great being a part of history…

  37. amethystlady2

    I do recall thinking about applying some time in 2009, but I think I did hear something about stopping for a while…but they are back advertising…and it took very little time to fill out the paperwork at the testing site…the test giver was VERY nice, and helpful, and there was no rush – I printed my app off on line…took it in filled out, and forgot to take the I-9 with me, but that took only a second or two to fill out…

    The word tonight, and which I had heard recently, is the forms will be mailed out in March…but they may, and this is MY thinking, start to train people before March…then they plan to go into June to finish up…

    They are all temporary jobs, but to the person on unemployment, you might want to try to get into your unemployment office and discuss what will/might happen if you take this temporary job…but by ALL means, call them up and schedule a test…you never know what other type of job opportunity might pop up if you get out there among the people…even other people working for the Census…I wouldn’t hold off just because I couldn’t get an answer at the unemployment office…

    Its fun…and like I said, good to be a part of history, and its also great to increase your representation in Congress…(if possible)…I say, DO IT!

  38. amethystlady2

    Bjorn, I would not think taking your kids along would be very helpful in getting accurate information while keeping an eye on your kids…but it IS a great TEMPORARY part-time job for a full-time mom…and it would be great for her to have some time away from the kids for a few hours…needn’t be every day…

    You never know what you might run into going from house to house, so IF you don’t think you can find a baby sitter to watch the kids, maybe you can find a baby sitter who would be willing to go along with your wife so she could do the work? That still isn’t giving her time away from the kids, which is in no way saying that is a bad thing, but at least there would be someone with her to help her out and take the pressure off of her while she does the job…

    By all means, have her apply…she will enjoy it, and I’m sure you all would enjoy the extra income…this is really flexible…you can work 4 hours in the day, 4 in the afternoon, or 4 at night…until 9pm…so there is a lot of flexibility…

    How old are your kids, and how many are there…???? If they are a little older than below 5, they might be a help to your wife too…I would still encourage her to contact the Census and then set up a test time and take the online practice test b4 she goes…YES! DO IT!

  39. James

    Hey all, for those who have worked on the census before, do you have to take a drug test for employment?

  40. amethystlady2

    I didn’t, in 1984, but you possibly could these days…they can find out what drugs you have taken in years past by just a few strands of hair…there was no mention of a drug test, just a thorough background check…

  41. Jennifer

    I took the test on February 3, 2010 and I received a call on February 8, 2010. I start my job training as an office clerk on March 16, 2010, which means I have to miss a couple of classes but I have been unemployed for almost two years, so I really need the money. Oh, I was told that I was hired instantly because I’m fluent in Korean. It really helps because the area I live has ALOT of Koreans that don’t speak or understand much English!! Thanks to me, all those Koreans will be counted in the 2010 Census, hehe!!

  42. James

    So I took the test today and I scored 100. I also am partially fluent in Spanish and after speaking w/ the test giver she said that I should put Spanish down. So I’m very confident that I will be getting a position with the census. Jennifer, if you see this and don’t mind me asking, what did you score? Do you know? Thanks!

  43. aussie

    i took the test last week and got 20 out of 28
    today i found out i need to leave the country for family reasons in april ! can i leave and return to the job????

  44. Canoodle

    This does look like a good part time job. Just took a tour of the 2010.census.gov website and found that they publish the starting rates. Yay! The “Local Census Office Map” page shows a range of hourly rates: San Francisco starts at 22/hr, while more rural places, like Eureka start at 11.50/hr.

  45. Terry

    My son was phoned about 2 weeks ago and they said someone had dropped out and did he want to take that persons place- they said get up to the state capital pronto <Next day he was in the 4 day learning process and was hired on as a Quality control (coordinator?) He has a BA degree from 20 years ago in computers so I guess that helped some? Anyway hewas put up in a hotel for 3 nights and sent back home with a cab-full of equiptment and papers forms etc. He will train a crew of QC people to work in this area. I think he is a QC supervisor of Several qc crews in the area. I told him he reminded me of a" 90 day wonder "A frsh new shavetail lieutenant that somehow was supposed to know everything and checkup on a company of real "grunts" He did'nt take too kindly about that but I am entitled lol. Anyway he said hopefully he will have good crews and he won't need to know everything immediately. I guess really all he does is assign work areas and just process his QC teams reports and shuffle them higher up. ANYWAY they are still hiring and this is my story–the end

  46. Alison

    Personally, anyone who comes to my door asking personal information will get it closed in their face. Everyone needs to review the constitution since most of the 2010 questions are invasive and none of anyone’s business – especially the government. I wouldn’t give answers to strangers, and that’s exactly what census takers are: strangers trespassing on my property. I understand people needing the extra cash for a temporary job, but think about what you are asking. The only thing the government needs to know is how many residents are in the home. That’s it.

  47. amethystlady2

    Alison, please let us all in on the exact troublesome questions you refer to. I am very interested in knowing what you perceive these questions to be…

    And no one will even ask to come in your house…they are not allowed to…and personally, I wouldn’t want to approach your house…

    Probably armed !

