If you want to be wealthy, act like it!

If you want to be a millionaire, act like one. Wealthy people become that way because the “do” certain things. If you “do” what they did to become wealthy, you will get the same result.

One of the biggest differences between the rich and the middle class is that the rich are willing to wait to get their luxuries. The middle class mentality is to buy furniture on credit, or buy a new car every three years, or to make financial decisions based on what they feel like doing.

Most self-made millionaires think differently. They “survive” on the furniture they have until they can pay cash, they drive cars for years after they have been paid off, and their financial decisions are not based on their feelings. The wealthy generally have a long-term approach to wealth, whereas the middle-class and poor typically want to get rich quick.

Have you ever noticed what part of town the payday loan shop and pawn shops are in? It usually isn’t in the rich part of town. Statistics show that the great majority of lottery tickets are purchased by the poor and middle-class. Why don’t the wealthy buy lottery tickets? They realize that it is a waste of their hard earned money.

Did you know that the average person playing the lottery spends $32 a month on lottery tickets? Did you also know that if you take that same $32 a month invested over a working lifetime would yield over $1 million dollars in retirement?

Some will argue that the reason the wealthy don’t go to pawn shops, or buy lottery tickets, or get payday loans is because they are wealthy. I disagree. They became wealthy because they didn’t do those things. They realized that those were bad uses of their money, so they avoided them. It would be wise of us to do those things that they have done to get where they are.

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  1. mary

    God has no interest in wealth but our hearts
    And Jesus came with a message of giving not saving. Jesus has no material wealth but was rich in God’s word, and love and cared for everyone! God is good at giving not saving! The only saving he wants is our souls! And by trying to be frugal and live like a millionaire is the opposite to what Jesus preached as we become selfish mean and greedy the more we build in this present world the more we distance ourselves from God. We, even if we’re poor should share what we have. Be kind love God and love our neighbours as ourselves, deny ourselves and follow jesus. This is jesus’ message and not to try and act like a millionaire