Giving God Control

Millions of high paying manufacturing jobs lost to trade agreements. Nearly every street in America has foreclosure signs on it. Corporate globalization is effectively pooling the worlds poverty rather than creating prosperity. There’s a church in every neighborhood and even with all this pain folks aren’t coming through the doors. We worry about our bills and the stuff we’re about to lose. As a nation we are reaping the fruits of what we have sown. We debate the cause of the evil, we point our fingers, we hope elected officials will fail in their plans to give away our rights. We’re angry that the things we relied on for our future have been pilfered. What are we supposed to do?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wished I had a burning bush. In my perfect world, I’d wake up, pour a cup of joe, step out onto my porch, look to the left and say, “So what’s on the agenda for today Lord?” The bush in the planter would light up, and God would give me my list complete with boxes for checking upon completion. What I have begun to realize is that he did give me a burning bush, I just couldn’t see the bush through the forest. Too many things, were obscuring my view and confusing my hearing, but the bush was there all along. Things like car payments, bills, a monthly mortgage that equaled the cost of my parents first home. Then add meetings, entertainment, other commitments, and my day was full enough without the bush! When a crisis strips me, the tree’s get cleared and I can see the bush. Waking up at 50 and discovering that your career experience, schooling, and training are useless can thin the trees. Losing the home and property that you’ve spent a lifetime providing for can thin the trees. One thing I know, is that God is in the business of writing our resumes. And he makes sure that we have the experience and expertise required to fulfill the purpose of His will, not ours…

Consider this for perspective. Do the angels sing when our credit score hits 700? Will Jesus have a wall chart with a star for every month we payed our bills on time? Does God have our property listed in his portfolio? Are these the things that we’ll have listed on our resume for a leadership position in the Kingdom of Heaven? Are these the things that occupy our minds? If so, I guess we know who we’re really working for. Ouch… I know. Please don’t mistake this as a call to ditch the principles of stewardship. It is exactly the opposite. I’m not as concerned with how or what I’m stewarding, as I am with for whom I’m stewarding. I do not learn easily God’s ways. His will is constantly obscured by my own. The good news is that none of my mistakes or miscues or sin for that matter, has been in vain. We were designed. Our role was written before the first second ticked off the eternal clock. Let’s answer these three questions:

  1. Who’s in control?
  2. What do we have to offer?
  3. Who needs our help?

1. Write a paragraph or two detailing the things in your life that he has allowed. Write down the world events and the people in power that are devastating this world, and the ones that are fighting for it’s conformance to His will.(Highlight the ones that snuck in without his permission) Now, if God’s in control, which of these items, are you going to argue with?

2. List the things that you have that you consider to be of value. And by the way, there is a great definition for this found in a little book by William H. Danforth called I Dare You! On page 23 he writes and I quote, “Our most valuable possessions are those which can be shared without lessening: those which, when shared, multiply. Our least valuable possessions are those when divided are diminished.” Add to this list the things which God considers to be your greatest assets, He is after all in control…

3. Think about the people around you. How many of these folks would want what you have if they saw the Peace of God in your eyes, heard it in your tone, and felt it in your touch? People who have full cupboards, paid bills, loads of work, are considerably less likely to be desirous of a Savior, than are those who are in agony. C.S. Lewis address’s the issue in great detail in his wonderful book, The Problem of Pain. People are scared to death and more unsure of their future than in any era I can remember. There are churches on every street and not many folks are just walking into them. Why? Because we’re not doing what we were asked to do!so

Social Security, job security, retirement accounts, are all banking on something. What are you banking on? I know I would have answered that a question differently a decade ago. As a Nation, most of the things that we have relied upon, or placed our Faith in, are being proven false. Millions of men and women are hurting and searching for what we have, for the first time in 80 years. We are in the midst of the greatest opportunity in our lifetimes! And we’re moping around like we’ve lost something precious! Of all the moments in history that we could have been placed in, God saw fit to place us here, where his work is great! The enemy is wicked and strong, his talons are sharp and buried deep into the flesh of those we are called to serve, but I have no fear, because, of all the people in all the times, this is the moment we were designed for!

