iPad Giveaway!


ChristianPF is turning 3 years old!

It has been an amazing 3 years since we launched CPF.

Over the last few years we have had over 3 million unique visitors, posted over 1000 articles, made some great friends, and have a fantastic group of readers who made it all possible.

Linda and I are truly thankful and want you join in celebrating with us!

free-apple-ipad-giveawayWe are celebrating by giving away an Apple iPad! And five $20 Amazon.com gift cards!

How The Giveaway Works

Basically there are 6 ways to enter the giveaway. Some are simple and can be completed in a few seconds and others require a bit more energy.

The more you do, the better your chances of winning! See all the ways to enter the giveaway below.

6 Ways To Enter The Giveaway

Entry Method Entries Awarded Details and Instructions
Ebates Signup 10 Ebates is my favorite online money-saving tool (my review of Ebates). This requires a little more effort, so those who follow through will be rewarded with 10 entries.

  1. Sign up for a free Ebates account here.
  2. Make a purchase of $20 or more (using Ebates) at one of over 1200 stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Target, and Kohls.
  3. Leave a comment below listing your Ebates member name.
Link from your blog 4 Mention & link to this giveaway in a blog post. Then leave a comment below with the blog post URL.
Facebook 2 Mention (and link to) this giveaway on Facebook. Then leave a comment below with your Facebook username and be sure to add me as a friend so I can notify you if you win!
Twitter 2 Mention this giveaway on Twitter (using @ChristianPF). Feel free to use this sample tweet…

@ChristianPF Is Giving Away An iPad! and more! RT to enter to win or click to find out other ways to enter… http://su.pr/1cqxH5

And make sure you follow CPF so I can contact you if you win!

Google Buzz 2 Follow me on Google Buzz (click the big blue follow button). All followers will automatically be entered to win.
Forum Post 1 Go to the ChristianPF forums and leave a comment or start a new thread.

Other notes about the giveaway

  • Read and follow the instructions (above) for each entry completely.
  • Entries will be accepted until midnight CST on June 17th.
  • We will randomly select winners on June 18th using Random.org.
  • You can do all 6 methods, but only one counts for each category. The maximum number of entries possible is 21.
  • If I suspect that someone is trying to cheat or manipulate the giveaway, they will be automatically disqualified.

Why Ebates? I regularly use and highly recommend Ebates, but some might wonder why we are offering so many entries for Ebates signups. The reason is that they have a decent referral program and hopefully it will help offset a little bit of the cost of the iPad. Too bad Apple wouldn’t just donate a free one for the giveaway. 😉 Even if you don’t sign up for Ebates there are plenty of other ways to enter!

Thanks again and have fun!

The Giveaway has now ended – thanks for being part of it!


  1. Bob, I just dropped that tweet and facebook post regarding the giveaway… Twitter name @Matt_Hanley and facebook Matt Hanley. Hope I win! Also, I was looking at ebates and your giveaway prompted my first purchase (ebates member matthewhanley07)…Love your site and follow it daily!!!

  2. Sorry forgot to put this in comment number one, but I referenced your giveaway and blog at my fiance and my blog (http://matt-allison.blogspot.com/). And I am about to add your blog to our blogroll…

  3. John Rosenbaum

    Posted to facebook, name John Rosenbaum

  4. Congrats on 3 years of ChristianPF, Bob and Linda! Thanks for giving back to your readers! Here’s my blog entry: http://tspinkham.blogspot.com/2010/06/christianpf-ipad-giveaway.html

  5. Kevin

    Love this contest, I mentioned it at http://www.financiallypoor.com/friday-night-likes/friday-night-likes-7/ and on my Facebook Kevin Foster plus I did some of the others

  6. Congrats on all your success Bob! Just tweeted: http://twitter.com/MoneyMatters/statuses/15427967388
    posted on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/biblemoneymatters and following you on buzz. Will link to it soon!

  7. Torrie Garrett

    Happy birthday!! I copied the link to your giveaway on facebook. : )

  8. Matthew

    Ebates: matthewrcallison

  9. Torrie Garrett

    I just tweeted about your giveaway, too! : )

  10. Jay P

    1. Linked from my blog – 4 entries

    2. Mentioned & Linked on Facebook – 2 entries
    Facebook nickname – @Jay Presley

    3. Twitter – 2 entries
    Followed & RT @9podder

    4. Google Buzz – 2 entries
    Followed @Jay P

    Congratulations on your 3 years. Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. Already a member of Ebates (gpadula2) and have purchased MANY times with them (I love the site!). Don’t know if this will qualify since I didn’t sign up with you…

  12. posted on blog:

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    following google buzz

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  14. tweeted:

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    I tweeted and followed you on google buzz.

