Charitable Giving Stats: The U.S. Shines

There was recently an article on discussing charitable giving and a lot of interesting statistics about it in the U.S. According to their data, Americans (on average) give more than any other countries to charitable organizations. Even with our country’s issues, I am still very proud to be an American and it was refreshing to see some of this data. It obviously isn’t an excuse to pat ourselves on the back and rest on our laurels, but rather it should be for “stimulating ourselves to love and good deeds…” (Hebrews 10:24).

These are a few stats that I found particularly interesting…

  • Americans give $300 billion to charities each year.
  • There are 973,354 public charities in the US who collect more than $1.3 trillion dollars – more than the US government collects in taxes!
  • The wealthiest 10% of Americans account for 25% of all charitable giving.
  • When calculated as a percentage of income theĀ poorest people become the most charitable.
  • Those who earn less than $20,000 become twice as charitable as those who earn $100,000 even though they donate one fourth as much.
  • Conservatives are more likely to give than Liberals.
  • Religious people give more to secular causes than secular people do.

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  1. bondChristian

    I absolutely love this. Maybe it’s just the bragger in me, but I’d like to believe it’s because I’m insanely grateful for everyone who gives. These are so refreshing.

    I love the one about giving more to the charities than to the government.

    I feel truly blessed. And even though I feel completely broke after the Christmas giving holiday, I’m already in the mood to give more away. Now, how can I pull that off…

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

    P. S. I’m tweeting and stumbling this.


    I think that people would give even more money to charity if the government stopped engaging in so much social work itself. Charitable organizations are great for communities.

  3. Luke Spencer

    This is great information!…I think it should encourage those who make larger incomes to consider what they are giving percentage wise.

  4. kristine

    It is clear that the US gives more money than anyone else. But who is the runner up? Was this purely by dollar amount, or by percentage? Similar to the poorer people in our country giving the highest percentage, is there a poorer nation giving a higher percentage? Just curious. Dollar amounts can be misleading. Would be nice if were highest by either measure.