7 Side Jobs I’ve Done to Increase My Income

7 side jobs I've done to increase my income... http://christianpf.com/7-side-jobs-i%E2%80%99ve-done-to-increase-my-income/

There are plenty of good articles that highlight ways to make money or part time jobs to earn extra cash.  But what about side jobs you can do while you’re still employed full time?  Over the last few years, I’ve done a few side jobs that actually pay well and allow me to work a full time job each week.  This list is different than most lists because I’ve actually worked these jobs while putting in 40 hours at a regular job – so I’m confident that it can be done!

7 side jobs I've done to increase my income...  http://christianpf.com/7-side-jobs-i%E2%80%99ve-done-to-increase-my-income/

Side Jobs You Can Do While Employed Full Time

1. Clean a Local Church

I was able to clean our church in the morning from 6:00-7:30 AM weekdays and from 2:00-6:00 PM on Sundays (after the service).  Averaging 10-12 hours each week at $8.00 an hour, it added up to about $350 each month in extra income!

2. Detail Cars and Boats

With a little elbow grease, you can make anywhere from $50-$100 cleaning vehicles.  I made an ad on Craigslist and was able to average about one vehicle each weekend a few summers ago.  You’ll need to spend $50-$100 for supplies, but you’ll be surprised how many people want their vehicles detailed.

3. Yard Work / Mowing

If you’re brave, make some flyers, go to a nice neighborhood and let them know you can provide yard work or mowing services.  I rounded up a few jobs doing this both from strangers and from a few people I knew.  A full day of yard work usually meant $50-$100 – not a bad sum of cash for a weekend of work.  Mowing had a set price of $25 for a small yard, which usually took about an hour.

4. Give Music Lessons

This is something I still do on the side.  Every week I give a music lesson for a half an hour and make $20!  This $80 a month was one of the ways we paid for Christmas with side jobs this year.

5. Help Someone Move

I’ve had my share of helping people move for free, but there are ways you can put a price on your moving service.  Be proactive and make a sign that can be hung around town or at your church.  If people know that you can be hired for $50-$100, they might hire you to help.  You don’t need to own a pick-up truck, but if you do, that’s an extra selling point to get you the job.


6. Blogging

Do you have an idea for a website or blog?  You don’t need to quit your day job to run a blog.  In fact, while you’re growing your site, you can make a few extra dollars by writing blogs articles for other sites.   It may take some time to build credibility with a few bloggers, but writing articles for other sites can be a great side job that brings in anywhere from $25 to $250 or more each month.  It all depends on how much you write!


7. Consulting Services

If you are talented in marketing, technology, design, or just about anything specialized, you can make extra money with side jobs as a consultant.  After finishing my MBA, I approached a few small local businesses to offer assistance with their marketing efforts.  We worked together to create a website, print material, and refined other areas of their marketing plan.  My rate was about $25 an hour and brought in an extra $400 per month while working with them.

I’m not sharing this to boast about an extra few hundred dollars I’ve made each month while doing these side jobs.  The point is to show you that there are side jobs that can be done while you’re working a 40-hour per week job.  You just need to get creative!

What are some things you’ve done to make money on the side?

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  1. Jon

    Loving these ideas! It’s funny, many of these I did during college for extra coin. I remember working long hours through pain for moving jobs. Looking back, it was hard work but such a blast. I recommend it to anyone during school, easy $20/hour!

    I grew up in a very forestry area in Washington, and we used to go around door to door and offer tree cutting services with an axe. Great money and fun work!

    Thanks for the great article!

  2. Nate Hall

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve done some of these and they can be helpful. #7 can be a really good way to do it and use talents or skills.

    I think a concern that some might have is that it takes time away from family or other important things and it really just depends on the individual and their needs and schedule…and what the motivation is.

    Another one to mention for both adults and young adults is a paper route–I know older and younger people that are willing to do that because it works better for their schedule.

  3. Jonathan

    Very good! So many blogs suggest so many ideas. Cleaning the church? GREAT UNIQUE IDEA. Tim, you are done with your MBA; Me? I am just starting and I have long weighed the options of picking up some extra scratch, but with a full time job and a also my course work, I just can’t seem to muster the strength for making part time money. But, I am going to put up a craigslist ad this spring for detailing cars. The great thing about that idea, Tim, is that you can take the jobs you want:)

  4. Tim

    Thanks everyone – I’m glad you liked the article!

    @Jonathan – Best of luck as you work on your MBA! It’s not easy, but if you’re motivated, you can still work full time, go to school and pick up an occasional mowing/detailing job! 🙂

    The tough part is balancing family life, as Nate mentioned. My wife was really supportive when I was getting my MBA/working full time and mowing lawns on the weekend. We made some sacrifices, but finding your balance is key. (We just got married that summer too 🙂 ….maybe our newlywed status kept us going with the extra energy we needed!)


  5. Tyler

    Good Tips. I work for a catering company as a side job. I worked there all the way through college and all four years since graduating even though I now have a full time job. I’ve worked there part-time for 8 years, so my pay is pretty good averaging in the mid-twenties with tips.

    On a sidenote I got the gig when my roommate decided he wanted to sleep and not go to his first day of work catering, so I told him don’t worry about it I’ll just go for you. The owner of the company loved that I showed up. Best job to randomly fall into my lap.

    Brewing at night and on weekends is my other part time job.

  6. shimahin

    hi nice work. i have been thinking for 2 months about an extra income with a part time work , i tried free lancing , its hard to find a work as a new comer .then i started blogging . pls help me about page rank

  7. Charles Johnson

    I never heard of cleaning the church. Great ideas Tim. For me the idea is to work on something everyday. Sooner or later the results begin to show.

  8. Amazing tim! It is nice to know that you did experience doing those jobs. In my college days, I do earn money by working online (writing articles, blogs, SEO and many more) and also we did conduct some training to pastors in our place and they are giving us incentives/allowance that really helps aside from the joy that we know that we are helping God’s children.

    We must be very smart in spending the time that God did gave us because it is important. I do remember that someone told me that there is really a big difference on spending and investing; and it is really true.

  9. Tiffany

    How would I find a blog job that isn’t a scam?

  10. Mia

    Good list of ideas! I regularly look up writing jobs on my local craigslist and have found transcription to be a good side job if you’re good at listening and typing.