Ways to Save Money

These articles outline ways to save money that I have used. Some are quick tips others are longer term things you can do to save money, but they all will help you save money!

Recommended money-saving articles

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What is the best way to save money?

For more articles to help you save money, just keep scrolling…

FreedomPop: Free Mobile Phone and Internet Service

Freedompop offers 100% free mobile phone service and internet, but is it any good?

Take a look at your mobile phone bill. Torturous, isn’t it? How about that internet bill? It’s probably not quite as painful, but nevertheless can be a source of irritation. Now, imagine getting rid of both of those bills. Think about all the money you’d save, vacations you’d take, and debt you’d pay off.

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Free Beauty Product Samples by Mail for 2014

25 Free beauty product samples for 2014

Did you know that you can get FREE beauty products by mail? I bet I have you’re attention, after all… who doesn’t like FREE products? I have received several beauty product samples by mail and you can too! This is a fabulous avenue to take when you want to try out a product prior to […]

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30 Everyday Products You Can Make Instead of Buying at Walmart

30 things you can stop buying at Walmart that you can make at home

I am in need of Walmart rehab! Walmart has been my go-to source for my household and pantry needs. Not only do their superstores carry almost every product I need, but often times their prices can’t be beat. I got to thinking, there has to be a better way than repetitively purchasing chemical laden products! […]

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15 Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For

15 things you should never pay full price for...

Don’t you love getting a deal on things? Several years ago, I didn’t think twice about paying full price for most of the things I bought each week. Now that I’ve learned about the deals you can get from coupons and simple negotiation tips, paying full price for most items doesn’t make sense!

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20 Money-Saving Moving Tips

20 #moving tips to save money -

Moving is one of the most stressful events in one’s life. From the packing to the organizing and more, there’s just so much to do and to think about. And, we cannot forget about the costs involved. Whether you’re a “do it yourself,” type… or if you hire a moving company, there will be costs […]

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How Would You Handle a Simple Lifestyle?

20 money-saving gardening tips

What if, without warning, Earth had no electricity, no running water and no electronic communication? Is this scenario even possible? I can’t say, but Terri Blackstock, in her “Restoration Series,” makes one think as she tells of a wealthy family who faced such a crisis.

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$500 a Month You Might Be Overlooking

An extra $500/m that you may be missing

Would an extra $500 a month help? Of course. And it is possible that you already have that $500; you simply need to corral it and use it.

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4 Spiritually Unhealthy Motives to Save Money

4 reasons we definitely should NOT be saving...

Motives can be as important as actions. The Bible often emphasizes that our answers to the “why” question are just as important as our answers to the “what” questions. Take giving, for example. Someone could ask you what are you giving? You might answer I’m giving x% of my income or I tithe . . . .

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This One Simple Mistake Cost Me $252 In Bank Fees Last Week

this one simple mistake cost me $252 in bank fees - how you can avoid it with just 2 minutes of your time... http://christianpf.com/one-simple-mistake

I am kicking myself over this. I try to find the good in every situation and the good I see in this one is that you will hopefully be able to avoid the mess that I found myself in last week. Let me start by saying, I don’t even remember the last time I bounced a […]

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6 Things You Can Buy That Will Pay for Themselves in a Year


I must say that I really get a kick out of doing little things that will pay big dividends. So each of these 6 items offer a little bit of that promise. Put a few bucks in now and save more! What I love about it is that, you can run out and buy everything mentioned here and actually be richer in a year! Yes you are welcome!

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8 Restaurants to Get Free Dessert on Your Birthday

free birthday dessert

Many restaurants give birthday girls and boys (of any age) a free dessert or meal on their special day. You just have to know where to go. Check out the following list before planning your next birthday outing.

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What is Medical Tourism . . . and Why is it Becoming Popular?


Rising healthcare costs are forcing modern consumers to search for different ways to reduce expenses and still get the medical service they need. Medical tourism has people living in one country and traveling to another to seek medical, dental and surgical care.

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How to Appeal Your Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate

When it comes to taxes, most people are rightly focused on income taxes. But for most people, the second biggest tax you pay are the real estate taxes you pay on your home. And just as you would when it comes to your income taxes, you should also do what you can to minimize real estate taxes.

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