Ways to Save Money

These articles outline ways to save money that I have used. Some are quick tips others are longer term things you can do to save money, but they all will help you save money!

Recommended money-saving articles

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What is the best way to save money?

For more articles to help you save money, just keep scrolling…

6 Things You Can Buy That Will Pay for Themselves in a Year


I must say that I really get a kick out of doing little things that will pay big dividends. So each of these 6 items offer a little bit of that promise. Put a few bucks in now and save more! What I love about it is that, you can run out and buy everything mentioned here and actually be richer in a year! Yes you are welcome!

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8 Restaurants to Get Free Dessert on Your Birthday

free birthday dessert

Many restaurants give birthday girls and boys (of any age) a free dessert or meal on their special day. You just have to know where to go. Check out the following list before planning your next birthday outing.

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What is Medical Tourism . . . and Why is it Becoming Popular?


Rising healthcare costs are forcing modern consumers to search for different ways to reduce expenses and still get the medical service they need. Medical tourism has people living in one country and traveling to another to seek medical, dental and surgical care.

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How to Appeal Your Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate

When it comes to taxes, most people are rightly focused on income taxes. But for most people, the second biggest tax you pay are the real estate taxes you pay on your home. And just as you would when it comes to your income taxes, you should also do what you can to minimize real estate taxes.

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Is an AARP Membership Really Worth It?

is an AARP membership worth it? A look at the benefits and why you should just admit that you are now 50 and enjoy the perks!

When my husband started getting membership applications from AARP around his 49th birthday, he was the laughing stock of the family. “Ha, ha, dad,” the kids would jeer. “You’re officially old.” Not wanting to admit his advancing years, he threw the offers in the trash . . . .

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My New Favorite Money-Saving Strategy That You Aren’t Using

My newest money-saving strategy that you probably aren't using

I just love finding new ways to save money.  It is kind of an addiction really.  And after spending years being a guinea pig with a lot of money-saving tips I wrote How To Save Money: A 21-Day Challenge to Save $500/month. But it seems like since I released the book, I keep finding more […]

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40 Ways to Enjoy an Evening with No Money


Instead of dropping a bunch of money to head out to the movies (again), here’s a list of things you can do this evening for some enjoyment that don’t have to cost a dime.

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8 Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts and Not Go Broke


Wrapping your gifts this holiday season need not take a chunk of your gift-giving budget. And the ideas for creating beautiful packages are only limited by the scope of your imagination.

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How to Increase Your Joy & Decrease Your Spending This Christmas


Christmas is a time of joy and celebration for Christians. We exchange gifts with family & friends to show our love and appreciation. If your shopping list is growing into a financial or time-consuming burden, get creative this year!

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5 Student Loan Forgiveness Programs for Nurses, Teachers, Military, and Others

5 student loan forgiveness programs

Lately I have been talking to a lot of folks who are heavily burdened by their student loan debts – some of whom have over $100,000 in student loan debt. And while I believe, according to scripture, we are to pay back our debts, if they are forgiven by the lender then we are off […]

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10 Free Household Budget Spreadsheets

10 free budgeting spreadsheets

Someone asked me to share my favorite free household or personal budgeting spreadsheets… Each one of these budgeting templates are free… If you use OpenOffice (basically a free version of Microsoft Office)…

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Medi-Share Review: A Christian Health Insurance Alternative?


Medi-Share is a christian health insurance alternative that actually is a lot cheaper than traditional health insurance… here are the pros and cons…

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iTunes Radio: A New Frugal Way to Discover Music?

iTunes Radio

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t enjoy music. Songs kindle fond memories, inspire creativity, and lift us up when we’re down. Music, therefore, is big business . . . .

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