Keeping up with the Joneses | Video

I remember writing a post about the foolishness of trying to keep up with the Joneses, but this video does it better. If you need to explain to your five-year-old what is wrong with our economy, this video should do the trick. Thanks Generous News!


  1. I always look at the Joneses as being somewhat normal in this country. I found this bumper sticker that described how not to be like the Joneses.

  2. Great video!! Facebooking this one!! And showing it to my kids.. as a reminder of why we don’t ‘keep up with the Jones’

    • Yea, Mikki, it is a great simplified example of how greed can destroy lives

  3. Excellent video – but where is Cartman?

    Do you think they’ll have to put a new ending on it in a few years – where Obama pulls up with a big checkbook to pay the bank guy?

  4. That was really good–and WAY too true! Thanks!