  16. Heather B

    Hooray for three years! Shared on FB and Twitter. Ebates, hmmm… Sounds like something I need to check on out.

  17. Melissa

    I posted the link on my facebook page (Melissa Fisher Ammel) and I signed up on ebates and I follow you on Goggle Buzz!! I hope I win!!

  18. Melissa

    I forgot to put my ebates member name… (mma0413)

  19. Doug Dale

    Just joined Ebates. Member name: dougadale.

  20. cwgrl2b

    Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, and Forum Post complete

  21. Hey,
    I just wanted to say thanks for deciding to start a blog 3 years ago. Bob you have been a great mentor and resource for me and I’m thankful that God has blessed you through this blog. I pray that God continues to bless this work for a long time to come.

  22. I put it on my blog at


    It’s also on my FB wall too

  23. Congrats on hitting the 3 year mark! Best wishes going forward!

  24. Curt Swearingen

    I hope you get a lot of exposure due to this giveaway.


  25. Ken Earley

    Happy Birthday to CPF. . .Congratulations! :-)
    Mission Accomplished.

  26. Facebook Doug Parks would like to win an iPad. Congrats on 3 years, and thanks!

  27. Brittany Gray
  28. yunia

    I tweeted about the giveaway and also following :) thanks for the opportunity
    username: http://twitter.com/fuentesy

  29. Michelle S

    I’m tweeting for you. MCJunkie on Twitter

  30. Marlive

    Bob & Linda, thanks for including us in the celebration! Thanks for the invitation to check out the forum; I left a comment — great stuff over there!
    I had not tried Google Buzz, so thanks for the nudge to check it out as well and to follow you too! I mentioned the give-a-way on Twitter (@mtaylor_harris) and Facebook (Marlive Taylor-Harris). I’ve heard of Ebates, but never checked the site . . . at least until now. Again, thanks!

  31. Great job getting to 3 years! And thanks for the opportunity to win. I’ll highlight on my site.



  32. Courteney Handel

    I tweeted (@dollyflake)

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    Followed on Twitter and Google Buzz and tweeted… :)

  34. Bob, congrats on running an awesome blog that most importantly helps people learn about God’s economy. Great idea for the giveaway and a generous gift.

    Announced your giveaway over at One Money Design. http://onemoneydesign.com/blog/2010/06/05/free-applie-ipad-giveaway-at-christianpf/

    Shared your giveaway announcement on Facebook under my personal account – Jason Price.

    Tweeted about it and shared on the One Money Design Facebook page.

    Following you on Google Buzz and commented about the giveaway.

  35. Donna

    I already follow you by e-mail, just added you as a friend on facebook. My fb name is my e-mail.

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    I just posted the giveaway on FB (Karl Smith). I will be working on some other entries later. You have a great blog here.

  37. Amy L

    I follow you on Twitter & tweeted:

  38. John Hearn

    Congrats on three years! I enjoy your blog and read it often.

  39. John Hearn

    Congrats on three years! I enjoy your blog and read it often. Also, following on twitter, fan on facebook and google buzz and forum post. IPAD is sweet.

  40. Charles@MoneyGreenLife
  41. John Hearn

    Blog post related to IPAD. Just started the blog and have a passion for couples and marriage finances. Setting them with a solid foundation of what God has to say regarding finances and eliminating or mitigating a major source of conflict in marriages.


  42. Ebates and facebook username: jphearn@gmail.com

  43. Flora

    Conratulations, Bob! And what an awesome giveaway!

    Added the link in my facebook (Flora Tan)

  44. Myriam

    Ebates: myriamf73

  45. don’t tweet, don’t facebook, oh my I am so boring. Just follow you via e-mail . Already ebate, so here is my 1 entry.
    Just like the lottery, poor chance for me to win. Love your blog, guess that is what really counts

  46. Elizabeth W

    http://www.facebook.com/boblotich#!/profile.php?id=100000075261917 posted here on face book! requested to be your friend too!

