File Federal And State Taxes for Free?

Free federal and state taxes

I remember a few years ago being so frustrated trying to find a place to file state taxes for free – it wasn’t that difficult to find a place to file federal taxes for free, but getting state for free was like finding a needle in a haystack. At the time I wrote a post about 5 websites that offered free state tax filing, but the restrictions for some of them were pretty strict.

Well, I just recently found a not-for-profit company that claims to allow users to file federal and state taxes for free and a large percentage of taxpayers qualify!

Who qualifies?

According to the website…

“If you earned less than $57,000 in 2012 and have an email address, you qualify for free tax filing online. Through our software partner, H&R Block At Home®, you can file your state and federal taxes at no cost to you.”

What is the catch?

I was wondering what the catch was and how they can offer federal and state tax filing for free when just about every other company in the world is charging for one or the other.

Apparently a not-for-profit called One-Economy is behind the program and funding comes from huge companies like Walmart, The United Way, and even H&R Block.

How do I get started?

If you are looking to file your taxes for free and want to try it out, you can check them out at

Normally, I eat my own dogfood and try out the services that I mention here, but since I am using an accountant now, I haven’t been able to try this service out. But I did email back and forth with one of the company reps to get as much info about it as possible. From my conversations with the company rep I would feel comfortable using them to file my taxes.

If you do decide to try them out, please report back and comment below with your experience so we can help each other out! Deal?

This article was originally published on ChristianPF on March 18, 2011.

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  1. Randy

    Check out the VITA program – Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. It’s a nationwide program that helps low income taxpayers with their taxes. This year, it’s target is people who make under $50k. It’s also associated with TCE – Tax Care for the Elderly. The idea is that you get IRS trained volunteers who sit down with the taxpayer and e-file the taxes. At least here in SC, we do both state and federal taxes.

  2. Lea Sadler

    Every time I’ve seen a “free tax filing” offer, it hasn’t applied to individuals filing anything other than the 1040 EZ. Which means NO DEDUCTIONS, other than your personal deduction. So no deducting taxes or interest on a house, college tuition payments, childcare, deductions for having children or other dependents . . . etc. I don’t know about everyone else, but I haven’t been able to use the 1040 EZ since I was 18!

  3. Darcyjo

    Just finished filing my taxes with these folks, and it was EASY! And free is just my price, since as a full-time student, I’m making less than $10,000 a year. Oh, and as for the EZ, yes, that’s the form I filed, but the only thing that they say is that you have to make below $57,000, not that you can’t file a more complicated form. As a matter of fact, as I did the forms online, I saw all the questions asked that you would have to have for the 1040, they just choose the easiest form for your needs. It’s definitely worth looking at, especially since it’s free.

    • Bob

      Thanks for sharing your experience Darcy!

  4. David Henry

    I filed with this website too, and it worked fantastically. I’m self employed, so I was fulling out Schedule C, SE, etc, as well as the full 1040, plus I had a bunch of 1099’s. This site was super easy to use, and even found an oddball deduction from my state regarding some temporary tax relief bill!

  5. Bjorn

    I used this site too, thanks to this post, Bob. It worked great. I had been using TaxAct for probably the past 5 years, but I found this site (run by H&R Block) was very easy to use – I also found alot more deductions I didn’t know about. Thank you!

  6. Irene

    Thank you for the link. It was very easy to use. I looked up a few things online to clarify if I was eligible for a particular break or not….received more $$ than I thought I would. Always nice.

  7. Rick

    If you are a State Farm Bank customer, you can file your Federal and State taxes for free using TurboTax online through the website. Only$25 to start a free checking account through State Farm Bank. Check out

  8. Paul

    Thanks for the info and the link. I have been using TaxAct for about four years and I found the H&R Block site somewhat easier to use and the return was completed in just a few minutes. I also received more deductions than I originally thought I was entitled to. Thanks again!