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The Best 5 Work-from-Home Jobs from Someone Who Has Tried Them All

I've tested and tried out all the different work-from-home jobs out there and these are the 5 best ones -

Working from home is an excellent option for people who want to be with their families and still earn a living. When you work from home you can usually build a lot of flexibility into your schedule so that you can attend school functions for your children, care for sick family members, and tend to your household responsibilities . . . .

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How to finally get started with your business idea

Have you been dreaming of starting a business? Check this out to get a little help to finally get it started!

I remember sitting in my cubicle, with cloth walls surrounding me – or should I say caving in on me – with the sterile glow of a fluorescent light above my head. I had to stand up and look 50 yards in either direction just to catch a glimpse of sunlight. I still remember the […]

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6 Online Jobs for College Students

6 jobs for college students - some good ideas here

The new college school year is coming up, and with college costs getting higher each year, one of the recurring challenges is trying to find jobs to help finance your education so you don’t have to rely so much on student loans. Jobs aren’t so easy to get these days, especially when you have a limited schedule that has to leave plenty of time for classes and homework.

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3 Dangers of Using Financial Incentives

the dangers of always rewarding financially

Recently I finished Drive by Daniel Pink, a book that attempts to reveal the “surprising truth about what motivates us.” In one of the main sections, Pink discusses financial motivators and really made me think about the impacts they can cause.

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How the 80/20 principle applies to your money


You’ve probably heard of “the 80/20 rule.” The technical term for this common phrase is called the Pareto principle, named after . . . you guessed it, a man named Pareto . . . .

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Dear Friend/MLM Member: Please Don’t Do This

Dear Friend/MLM Member: Please Don’t Do This...

For the purposes of the article I am defining Multi-level Marketing as any business that has a downline. Meaning members earn a percentage of the earnings of those they recruit.  I currently have family members in MLMs, some friends in MLMs, have been recruited by Primerica and many others, and my wife even sold Stella and […]

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How to See Beyond the Obvious Financial Options

Financial Options

The truth is, we’re selling ourselves short all the time. Whatever the financial decision, whether it’s how we might choose to get out of debt, build up savings, or start a new business, we can buy into the lie that there are only a few ways to do each.

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The Pros and Cons of Starting a Franchise Business

Franchise Business Open Sign

A 2012 survey found that just 19 percent of workers – less than one in five – are happy with their careers. Another study said a majority of us would like to work for ourselves – but as most of us understand, self-employment can be a risky move. Would a franchise be the first step to freedom and wealth? Let’s look at the pros and cons of starting a franchise business to shed some light on the decision.

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Never Forget: Hard Work is Profitable, Mere Talk is Cheap

The importance of hard work

Mere talk is so cheap that Jesus addressed it specifically with a parable found in Matthew 21:28-32. It’s the parable of the two sons and I’ll paraphrase it for you below.

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12 Seasonal Jobs for Christmas

Seasonal Job

It’s time to start thinking about holiday jobs. With Christmas coming soon, your chances of getting a part-time seasonal job increase if you start looking now. Hurry before it is too late!

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How to Be More Productive with 3 Simple Folders


Have you ever wanted a simple organizational system that could greatly enhance your productivity? Here it is.

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How Does Subjective Value Work?

Subjective Value Price Tag

This is what subjective value is all about. It’s an economic concept that says something is valuable because it is useful to someone, not simply because it is inherently valuable.

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5 Business Lessons Learned from Monopoly


Monopoly is good family fun and all, but it’s also a crash course in business. Buy too much too fast and you’ll end up having to mortgage properties to pay an unfortunate $100 hospital bill. Let opportunities pass you the first time, and they may not be there the next time you’re back around on the board.

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MoneyWell Review | Envelope Budgeting Software


Over the past four years or so I’ve been using proactive envelope budgeting software called MoneyWell. It’s available on the Mac platform and there’s a companion app called MoneyWell Express for iPhone and iPod touch. Here’s what you need to know about it!

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