Christian Finance

I just wanted to quickly touch on my mission here… is dedicated to helping Christian s with their finances. I started this blog because I have a burden to help Christians live victoriously, especially in the area of our finances. The Bible has so much to say about our money and finances, and I am trying to shed a little light on the truth.

I have heard a few jokes about the “over-christianization” of everything and I must say I agree that some have taken it too far. I mean do we really need a Christian toaster or a Christian lawnmower? What about Christian personal finance? Isn’t personal finance good enough without the “Christian” tacked on to the front of it?

Honestly, most of the content found on this site will be applicable to Christians and non-Christians alike. That said, God really has called us to manage our finances differently than the rest of the world. What the Bible says about giving, debt, lending, wealth, and getting rich quickly is often contradictory to the world’s way of doing things. It is for these reasons that I chose to distinguish this site from the rest of the personal finance sites out there.

I really hope you find it to be something of value. Please contact me with any comments, questions, criticism, encouragement, foosball tips (it’s what I do on the weekends), or whatever is on your mind.

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  1. plonkee

    I’m gonna be awkward and say that stuff in the Bible related to money (like other things in the Bible that are good/acceptable) isn’t actually that different from general good advice on money. It is different from what people do with their money, but that’s another story all together.

  2. bob


    I agree that there is a lot of wisdom in the Bible about money that is considered good advice by many today. But there are quite a few biblical principles that are not really followed by most people.
    For instance, tithing is an issue that often comes up. It doesn’t really make sense in your mind that if you gave away 10% of your money, it would increase your net income. You can call me crazy, but I have witnessed it happen in my life. There is the element of Faith involved, because if I explained the details of it, you may call it a coincidence. But, I have seen too many coincidences and am convinced that it was God at work.
    There are other issues of this sort, that seem to go against conventional wisdom. This is part of my reason for creating this blog.

  3. Lynnae @ Being Frugal

    Coming from a Christian perspective, it’s hard to over-Christianize when Christ is a central part of your life. 🙂