How to Simplify your Life

You can simplify your life with many of these tips and techniques. These articles touch on everything from organization of your financial life to living a minimalist lifestyle.

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Other articles to help organize or simplify your life…

How Your Family Can Take Back Christmas!

How your family can take back christmas

Over the years, Jan and I have seen the joy of Christmas turn to stress as we annually exhausted ourselves with shopping lists, shopping extravagances, and mounds of gifts to be wrapped and delivered. We had allowed Christmas to become our master, and we found ourselves enduring rather than enjoying the season . . . .

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7 Thoughtful Ways To Raise Non-Materialistic Children

If you want to raise kids who aren't always obsessed with the latest and greatest, and who don't wrap their self-esteem in their possessions, then check out some of these tips to raise non-materialistic children -

Ironically, many children raised in wealth demonstrate the same tendencies as those who are raised in extreme poverty: depression, despair, attempted suicide, drug and alcohol use, and shoplifting. Why this behavior? The parents, who are way too busy making money, sacrifice meaningful time with their children.

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4 Cheap Healthy Meal Plans for Families

Let’s face it; cooking is a part of our lives — every single day of our lives, forever. Consequently, we often get bored with planning healthy meals for our families. So here are 4 healthy and cheap #meal plans for families to make your life just a little easier!

Meal planning doesn’t have to be complicated. Services exist to help you — but beware. Before signing up for a menu-planning service, make sure their food philosophy lines up with yours. You don’t want them sending you meat dishes if you are vegetarian. Nor do you want the recipe for biscuits to include two cups of Bisquick® when you prefer to cook from scratch.

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What to do when you hate your job

What you should do when you hate your job

These are 4 important things to do when you hate your job…

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How to Set Your Financial Priorities and Accomplish More


For the longest time priorities plagued our ability to make forward progress on our journey to true financial freedom. For example, we were doing a little bit of everything in terms of working on financial goals. We were paying on car debt, student loan debt, saving some on the side for emergencies and contributing to […]

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Should You Set Up Automatic Payments?


Today it is easier than ever before to set up automatic payments. I suspect our grandparents would be jealous to know all the many options we have to simplify the process of paying our bills. For those who struggle with organizing their finances, automation is a welcomed bit of technology.

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A Checklist To Get Your Financial Affairs In Order

A checklist to get your financial affairs in order

First, allow me to give honor where honor is due. This post was inspired by Qantas Airlines as we took off from Brisbane, Australia. During take off, we had a lot of turbulence, and for a moment I wondered if I had all my personal affairs in order . . . .

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How Would You Handle a Simple Lifestyle?

20 money-saving gardening tips

What if, without warning, Earth had no electricity, no running water and no electronic communication? Is this scenario even possible? I can’t say, but Terri Blackstock, in her “Restoration Series,” makes one think as she tells of a wealthy family who faced such a crisis.

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My Checklist To Financial Freedom

Download this free personal financial checklist here

I love checklists. Especially when I want to make progress in a particular area but don’t exactly know what steps to take. This is a personal financial checklist that covers many of the steps I have taken over last decade that have helped me move from being a financial mess to having a little bit of an idea of what’s going on.

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12 Ways To Turn a Bad Day Into a Better One

They are inevitable. Bad days happen to everyone. But, there are things you can do to make them better. Here are 12 simple things you can do right now to improve your day!

Bad days are inevitable. They happen to everyone. But, there are things you can do to make them better. Here are a few of my favorite ways to turn a bad day around…

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Why I Don’t Make “To-Do” Lists

to-do list

I have a problem with to-do lists. I am an overachiever. When I make a to-do list, it will have a bazillion things on it. I will put everything on that list from “write a new blog post” to “trim my fingernails.” I will put on that list absolutely everything I want to do, ever, for everything. Then, that evening when I’m looking over my list to see how I did, I end up discouraged because only two things were crossed off . . . .

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A Creative Visual for Reaching Your Goals in 2014

Reach Goals

I’ve taken many webinars and read even more blog posts about setting and reaching goals, and various progress record-keeping methods. What I’m doing this year I’ve never seen anywhere before.

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How to Say “No” to Christmas Stress

Christmas Stress

If the stress of the Christmas season keeps you frazzled till January, I have good news for you: Saying “no” can change this stress into serenity. I am not suggesting “no” as in Scrooge’s “bah, humbug,” but “no” to the aspects of Christmas which turn the joy of this season to drudgery.

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How to Increase Your Joy & Decrease Your Spending This Christmas


Christmas is a time of joy and celebration for Christians. We exchange gifts with family & friends to show our love and appreciation. If your shopping list is growing into a financial or time-consuming burden, get creative this year!

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