Cashback rewards program

For as much money as Microsoft has been putting into the Bing advertising campaign, I am surprised at how they give very little mention to one of Bing’s best features – their cashback rewards program. Thanks to Pochax for the reminder. It seems to be a somewhat upgraded version of the Live Cashback program before Bing was on the scene. Simply put, if you use Bing to search for items that you are going to buy online anyway, you will get a % as a cashback reward. The percentage differs depending on the store, but they go as high as 20%.

The basic rules:

  • The cash doesn’t hit your account for 60 days after the purchase
  • You can only redeem the cash after you have accrued at least $5 in your account

A few simple steps to follow

1. Type in and you will see this… homepage

2. In the menu to the left-hand side, click the “Shopping” link. This will take you to this page…

Bing Cashback program

3. In the Search Box at the top of the page type in whatever item you are looking to purchase… cashback search

4. In this case, when searching for “Snow Leopard” we see many results showing different prices from various retailers. Also notice at the bottom of each listing it shows the Bing Cashback % that you will receive if you purchase from that retailer. If you click one of the retailer’s links it will lead you to this page… cash back program

5. By entering your email address on this page Bing can now track your purchases and calculate your cashback rewards as well. Once you enter your email address it will lead you to the retailer’s page for you to complete your purchase as usual.

Finishing the bing cashback purchase

6. Complete your purchase and you can expect to see the cashback rewards from Bing in your account within 60 days.

A few interesting comments from the forums about it

by TheWealthSquad on Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:12 am

It works great with Ebay and Buy it Now auctions. I saved $300 on my last laptop purchase doing it that way. I also bought several silver bars on ebay using this method and got a 10% cash back doing it. They do limit the maximum amount of cash back you can get so don’t think you can set up a business doing this 🙂

It is a good way to save some money on things you were already going to buy. Just don’t go buy things you don’t need simply to “save” the money 🙂

by pochax on Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:03 am

i just bought a new computer monitor through it and got 10% cash with Bing. (monitor was ~$190) and i am getting $19 cash back. i think the site works best for these bigger ticket electronic items or books or clothes.

Have you tried Bing’s Cashback program?

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  1. Carolyn

    I haven’t tried bing but I’m signed up for something similar with Quicken. It’s Quicken Picks. They send a check when you reach $10. With the toolbar its automatic. Just shop online as you normally do and a Quicken pics pop up box will let you know how much your cash back % will be with the site you are shopping.

  2. pochax

    One thing i have noticed as i do more “comparisons” between competitor websites (such as Amazon) is that oftentimes the “price after cashback” (Bing) will come out about the same as the discount price on another website (eg. Amazon). Thus it will actually come out a wash in the end. i think you will get the best outcome when you find an item that is discounted by the seller who happens to belong to the family of stores and you will basically get a “double discount”. hope that makes sense…=)

  3. Peter

    I love Bing cashback! We just bought a 50″ plasma tv that we had been saving for for months – and we saved 16% off the price by shopping through a bing sponsored link. We haven’t gotten the cash yet, but we should get the money in another $45 days. $115 dollars off is definitely worth it!

  4. Jeff

    I think I got the best Bing deal ever (and then it was promptly removed). AT&T was offering a 30% rebate in their online store when they launched the new iPhone 3GS. After the rebate, my $299 phone only cost me $199. $100 OFF!

  5. Sam Federer

    Yeh, i agree with Amiel Bibliowicz, there are millions of Cash-back and rewards programs, but the one in is unique.

    it’s just awesome, first of all they offer a great variety of products, from food to electronics, and it’s way cheaper. Really cheaper because of theyr loyalty program with some great companies supported by the power of buying together;

    And the cash-back programm is the best part, u just sign up for free, buy, and they give u a useful cash-back at the end of the month, they also have a common share bank.

    Its just amazing, go and check it out the power for the consumers

    im a member myself and i love it

  6. Diego Martinez

    I have to agree with Sam and Amiel, after reading this, i wnet to the page their talking about ( and i started checking their products and cashback awards and OMG that page is awesome. I recently became a member, and im doing my daily shopping on that page (what you usually get on the supermarket, i get it on that page with cashback). Plus, the idea of the page is great, becacuse is a way to help us eachother in this time of need. 10/10 on that page, you should go check it out.

  7. Josh

    The problem I see with Bing Cashback is that is geared towards commodity type products. Many resellers offer only rare, unique, and low margin items. The only way I can see our store participating is by increasing our prices. I would rather pass the savings on directly to the customer.

    Although I am considering increasing our pricing specifically for Bing customers so they can wait for their money.

    I am astonished that someone was able to get a %10 cashback on a bar of silver. Either the bar was overpriced or the marketing guy lost his job.