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Have you wanted to learn to invest in stocks and mutual funds, but don’t know where to get started? Well, Morningstar has a bunch of stock investing classes online that you can take for free. The classes start with the simplest basics of investing in stocks and move on to more advanced topics for those interested.

Each lesson is very short and concise – most only a few hundred words. Below are the lessons from each of the free courses… To access the courses click here – learn how to invest in stocks.

Stocks Investing Classes

  • 101: Stocks Versus Other Investments
  • 102: The Magic of Compounding
  • 103: Investing for the Long Run
  • 104: What Matters and What Doesn’t
  • 105: The Purpose of a Company
  • 106: Gathering Relevant Information
  • 107: Introduction to Financial Statements
  • 108: Learn the Lingo–Basic Ratios

Stock Investing: 200 Series

  • 201: Stocks and Taxes
  • 202: Using Financial Services Wisely
  • 203: Understanding the News
  • 204: Start Thinking Like an Analyst
  • 205: Economic Moats
  • 206: More on Competitive Positioning
  • 207: Weighing Management Quality

Stock Investing: 300 Series

  • 301: The Income Statement
  • 302: The Balance Sheet
  • 303: The Statement of Cash Flows
  • 304: Interpreting the Numbers
  • 305: Quantifying Competitive Advantages

Stock Investing: 400 Series

  • 401: Understanding Value
  • 402: Using Ratios and Multiples
  • 403: Introduction to Discounted Cash Flow
  • 404: Putting DCF into Action
  • 405: The Fat-Pitch Strategy
  • 406: Using Morningstar’s Rating for Stocks
  • 407: Psychology and Investing
  • 408: The Case for Dividends
  • 409: The Dividend Drill

Stock Investing: 500 Series

  • 501: Constructing a Portfolio
  • 502: Introduction to Options
  • 503: Unconventional Equities
  • 504: Great Investors: Benjamin Graham
  • 505: Great Investors: Philip Fisher
  • 506: Great Investors: Warren Buffett
  • 507: Great Investors: Peter Lynch
  • 508: Great Investors: Others in the Hall of Fame
  • 509: 20 Stock-Investing Tips

Learn even more about investing

They also have a few other course topics covering…

  • Mutual Fund InvestingBuild a solid foundation to start your mutual-fund investing off right.
  • Portfolio – Learn the essentials of building an investment portfolio: how to set goals, gauge your risk, set your asset allocation, and choose investments.
  • Investing in BondsLearn the basics of bonds from coupons to collateral.

Thanks to Wisebread for the tip.

Have you tried the Morningstar classes? Do you know of any other online tools to help us learn how to invest in stocks?

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  1. Derek

    Investing is very important and I believe that Morningstar is a great tool! Make sure to have all of your debt paid off before investing though!

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  3. Vicky V.

    I signed up for Morningstar and am excited to get started in taking charge of my financial future with investing. Thank you for such a great informative article.