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Why I Think You Should Set A Goal Today

He said rather bluntly, "So, what do you want?". I had thought about a lot of things I didn't want in life. A low-paying job, a job I hated, a dead-end career path were all at the top of my list, but I hadn't really spent much time thinking about things I wanted. He made me. Once I was able to decide on specific things that I wanted in life (particularly in the next 5 years), he had me write them down. This list is what became my 5-year goals

Have you ever wondered how setting a goal and following God’s will can co-exist? After all, what is the point setting a goal that isn’t what God is wanting for us?

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How to Find Your Purpose in Life with Jeff Goins

How to find your purpose in life - interview with Jeff Goins

Finding your purpose in life.  Whew, that is a tall order! What if it didn’t have to be quite as difficult as everyone makes us believe? Today, I have an interview with Jeff Goins from in which we chat about purpose, calling, how to find it, and what it all means. He just wrote […]

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5 Things To Do When Asking For A Raise

5 things to do when asking your boss for a raise

If you feel you deserve a raise, there are a few steps you can take that will increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

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5 Reasons to Put Your Retirement Plans Ahead of Your Children’s College

5 reasons to put your retirement savings ahead of your kid's college

I recently spoke with a single mom who was planning to mortgage her paid for house in order to ease her children’s college burdens. Her logic? “I just can’t let them accumulate all of those student loans. What kind of a mother would?”

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How to Retire at Age 85 (or Hopefully Older)!

Old Man

While my title is an admitted spoof on the “retire early” movement, please understand that I greatly admire anyone who can achieve retirement at age 35, 40, or 45. It is just that I find myself wondering if the goal of retirement is overemphasized.

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The Best 5 Work-from-Home Jobs from Someone Who Has Tried Them All

I've tested and tried out all the different work-from-home jobs out there and these are the 5 best ones -

Working from home is an excellent option for people who want to be with their families and still earn a living. When you work from home you can usually build a lot of flexibility into your schedule so that you can attend school functions for your children, care for sick family members, and tend to your household responsibilities . . . .

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Want to Get Rich Quick? The Bible has something to say about that


Go ahead, admit it. You’ve thought about playing the lottery before. Maybe you’ve even played it during one of those $300+ million jackpot frenzies. Or perhaps you are a regular customer of the game . . . .

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6 Reasons to Always Quit Your Job on Good Terms

6 reasons you should always quit your job on good terms

Quitting your job in a blaze of glory is tempting, isn’t it? On some emotional level, it can feel as if you’re getting even. But if you’re thinking about doing something like that, don’t! For at least a half a dozen reasons, quitting your job on good terms will be in your best interest, especially over the long run.

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6 Online Jobs for College Students

6 jobs for college students - some good ideas here

The new college school year is coming up, and with college costs getting higher each year, one of the recurring challenges is trying to find jobs to help finance your education so you don’t have to rely so much on student loans. Jobs aren’t so easy to get these days, especially when you have a limited schedule that has to leave plenty of time for classes and homework.

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3 Dangers of Using Financial Incentives

the dangers of always rewarding financially

Recently I finished Drive by Daniel Pink, a book that attempts to reveal the “surprising truth about what motivates us.” In one of the main sections, Pink discusses financial motivators and really made me think about the impacts they can cause.

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What to do when you hate your job

What you should do when you hate your job

These are 4 important things to do when you hate your job…

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15 Fantastic Jobs for 15-Year-Olds (Did You Try Any of These?)

15 job ideas for 15 year olds

In today’s job market, it can be hard for a teenager to find a job. I remember looking for jobs when I was 15 – they were hard to come by! Don’t let the idea of not having a car keep you from finding work. If you’re willing to work, you can find something that’s worth your time.

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5 Things to Consider Before Quitting Your Day Job


You’ve had enough with your job and are two steps from walking out and never coming back! Besides, you always wanted to ‘be your own boss’ and this might be the step you need to get those entrepreneurial juices flowing, right?

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How to Find a Job through the Back Door

how to find a job through the back door

When looking for a job, most candidates try to go through “the front door.” Those are the traditional job-hunting methods people use – blasting out resumes to hundreds of employers, applying “online” to hundreds more, or working with a job search firm . . . .

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