This guest post was from Rick Anderson. Find more about him at his website:

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  1. Naquan @

    I appreciate this. Lord knows I do. God is indeed control and we need to realize that; even in the mist of our bad economy. God has in fact placed us here on earth for this particular time; for this particular age, and it’s for a reason.

    Giving God complete control is often hard, but I’ve learn that it’s easier to give God control than to worry about how your going to pay this or that. Trust in the Lord because He is a provider; I can attest to that. I appreciate this post. I needed to hear this. God bless you in Jesus name; Amen.

  2. FinancialBondage

    The bible has a fix for all our countries problems. God tells us what to do.

    “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
    2 Chronicles 7:14

    It’s human nature to want to be in control. To think we even are in control. We really have little control over anything. If you think you do you’re kidding yourself.

  3. Richard Schilling

    Dear Richard, I read your article and said finally someone is got the idea. God is in control weather we think so or not. The secret is that God has givin’ us control. And the “Word of God” is our play book with everything we need to know to walk worthy is there. I taught this morning at our home fellowship on that subject of Stewardship and being resourceful, because God is our sufficiency and his son fulfilled all the prophacy and ultimately gave his life that we might have life and that we might have it more abundantly. But if you serve this world it says that we cannot serve two masters and we have free will to choose the path we walk down. The Devil is orchastrating what is going on in the world. When we go with Gods way we can reap all his benefits and if we choose not to decide, we still have made a choice. The biggest challenge to a christian is to NOT get talked out of Gods Blessings, not to mention eternal life to be ever with the Lord. If you want answers go to the Bible it covers all things that pertain to Life and Godlyness. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

  4. Aristarchus

    Rick, I appreciated the last part of your discussion about thinking about the people around us and who needs our help. In tough times people generally go inward and try to find strength just to find weakness and brokenness as opposed to looking to serve others. I would be interested in your thoughts on giving in a challenging environment as well. In my experience, excelling in the grace of giving is an effective response in a difficult time. We should not be comparing ourselves to others (and their credit score like you mentioned) as much as remembering who we are in God’s eyes.

  5. Cherelle

    Ouch is right!

    I tend to forget all too often that God is in control and he has my best interest at heart! Instead of concerning myself with raising my credit score and paying off my student loans as quickly as possible, I need to do what I can to build the Kingdom of God, and let him take care of the rest. Not saying that I can ignore any of those things but I know I tend to put myself through much unnecessary stress, when all I need to do is cast my cares upon Him! It gets tough sometimes living in the will of God, especially when it seems like he is not hearing our prayers.

    Yesterday’s Sunday School lesson was about the Gentile woman who cried out to Jesus to heal her daughter, but Jesus answered her not a word. He even went on to call her a dog, which must have been discouraging. The woman humbled herself and agreed with Jesus, and Matthew tells us from that very hour her daughter was made whole! Just as the Gentile woman, all we need is great faith and believe that God can and will come through for us. Not with just physical healing but a financial healing also, and any other healing that we may need!

    Our country may currently be in a deficit, but we serve a God who always allows his children to live in surplus!

    I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. Psalm 37:25

  6. Rishi

    This is a great post! Thanks

  7. Robd

    This a very thought provoking post! Thanks

  8. Joe

    Thanks for your thoughtful and intense post. You speak to the heart. I was particularly encouraged by your closing sentences. The fact that we are living here on planet Earth at this moment in history is not a coincidence or a surprise to our all knowing God. His plans are perfect and we have been hand picked to be a part of this heavenly drama. How exciting! Thank you for the challenge and the encouragement. We have nothing to fear.

  9. Steph

    What a wonderful eye-opening, heartbreaking reading. I am saving this one to meditate on because he asks some questions that I am ashamed of the answers. My priorities are once again askew and I need His help to get back on track. I want people to see Jesus in me. I want people to say “I want what she has!” and it won’t be riches or cars or any kind of material wealth either – it’ll be the joy they want that I have somehow lost in the process called “life”. Thank you for sharing this post.

  10. Vacman

    This is well said….. I copied this article and sending it to all my friends. Thanks for your time and efforts and insights.