Money Mistakes

We all make mistakes, so these are some of the things we can learn NOT to do…

7 Ways to Control Your Spending

Ways to Control Your Spending

Spending must be a conscious activity What do I mean by that? Have you ever said the following at the end of the week or month: “Where on earth did my money go?”  I know that I’ve said that! The idea behind conscious spending is to break the habit of spending whenever you ‘feel’ like […]

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Want to Get Rich Quick? The Bible has something to say about that


Go ahead, admit it. You’ve thought about playing the lottery before. Maybe you’ve even played it during one of those $300+ million jackpot frenzies. Or perhaps you are a regular customer of the game . . . .

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How to Give a Cell Phone As A Gift: 8 Important Tips

How to give a cell phone as a gift

Thinking about getting that fancy new cell phone for your someone special this Christmas? Great idea! But before you head to your local cell phone store, there are a handful of important tips you should know so that you don’t spoil the surprise or hit a roadblock.

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7 Tips to Avoid Financial Scams

7 tips to avoid financial scams

I don’t endorse negative thinking. I do, however, support critical thinking. Critical thinking involves enough negativity to say – “prove it,” “I don’t understand,” or “that doesn’t make sense.” When it comes to financial matters, too many people want to believe something is true so they stop thinking critically . . . .

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10 Credit Card Traps Designed to Trip You Up!

10 credit card traps to watch for

An article on Yahoo Finance referenced seven credit card traps to watch out for. It was a good article outlining a few of the traps out there with credit cards. Personally, I find credit cards to be extremely helpful as a business owner, and in our personal finances, but that comes only after a toilet-cleaning campaign wiped out $10,000 of credit card debt and after much-needed self control was applied to my use of credit.

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5 DIY Financial Tasks You Should Never Do


Does DIY have limits? I believe so, and especially when it comes to financial matters . . . .

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5 Not-So-Common Ways to Gain Financial Stability


We know the drill . . . . Save and invest. Watch your pennies. Be frugal. Think about the big picture. Does that really work?

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My (Most Recent) Buyer’s Remorse Story


If you are anything like me, you have experienced buyer’s remorse. It’s that feeling that comes a few hours (or days) later, where you begin to think, “Why did I buy that?” A few weeks ago, I had it.

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4 Financial Lessons from a National Government Shutdown


A government shutdown certainly has a negative affect on the country. News programs and political websites spread messages from each party back and forth while many people find themselves feeling the pain. Government shutdowns hurt.

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What Does the Bible Say about Gambling?


Obviously, Americans spend an enormous amount of money gambling, yet the issue is always controversial. Whenever a new jurisdiction seeks to add gambling, there is always a controversy. Christians are often the most vocal opponents of these measures, which usually pass anyway . . . .

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5 Reasons Why People Don’t Save For Retirement

Couple Who Saved For Retirement1

Have you ever wondered why you don’t save more for retirement? Or why others who you know don’t? If saving for retirement is so important, why don’t we do more of it, or even do it at all? I’ve come up with a handful of reasons, and all have to do with either personal attitude and preferences, or with life circumstances. Sometimes we just have to overcome ourselves, and other times we face circumstances that limit our efforts.

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Buying a Home on Rural Property: 5 Things to Consider

Rural Home Property

Buying a home is always intimidating — even to the most experienced of homebuyers. But buying a home in a rural area includes a set of circumstances unlike anything you will find in a suburban location. So if you are thinking of leaving the pavement behind and investing in that dream home in the country, here are some things you may want to consider before signing on the dotted line.

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Quality Product

Quality Items

Justification is a powerful tool. If you start with a desire for something to be OK, you’ll often eventually get to a point where it is OK. The brain has the amazing ability to convince us of anything we want to be convinced is right. What’s one to do?

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10 of the Most Ridiculously Expensive Items on

Expensive Ring on

Looking for a few ridiculously expensive items to purchase? Ha, probably not right? Here at ChristianPF, we’re always looking for ways to save you so money. But maybe today you’re wanting to spend a little of that fun money you’ve been saving up over the years. Well, here are some high-priced goods on you might just want to purchase – or not.

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