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    I friended you! :)

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  54. I posted a link on my facebook page:

  55. Hannah Ralph

    Commented on “Cell Phones Bad For Your Health?” COMMENT #16

    Had to sign up in order to comment, so my username is “soulhorse.”

  56. Janice

    I posted a link on facebook.com/JaniceStallings

  57. Janice

    ebates member name jmstall

  58. joel_zw

    Hey Bob, I really enjoy your website & mentioned you on Facebook. My name is on the email address I provided. Wishing you many more years of sharing God’s wisdom to the world!

  59. I just tweeted it (@sensetosave) and I also just added you as a FB friend. Kacie … last name I’ll let you just see. :) And I posted a status update about it, hope you can view it! Email me/FB me if there’s trouble.

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  61. Follow you on Google Buzz #2

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    So, I mentioned this site in this blog post: http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2010/04/30/another-apple-ipad-giveaway/
    And on facebook (my username is Joeblondie25@yahoo.com…find me as “Jodelle”..)

  63. First we want to congratulate you for the 3rd Anniversary of ChristianPF.

    Your blog is very simple yet very genuine and helpful.

    We have posted an article on the Free iPad Giveaway at SpotDeals.

    We wish you the best success! You are doing a great job!

  64. Hannah Ralph

    Ebates username: hanzralph

  65. Ebates purchase: eeguy32

  66. Facebook: jtrhart

  67. Congratulations on your three-year anniversary — Christian PF is always a great read. I’ve linked to your contest on my blog, Rainy-Day Saver.

    Weekend Link Love

  68. Bob, Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this awesome contest! You get an A+ in Marketing for sure. I posted a link to your contest on my God’s Economy Fan Page on Facebook. Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/matthewbeaty#!/pages/Gods-Economy/394587462937?ref=ts God Bless!

  69. Hi! This is exciting, I so want an iPad! Thanks for doing the giveaway. I just posted on Facebook about your giveaway and added you as a friend. I’m Debra Percival Dragon on facebook. See you there :)

  70. Melissa

    This is my ONE chance!!!! LOL. Thanks for all the info. here.

  71. Carolyn Fodel

    OK, I tweeted, Facebook’d (Carolyn Somazze Fodel) so that gets me in the drawing!

  72. added you 😉 anthony ramos is the name.

  73. Happy 3 years! What an exciting giveaway! I’ve retweeted, followed you on Buzz and also did an ebates purchase. My ebates name is botanika1999


  74. Shawna Bush

    Congrats & thanks for the opportunity to win an iPad!

    Ebates: jm4bush (I bought ink for my printer & received $6.47 back. Great deal!)

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/laffylafferson

    Twitter: @laffylafferson

    Google Buzz: check

  75. Congrats!
    Following and Tweeting @atweetmom


  76. I put it at my ministry blog here: http://stiragir.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/finances-goals/
    & my personal blog here: http://jessinhotpink.com/post/671488622

    I also followed you on twitter (@jesslin), added you to fb, & followed you on Buzz.

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    Account: floraltan

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  79. Awesome giveaway!

    Posted on my blog: http://blog.imdebtfreegame.com/
    and on Twitter @glenbrunke

  80. Raimbault

    I have Facebook : Léonard Raimbault.

  81. One more thing, I followed you at @SbayRantsnRaves and retweeted your giveaway tweet. I also responded to your forum, the Wal-Mart discussion.

    I’m very excited about this contest!

  82. Hi, I’m Charla from Healthy Home Blog and also How to Teach Kids.info.
    I just discovered your site and think it’s great. I have done these things to enter your giveaway:
    1. Here’s my post:
    2. I am now following you on Twitter and used your sample tweet.
    3. I am following you on Google Buzz.
    4. I joined your forum and left a comment.

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  84. Re-tweeted your status, @stan_rodda. Also posted on facebook. Add me at facebook.com/stan.rodda. Added on Buzz and posted there as well as wrote up a short blog about it at Cultural Awakening. http://culturalawakening.wordpress.com.

  85. Haven’t made my purchase yet, but the Ebates member name is stan.rodda34.

  86. Sandra Kim

    I joined ebates and spent the required amount. My member name is sandrinestamp. Thanks! Looks like a good site since I make many of my purchases online.

