5 Simple Ways To Save Money Shopping

5 simple ways to save money shoppingWhen I was first trying to get out of debt and living on “rice and beans” as Dave Ramsey says, every extra dollar I could save was a small, but exciting victory.

Now that we are debt-free (except the house) things are a bit looser, but the thrill of saving money – especially when I don’t have to work very hard to do it – is still pretty fun.

And like I have talked about before, I see it a little like a snowball that each dollar we can save is a dollar that can be applied to paying off our mortgage early (our next financial goal).

Thanks to technology, there are a lot of other ways to save money on purchases other than cutting and printing manufacturer grocery coupons.
These are 5 simple things that I do that save (or earn) me money on just about all of my purchases.

1. Amazon Subscribe and Save

I wrote about this one recently. I discovered that Amazon has a relatively unknown program called Subscribe and Save which allows you to purchase items (mostly dry food items or household goods) on a 1, 2, 3, or 6 month subscription basis. To encourage shoppers to subscribe they offer a 15% discount off the regular price. I did a simple price comparison test and found that I could easily save hundreds each year by using the program for some of my regular purchases. Oh and you can cancel at any time too.

2. Ebates

Ebates is a program that i have been using for a couple years now which is best described with a video I did below…

But basically when making an online purchase you visit the Ebates website, and select from the 1000+ online stores and then just make your purchase as normal and you get any where from 1-25% cashback for that purchase. It is completely free and couldn’t be easier to use.

3. Perkstreet Debit Card

This one took a little bit more work on the front-end, but has by far yielded the most savings. Earlier this year I signed up for a PerkStreet Financial Debit Card because I was intrigued by their 2% cashback offer. So far this year we have gotten over $500 cash back from doing nothing but using our debit card for most of our daily purchases. The best thing is that once you sign up for the account and set up your direct deposit into the account, you just make your regular purchases like normal except you are now saving 2% on everything. Not a bad deal at all!

4. Offermatic

This one is a simple program where you use the website to link to your bank account (they use bank-level security) and it just keeps track of your purchases. They monitor which stores you shop at and offer you deals and coupons for those stores. If that wasn’t good enough, they also give you points for each purchase that you make which then can be redeemed for gift cards. Like all the other programs it is completely free and requires no energy on my part as it earns me rewards.

5. Find online coupons

This one can take a few minutes, but can often be worth it. Any time I am making an online purchase I google the store name and “coupon” or “coupon code” etc. Often times I can find a free-shipping or 10% off coupon in about 60 seconds.

Using them together

While I love all these money-saving tools, I particularly like when I can use them together. For example, I remember buying a pair of shoes online at a site that offered 5% cash-back with Ebates, I then found a free-shipping coupon by Googling for it, points with Offermatic were earned, and of course we earned 2% cashback with our Perkstreet card. If all that weren’t good enough, the site offered a 110% best-price guarantee, so when I found the shoes a few bucks cheaper at another site I was then able to get another $10 or so off the price. That was one of my crowning achievements as a money-saver! 😉
Photo by Bfishadow

What other money-saving tools do you use for your purchases?


  1. Wow good savings story! Great list as well, I’m strongly considering moving our checking to perkstreet. ING has been so good though…

  2. Ebates is one of the 3 cash back sites I regularly use. I hadn’t heard of Perkstreet but I will have to look into the comparison between that and using my Citibank credit card.

    Nice list – thank you for sharing!

  3. I still use both, but I just make most of my purchases with Perkstreet to get the rewards – but I agree, ING is a great bank

  4. Donna Korzun

    Thanks for the tips! I am checking out Amazon and Ebates today. :o)

  5. Thanks for the great information Bob. I had not heard of the Amazon Subscribe and Save program, but will definitely check that out, as I am trying to minimize my expenses to be able to buy more silver.

  6. Hurray for using all except #1, but I’m going to be using that once we move. Just makes things so much easier.

  7. Bob, I just have to say how thankful I am for your site. This article is full of fresh ideas. I am so used to reading the same old recycled tips in article after article, but you truly offer new and valuable advice on a consistent basis. Thank you again! May God bless your efforts!

  8. Great information-exactly what Ive been searching for! Ill be checking all these out in detail! May God Bless You!

  9. Christine

    This is an expansion on your coupon comment. When you get online coupons you are often limited to the amount you can print. I would like to share this not-so-secret combo… If you buy 2, 4 or 6 newspapers each week for the coupons and use CouponMom.com (I am sure there are other sites as well) You will be able to get the shopping carts full of food for 50.00 to 90.00 just like you see on TV shows. I have done it many times, weekly.

    The only people it does not really work for are people with special diets like organic diets or gluten free… etc. Why? Because they do not make that many coupons for these foods.

    I mentioned buying an even number of papers because when you have buy 1 get 1 free items you can use 2 coupons at most stores. The stores that where you buy 1 and the register rings up an item for 1/2 price is the store you can do it at. a store where the 2nd item is actually free but full price for the first item will not take 2 coupons.

    Sorry for being long winded, but the theory behind my suggestion of Coupon Mom is that for my state (Georgia) she has listed stores which give you double coupon value up to 50 cents… so your 50 cent coupons are worth 1.00. You save the coupons to buy items that are on SALE only. My premium priced grocery store has buy 1 get 1 sales every week. An item that is normally 2.49 each (say spaghetti sauce) is now 2.49 for 2 add (2) 50 cent coupons(which double at this store) and it has now cost you 49 cents for (2) of that Item… that is less than 25 cents each. now multiply that by how many sunday papers you bought the day that coupon came out. 6 papers?
    (6 )full price spaghetti sauce = 14.94
    (6) ON SALE with coupons and coupon mom = 2.94 !
    They won’t go bad for a long time and you can donate them to charity if you don’t use them by thanksgiving. You can not save like that at WALMART because Walmart does not have 1/2 price sales or buy 10 for 10 sales like the premium priced stores do.

    If you shop like this for 2 months or 3 months then you will have stocked cabinets and can skip weeks of shopping except for your perishables like milk, bread, eggs, fruit, meat. which is another hundred saved per week without having to shop.

    The paper costs 2.00 – 3.00 each. Some people look at it as it cost too much, but your receipt will show that you just saved 50.00- 200.00 in one trip (every week will be different) so if you spent 12.00 that week on 4 -6 papers- your coupons don’t expire for months… you are going to save well over the 12.00 in return.

    The directions for how to keep track of your coupons is on the website. (write that date of the Sunday paper on each flyer) or you can start a binder and organize them yourself (but you have to be observant of when they expire).

    Big Savings here… Honest. But it takes a little organization, effort and if you forget to get the papers you will miss out sometimes. One more downside is that you might have to fight the urge to become a pack rat… how many free to 25 cent toothpaste, razors, deodorants, shaving creams, shampoos, dental floss do you want to stock up on before you say enough is enough?

    Good Luck =)

  10. Great Information. I am always in search of saving money I love to save money while shopping. Thanks….May God Bless You!!!

  11. Saving money online is crucial these days. Coupon Codes is by far easiest method to do that. I think the article is missing sites like Retailmenot or HelloCoin.com since these are two favorites online coupons sites these days.

  12. This article is out of date now. PerkStreet Financial has closed its doors….