Health care options for Christians

What health care options should a Christian consider?

Health insurance is the topic of the day

Every day we are bombarded by the news and media regarding the rising costs of healthcare and the proposed overhaul of the industry by our federal government. Healthcare issues and the affordability of obtaining services are a major concern for most Americans. We can all agree some solution is needed but what that solution looks like varies across the political spectrum.

For Christians, the healthcare debate is especially troubling. Paying for abortion coverage under a healthcare plan is a primary concern. What options are available for Christians concerned about their money going towards abortion and other questionable practices?

Even a Certified Financial Planner™ seeks wise counsel

I recently left a full-time job on Wall Street with full benefits to start Values First Advisors. This meant saying goodbye to my benefits as I crossed over to the world of entrepreneurs. I was left sorting through a wide variety of options for my family of six. I looked under every rock and am close to making my final solution. Though I have my health and life insurance license, a CFP® designation, a Masters degree in financial planning, I don’t claim to have all the answers. I too need help! My specialty does not involve medical plans so I have been seeking wise counsel and have obtained a wide variety of professional opinions. As I continue to pray and consider my options, I keep coming back to Medi-Share!

The Medi-Share Solution?

Medi-Share is a bright spot in this cloud of insurance debate. Medi-Share offers a non-insurance healthcare alternative for Christians. It is a biblically sound answer to the question of, “how should I pay for healthcare costs”? This non-profit Christian program brings together Christians to share medical costs. Members of Medi-Share send in a specified amount every month to take care of their share of eligible medical expenses of members who experience accidents, illness, or disease.

There are some limitations

Not everyone can become a member of Medi-Share. Members must:

  • Profess to be a Christ-follower
  • Adhere to the belief that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit
  • Abstain from the use of tobacco
  • Not use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol
  • Not engage in sex outside of traditional Christian marriage

The additional benefits

The beautiful thing about Medi-Share is that along with this accountability, members are asked to pray for other members who are facing medical problems.

Members have the flexibility to choose their own doctors and they are able to access educational resources to help them live healthy lifestyles. With Medi-Share, there is never a fear of supporting lifestyles or practices that go against Christian beliefs.

As Christians, it has become increasingly difficult in our society to make sure that the choices that we make in regards to so many areas of our lives including healthcare and finances follow Christian principles. Jesus instructed Peter to “Take care of my sheep.” (John 21:16). All Christians are disciples of Christ and it is our duty to care for one another and lift each other up. Medi-Share is enabling Christians to make wise healthcare decisions while strengthening the Body of Christ. For more information about Medi-Share and to find out how to join, you can check out their website at I will provide an update to you once I have chosen my final health care option for my family.

What other healthcare options, if any, should I consider?

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  1. Kevin

    Very interesting… haven’t heard of that program before. Thanks for the information on it.

  2. john simonds

    I like the accountability for Medi-Share. While it’s Christian (actually everyone should) to obey the law, the non risky lifestyle does promote a group that keeps costs down and encourages such accountability.

  3. Timothy Wright


    Do they take people with pre-existing conditions. Most of these programs won’t because of the expenses. I have diabetes and have been turned down by all other groups like this.


  4. Rob

    Jay – Do you know if Medi-Share will be exempted through the new health care legislation that is now before the Senate for debate? I know the folks are Medi-Share are working on it (see here – but didn’t know if there was any update. We are very interested in their services and think it a creative solution.

  5. “Though I have my health and life insurance license, a CFP® designation, a Masters degree in financial planning, I don’t claim to have all the answers. I too need help! ”

    This admission means you’re a person who can be trusted. Never trust a person who seems to know it all. None of us can.

  6. Michelle

    So what did you decide and why?