  87. Claudia M

    Congrats and Happy 3 Years! :)

    send you a friend request and posted on FB facebook.com/cdmtx65
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    signed up for ebates – will post when i buy – cdm65
    signed up at the forums and left comment – cdm65

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  90. i think i will be adding it to my facebook page, but someone please tell me, how much are my chances of winning :)

  91. I linked to this on Facebook (Surviving And Thriving) and used your “sample Tweet” to put it on the SurvivngThrivng account on Twitter.
    Blessings to you on your third anniversary.

  92. AkWillis

    Shared on FB. User name- Alison Fisher Willis. Happy Anniversary!

  93. I linked this on Facebook (kimike clark) congrats!!

  94. I posted on my facebook about this giveaway. My name is Tiffany Mac.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  95. You are now officially on my facebook page and my friend “Kayvon Gerami”
    aswel as on the homepage of my website.
    AND your giveaway was mailed to my entire address book ( I’m a reporter, it’s an extensive address book)

    Ebates: 1BigDeal
    Twitter: KayvonG
    http://www.poeticdebauchery.com ( adult eyes only)

  96. Thanks for this opportunity!

    I mentioned it in my blog: http://knsfinancial.com/free-apple-ipad-giveaway-at-christian-pf/

    Twitter – @knsfinancial

    Facebook – Khaleef knsfinancial Crumbley

    I may join ebates, but I will leave another comment if I do.

    Followed you on Buzz – knsfinancial@gmail.com

    Made a comment in your forums (which I just learned about today) – username: knsfinancial

  97. I mentioned you on facebook (username is Daniel Walker) and I will mention you on my blog (http://www.johndanielwalker.com/blog/). Thanks!

  98. looks like i am at the end of a very long line of comments!

    here is the link to my post.

  99. Rachel
  100. Rachel

    I just posted about this giveaway on facebook! I’m Amy Lane on facebook! (and added you as a friend)


  101. Rachel

    I just tweeted about this giveaway on twitter and I’m following you. My twitter handle is @Blackpearl8.


  102. Sherri Ireson

    FYI – I did the FB thing and my username is Sherri Ireson. I am so glad to have found your site. I took your post on the scriptures relating to money and put them on an index card to carry with me. Any extra advice or directions to point me in on frivolous spending?

    Thanks! Sherri

  103. Congratulations Bob.

    Placed a post on my blog (http://myblog.livingfinanciallyfreeministries.com/2010/06/09/looking-for-a-new-apple-ipad/), retweeted your tweet (@headknocker) and shared your post on Facebook (Greg Keene).

  104. Congrats on the anniversary!

    My ebates name is: nicksho3

    Here’s the link the post on Facebook:

    And now I’m following you on Google Buzz! best of!

    And here’s the link to my twitter post:

  105. Posted, and linked to your blog from my page here! : )



  106. Blogged – http://chippedham.blogspot.com/2010/06/ipad-giveaway.html

    Facebook – Evan Cantrell

    Twitter – @ecantrell

    Google Buzz

    Congratulations on three years!

  107. Also tweeted this post. Username PennySeeds. : )

  108. Congratulations!
    Here I am.
    I posted about this giveaway on OmaggioMania: http://www.omaggiomania.com/international-contest/vinci-un-apple-ipad-con-il-contest-di-christianpf/

  109. Your ‘iPad Giveaway’ is mentioned at the end of this article on my blog, “GIVE ME A MOMENT a lifestyle:
    Thank you for the opportunities to receive a free iPad in your ‘iPad Giveaway’


  110. Followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Buzz. Also started a topic in the forum. Thanks!

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    Just sent the link about this to my facebook friends :)

    On facebook I am “Teresa Caballero”

    Thanks, wish me luck :)

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    Let me win!
    Bye! :-)

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    I also mentioned this giveaway on facebook and waiting to add you. My username on fb is: Alisea Sole

    Thank You

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  123. John Seattle
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  125. I post you on Facebook…on Twitter and I became a member of your site.I hope to be a winner…here in Italy a site like yours is very helpful for everyone.I will
    make all my friend a part of this great project.Please let me be a WINNER…once in a lifetime!!!!Thank you and keep up this project for a very long time.GOOD LUCK FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!

  126. Already an Ebates member. I think it’s Deborah Sloan, but could be babasfarmlife

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    Congratulation Bob and Linda for a site that is truly God inspired. I just posted on facebook regarding the giveaway and I added you as a friend. I have signed up for ebates (ebates member jenkins0769). The site is very good. I have been following Christian PF almost a year now.

  130. Tracie

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