How to Make Free Phone Calls Using the Internet: 5 Ways

how to get free long distance calls through the internetI remember when my husband and I were dating he would drive to a convenience store down the road from his house and call me from a pay phone.

Remember those huge phones that hung on the sides of buildings, or located in their own little building on street corners, that you would put quarters in to make a call?

After he called, he would give me the number to the phone and I would call it back to save him putting in any more change.

That way, we could talk for an hour for a quarter. And that, my friends, was the cheapest way to talk back then.

The next step in our long distance journey was getting an unlimited long distance package for our landline from AT&T. We did that because we moved 1,200 miles away from Grandma and we wanted to be able to call home as often as we wanted.

Now, we use an unlimited package on my husband’s cell phone. Things have come a long way in the area of communication because a person doesn’t even have to have a cell phone to “reach out and touch someone.” You can call through an Internet connection for free! If you’re looking to cut your expenses, here are some ways you can make free phone calls with your Internet connection.

1. Skype

Skype is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that can be used for voice or video (if you have a webcam). Signing up for a Skype account is easy. However, the person you wish to call must also have a Skype account in order for you to communicate with each other. We have used Skype extensively with our son who lives in Haiti and sometimes it just does a mama’s heart good to be able to see her boy’s face. But if you have a slower connection, you may wish to ditch the video and just use the voice service.

2. Google Voice

One of the most popular ways to make long distance calls via the Internet is Google. This service only works in the United States and you must have a verifiable phone number in the US to get a Google Voice phone number. You will also need a Google account and the Google Talk plug-in installed on your computer.

That said, it can be used to call from your computer to a phone, or from your computer to another computer. In addition to talking, Google Voice offers conference calling, SMS messaging, and voicemail all for free.

3. Free Phone2Phone

With this service, you can make a 10-minute call, originating from a US number, to anywhere in over 50 countries. First you dial a local number and listen to a brief advertisement. After the ad, you are prompted to dial the number you wish to call. The downside to using Free Phone2Phone is that the choice of local access numbers is limited. There is not one in my area code. However, if I wanted to use this to call internationally, I could use my cell phone and call any of the access numbers.

4. Free Call

Using their free software download (Windows, Mac, and Linux), you can make up to 300 minutes in free calls per week with this service to anywhere in the United States and a few select countries. Free Call works from your desktop or from your telephone. They also have a mobile app available.

5. InPhonex

This VoIP offers free calling anywhere in the world, with calls as long as you like, as long as you call another InPhonex member. Once registered with a valid email address, you can call PC to PC or PC to phone.

I found many more ways to make free calls using the Internet. Some limited calls to a minute or less. Some required a complicated download and log-in procedure.

What about you? If you know of any other ways to make phone calls for free, share them in the comments!


  1. This is good to know, Carol! Thanks for the info! :)

  2. Pallab Gupta

    You don’t really need GTalk for Google Voice. In your Google Voice account, you can register your home phone, work phone, mobile phone or any other phone you want to. So when you are on the Google Voice website, you can simply hit call and it pops up a box asking you for the number and which of your phones to connect to. That way it connects the called number and the phone you want to connect to.
    An added bonus is that you do not have to give out your home/work/mobile phone numbers to people. You can give them your Google Voice number and when they call you, all your phones get simultaneously called and you can pick up from any one, including GTalk. So you can hide your actual phone numbers and also be available at all times. In addition, there is only one phone number to hand out to people!
    Trivia: Google Voice used to be GrandCental years back. Google purchased the company and the service.

    • Wow, Pallab. Looks like you’ve used it quite a bit. Thanks for sharing all that extra information.

      • Pallab Gupta

        You’re welcome Carol! I have been using Google Voice since its GrandCentral days and that’s the only number that’s on my business card.

  3. Marsha

    I am looking for a free way to accept Toll calls from our local Jail. I do ministry and like to pray over the phone but to accept those 5 min. calls it costs $3…thanks, Marsha

  4. Cassie

    My husband lives in Mexico and his American serviced phone does not work there. We use an app called Viber. It allows people to text and call for free! Anywhere in the world! He just connects his phone to WiFi and we are able to talk! We use Skype and Tengo for video chat! Tengo allows for people to also play games with each other like checkers!

  5. Hi Carol,
    I love the ideas but what if the other person does not have Internet access?
    Right now, I still have a land line but only pay for basic service and maintenance. I use a cell phone for all my calls.
    I was paying almost $70/month with a landline when I realized that my cell phone could give me everything (text, apps, Internet) and more for less.
    I’m from the ‘old school’ and I strongly believe in keeping a landline for Emergencies! Cell phones do not work unless they are charged. Unfortunately, I know many friends who forget to charge their cellphones.
    Thanks for the advice. I might give Skype a try later this year.

  6. Marsha

    ST—if you buy an old princess type phone and plug into a wall jack that can be used to call 911 for free..

  7. MechE31

    One other tip for google voice, you can use a device called an OBi, about $40 on amazon, to have a landline feel with no monthly fee with GV as the VOIP provider. You plug your phone and hi speed internet into the OBi, register it with GV and voila, free calling.

  8. Michael

    Google Voice FTW! I combine this with ObiTalk, and was able to drop my phone service with my cable company, saving $35/month.

  9. We’ve used Google Voice for a while, and we recently signed up for Ooma VOIP service as well. While Ooma isn’t free – you have to pay $140 or so for their device, and $4/month in taxes or so – it is a much cheaper home phone alternative than the phone company or services like Vonage.