Ways to Save Money

These articles outline ways to save money that I have used. Some are quick tips others are longer term things you can do to save money, but they all will help you save money!

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What is the best way to save money?

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How to Buy Gift Cards for Less

Gift Card

Where do you find discounted cards? Although specific bargain cards are sometimes offered through original vendors (especially at holiday time), from reward credit card companies (by cashing in credit card reward points for gift cards instead of cash), and via membership in some warehouse clubs, nearly any gift card can be found second hand.

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15 Healthy Slow Cooker Meals for under $10

15 healthy slow cooker meals you can make for under $10

Fall is the perfect time to break out the slow cooker.  I love that my family and I can still have healthy, home cooked meals for dinner, without the fuss and cleanup of actually preparing a huge meal every night.  Slow cookers are the perfect tool for a busy family and can help you save […]

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How to Give a Cell Phone As A Gift: 8 Important Tips

How to give a cell phone as a gift

Thinking about getting that fancy new cell phone for your someone special this Christmas? Great idea! But before you head to your local cell phone store, there are a handful of important tips you should know so that you don’t spoil the surprise or hit a roadblock.

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10 Must-Have Tools to be a Black Friday shopping Ninja

These are 10 must-have tools (and tips) for your black friday shopping!

Black Friday. You either love it, or you hate it. Many people cannot wait for the busiest shopping day of the holiday season to arrive. The deals are unbelievable and there is so much money to be saved as you shop your Christmas List. But, it comes with a price. I have witnessed, over crowded […]

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Why I will never ride in a taxi again – Lyft Review

So I tried out a new service called LYFT that literally costs me half of what my cab ride cost me -

Last weekend I was away at a conference and I found myself at the airport needing to get to my hotel which was about 20 miles away. So naturally, I did what everyone does in that situation (if you are not renting a car) – I called a cab. 30 minutes later I was at […]

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7 Ways to Go to College for Free

Want to go to #college for free? These are 7 real and legit ways that you could actually do just that -

Tuition. Fees. Books. It all adds up! College can be ridiculously expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t accept the idea that you’re going to pay an arm and a leg for college. You can go to college for free.

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3 Ways to Learn Spanish
Online for Free

Here are 3 simple, #free, and even FUN ways you can start learning to speak #spanish online today!

Spanish is a fantastic language to learn (it’s one of the top spoken languages in the world), but it isn’t always easy. Besides the difficultly of learning a new language, there are cost considerations. Taking Spanish classes at a university or community college certainly costs money – not to mention transportation costs. Thankfully, the internet has made learning a new language convenient and, in some cases, free.

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4 Cheap Healthy Meal Plans for Families

Let’s face it; cooking is a part of our lives — every single day of our lives, forever. Consequently, we often get bored with planning healthy meals for our families. So here are 4 healthy and cheap #meal plans for families to make your life just a little easier!

Meal planning doesn’t have to be complicated. Services exist to help you — but beware. Before signing up for a menu-planning service, make sure their food philosophy lines up with yours. You don’t want them sending you meat dishes if you are vegetarian. Nor do you want the recipe for biscuits to include two cups of Bisquick® when you prefer to cook from scratch.

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5 Frugal Tips for Going Out to Eat on a Budget

restaurants kids eat for free

For Bob and I, eating out is a luxury that we allow into our budget because it’s something we both really enjoy – not to mention the wonderful benefits we get from going on dates! But unfortunately, eating out regularly can get really expensive. Because we don’t really want to spend all our money on food, we are very conscious how much money we spend on this. Here’s how you can do it.

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7 Reasons You Should Review Your Life Insurance Policy

7 Reasons You Should Review Your Life Insurance policy

Figuring that you never have to review your insurance needs is one of the most common misconceptions about life insurance! But, if you don’t review your plan annually – or, for that matter, don’t have a financial plan – here are some guidelines to know when you should review your life insurance.

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16 Amazing Websites Designed to Save You Money

16 websites that will help you save money

Everyone loves saving money, but it isn’t always easy. These websites aim to change that and will help you keep more cash in your wallet. Which one is your favorite?

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FreedomPop: Free Mobile Phone and Internet Service

Freedompop offers 100% free mobile phone service and internet, but is it any good?

Take a look at your mobile phone bill. Torturous, isn’t it? How about that internet bill? It’s probably not quite as painful, but nevertheless can be a source of irritation. Now, imagine getting rid of both of those bills. Think about all the money you’d save, vacations you’d take, and debt you’d pay off.

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Free Beauty Product Samples by Mail for 2014

25 Free beauty product samples for 2014

Did you know that you can get FREE beauty products by mail? I bet I have you’re attention, after all… who doesn’t like FREE products? I have received several beauty product samples by mail and you can too! This is a fabulous avenue to take when you want to try out a product prior to […]

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30 Everyday Products You Can Make Instead of Buying at Walmart

30 things you can stop buying at Walmart that you can make at home

I am in need of Walmart rehab! Walmart has been my go-to source for my household and pantry needs. Not only do their superstores carry almost every product I need, but often times their prices can’t be beat. I got to thinking, there has to be a better way than repetitively purchasing chemical laden products! […]

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