How much do you spend on Valentine’s Day?

As we all know, Valentine’s day (my wife’s favorite holiday) is just a little over a week away. I know there is a lot of varying opinions about whether or not it is a “legitimate” holiday, or one just created by Hallmark. But, either way, it looks like V-Day is here to stay – so we might as well enjoy it – right?

I am curious about how much everyone spends on their significant others on V-Day, so I created a poll so we can see if most people are spending more on V-Day than Christmas or if they are not buying gifts at all…

Valentine’s Day Poll

  1. I suppose a lot of people will be cutting back this year on their v-day giving. There are inexpensive ways to express love without having to spend a fortune!

  2. Chuck

    I usually spend about $10 on flowers (Aldis usually has cheap roses on Valentines Day), then we go out to dinner which costs about $50.

    Would think spending will be down this year across the board for the “holiday”. Its a pretty easy place to cut back on in tight times.

  3. bob

    Yea, as with any gift, the price tag doesn’t necessarily make it a better gift…

  4. Travis @ CMM

    I have scheduled my wife and I massages on V-Day. Its something really out of the ordinary and I don’t think she’ll ever expect it. She’s been extremely stressed with work lately, so I want to do something that will ease some of the tension. I may also buy her an outfit, and we’ll probably go out to eat.

    I don’t often do a lot for my wife in the romance department, so I really owe it to her to make Valentine’s Day special.

  5. VM

    My husband and I (as of the past few years) have been really happy with NO V-Day gifts. Like you suggested, I think it’s hyped-up for additional cash flow to the money makers involved. Why should we do ‘extra’ to demonstrate our love to one another? I think everyday should be a Valentine’s Day (of sorts). A nice attempt and overall success by Hallmark (etc) but those of us who know better are smarter to skip it and do otherwise.

  6. Brent

    We haven’t spent on this day in years. I finally convinced my wife that this whole holiday was a scam invented by corporations to get us to spend more money but I also felt strongly that I don’t need one day to show/tell my wife I love her.

    The year should be spent doing this and not just one day.

  7. Ed Cobbs

    A year seems excessive – but agreed

  8. headknocker

    Our church used to do a Valentines Banquet, but the wives usually ended up either cooking, helping to set up or clean up. Now we meet for a few minutes for a little bit of fellowship and then everyone goes their own ways.

    The guys are encouraged to make reservations for the night and the church provides childcare. For some wives having childcare taken care of and the husband making the call on the restaurant is a treat all by itself.