  48. Jackie

    I just took the test today. Rochester MN. They said to look for phone interviews in the beginning of March. I scored a 22. I hope I get in. really could use the money.

  49. H

    $18.75 in my area.
    What is BAD about being a census taker? Are a lot of people ugly?
    What qualifications do you needed for the other things – ie. Clerk, Leader?
    I have a business degree, but haven’t worked in 15 years, am 43, but have never done this before!

  50. H

    I’ve heard you have to ask people their INCOMES –
    Is that true?
    IF it is – do they HAVE to tell you?

  51. M

    I’m took the test in St. Louis in February and scored a 26. I haven’t received a call. Has anyone elese been contacted in March concerning a position?

  52. Daddy Paul

    No I got a 27 and I still have heard nothing.

  53. Lyn

    I took the test in late December, scored at 28. I got the call today for a 4 to 8 week job, 20 to 40 hours a week. As for the woman on unemployment, I would review the CA online handbook. My state, Colorado, allows 3 weeks of consectutive work either over 31 hours or earnings over maximum benefit. On the 4th week, the claimant gets dropped from the system and will need reactivate. You’ll need to wait again.

  54. amethystlady2

    I read the 10 questions somewhere…I will go hunt them down and post them here…I believe they were in an email our county sheriff sent out that warned of those pretending to be census takers…

    He published the 10 questions….no social security numbers, etc…but if your income is asked, it could be like when you answer one of those polls online after you shopped somewhere…

    But let me find those questions first.

  55. M


    The link above shows the 10 questions.

  56. melinda jones

    i had a interview with yall during the month of feburary it were for that saturday but
    i didn;t get a chance to come emericies came up and i didn;t know where to call. so i
    didn;t get a chance to take the test.so i just forgot it. until i look it up on my compurter i just purchase.i would love to try it again if possible.just tell me where on
    line to take the pre test. think melinda jones.

  57. Bruno

    They stopped hiring in my area so I am going to test in the next county over. I have lived in that county for over 15 years and I currently work there but my house is just over the county line so I am giving them my mother’s address so then so I have to move in with my mother to work in the county that is hiring, pays better and I know so well?

  58. MrSandman

    Took the test in early Feb….. finally got called four weeks later. Was given a short over the phone, government question and answer interview… and Welcomed to the Team. Have to report for training on March 25th-26th. right in town. Told to bring my bank address and routing number for direct deposit.. dress semi-business attire. And that’s it. Oh, scored 26 out of 28. (No Military service either). Speak and write two languages, that must have been the “three point conversion”. Filled willing to work “Any ” in days section. On another NOTE:

    Just heard all that ‘rant’ you gave about the “Constitution” and right to privacy… and I have to AGREE ! It was reported on the radio on one of the talk shows “G B” and it made me cringe to hear it… I had no idea it was such a Sore Issue. If I have to think about it too much, I would probably call back and turn down the training, because of what I heard.. things like ….
    “It’s not Constitutional”.. “There is a $5,ooo fine for failure to report, but its never been implemented”… yadda, yadda, yadda. “It was fine to do ten years ago, (2000) but not this TIME AROUND” or ” The Government is EVIL… don’t tell them anything”. blah, blah, blah…..)
    I couldn’t stand it anymore, and just changed the station. It did, however, make me so damn angry, that I made a nice list of questions to ask the Trainers during training breaks…. Who knows, I just might have my 15 minutes of fame YET :o) I will be the “CrAzY man who started a big riot in my city with all the local TV stations vying for camera angle shots…. to film me Dangling from the City Hall flag pole with a big ‘Ole sign on my head ,…saying… ( well, you can all chime in here with your own slogan or phrase ) .
    Irregardless, there will always be those who are for and against even the Sunshine or the Clouds in the Sky!!

  59. amethystlady2

    hahahaha….Alison….LOVED what you wrote…now why, I wonder, was it “ok in 2000, but not now”????? Hummmmmmmmmmmm…..?????

  60. lyndsey

    Okay so I have my 4 day training starting on tuesday. They never told me what I should wear…it is after all just training, can i just wear jeans and a nice t-shirt/sweater???? and what exactly goes on in this 36hrs of training??? srsly that’s a long prepping time for 10 questions, hh computer info and telling me i’ll probably get yelled at by half of the ppl i talk to.

  61. MrSandman

    @amethystlady2 QUOTE:
    “hahahaha….Alison….LOVED what you wrote…now why, I wonder, was it “ok in 2000, but not now”????? Hummmmmmmmmmmm…..?????”
    end quote/

    Something to do with the Gov’t getting Socialist and wanting to take away everyone’s freedom and Big Brother blah, blah, blah,,, all over again.
    Apparently , there is more of a paranoia goin’ on this time ’round. I will ask the instructors if I will be allow to carry my concealed weapon or not… Seems like a valid question , and I carry it “legally” in my State anyway. I would feel “awkward” leaving it way back over there in the car…. and many have shotguns in the homes…. and can threaten to blast me for trespassing onto their porch… that reminds me of another question…
    ” Question number 158, Mr. Gov’t C. Trainer ”
    “Will you guys be issuing us a ‘bull-horn’ ( you know , like the ones the cops use in those hostage movies ?) ” Or do we have to bring our own?”
    “It’s far safer to ask from just outside Joe Public’s white picket fence…. then to come up so close to him, right there at his front door… If he says , ‘Sure come on in’…. then at least I still have his permission to enter onto the property…. and not in violation if invited.
    However, …… if he gets ‘Nasty’ it will be a lot easier on the two of us… before any blastin’ starts. What’s the Training on Cover YOUR ASS ?”
    ( Oops, I am getting ahead of myself..that’s question # 159.)

  62. amethystlady2

    To Melinda Jones;

    Go to http://www.census.gov and ask your questions there…or get the test there and the phone number to call.

    This is just a message board a nice man put here for people who want to work for, have worked for, or are already working for, the Census.

    And we got our form today…it has 10 questions…and asks how many people live in this house. If you scroll up here, “M” has posted the link to the 10 questions…they are easy questions….nothing about salary, no social security #’s, no bank account #’s, etc….they DO NOT ask for any of that…if someone comes to your house and asks you that, report them to the local authorities immediately….they are more than likely imposters trying to get your personal info for identity theft…

    All census workers will be badged, carry a special bag, a clipboard, ID, etc. And they usually aren’t out there coming to your house until AFTER the census forms have been mailed and you didn’t fill it out and send it back. THAT is when they will come to your house….or they will call you first…

    And I was wrong about them never delivering census forms…the rural areas all have their census forms hand-delivered.

  63. BevB

    lyndsey, nice jeans & sweater should be fine. (anything you’d wear for Casual Friday at an office. I woudn’t wear a T or flipflops.) 36 hours of training is not all that much. I had 2 wks last year. Keep in mind not everyone is proficient on a computer so they may need to be trained on the HH and the application both.
    The first day will be a lot of admin info. ID, setting up direct deposit, fingerprinting, etc. There’s really a lot to learn- a LOT of policy involved, especially privacy laws- those are hit long and hard. They are very strict about that and discussing anyone’s personal info is grounds for immediate dismissal and in some cases, prosecution. I know of one such case where both happened. This job is fairly involved and accuracy and personal integrity are of the highest importance.

  64. Bill

    I was hired for the UL operation and we finished early. While the job was supposed to last till the end of March, we had 3 days of training, about 9 days of actual work and it was over my March 8. The funny/sad part is that the job was over before I even received my first paycheck. I was told by my crew leader / FOS that we will be assigned work in the next upcoming weeks.

    However, I just talked to my crew leader the other day and she said chances are we wont start up again till we train for the next phase. She said her training is the 2nd week of April and then we would train shortly after.

    My question is, do I automatically get rehired for the next phase (Nonrespnse) or do I have to get a call from the local or regional office?

    I think my crew leader is under the assumption that she will have the same crew but who knows. The communication between crew leaders / FOS’s and local office management and regional office is absoultly horrific.

    ALSO for those starting training this week, do you all live more in a city or rural environment?

  65. M

    Since I have not heard anything after taking the test in February, is it safe to assume that I will not receive a job offer?

  66. M

    I live in urban St. Louis.

  67. amethystlady2

    I doubt y0u should give up and keep waiting for a phone call. It can still happen. I took my test in Feb as well. Some of the people who have posted here have bilingual skills…

    I don’t know why or how anyone can listen to “GB” and seriously believe him!

  68. James

    I took my test the 16th of February and got a perfect score- no veterans’ bonus. I was called today and offered the position of guest quarters enumerator or something like that. Basically instead of going door to door, I’ll be going to nursing homes, assisted living, prisons, boarding schools, etc. places like that to collect that census data. Alot safer than dealing with overzealous privacy and 1st amendment homeowners who don’t want federal employees standing on their porch 🙂 I start training next Thursday the 25th. $17.75/hour, in Delaware County a suburb of Philadelphia. Also $.50/ mile for gas reimbursement, hopefully since I’ll be driving to actual locations and not just walking up and down streets that’ll mean more driving = more mileage reimbursement. Fingers crossed 🙂

  69. James

    Oh forgot to add that I was told the job should last about 8 weeks average. Good $ for relatively easy work! 🙂

  70. Theresa

    Hey Guys, I took that census test in Februray and never thought much about it. They called and want me to be a crew leader with training in a few weeks. They said they will tell me where to show up for training. No Interview? No Drug Test? NO Attire requirement Specified? Just bring two bank deposit slips and two forms of ID. Seems a little backward?

  71. David

    I took the test about 3 weeks ago and got a 26 (non vet ).
    I really hope I get hired, because I live in Alaska and would get $25 an hour (thats the most anywhere in the country).

  72. Michael

    I also got a 26 (non-vet) and haven’t heard anything yet. I live in St. Louis, Missouri.