16 Legitimate Home Survey Companies?

16 legit home survey companies... http://christianpf.com/legitimate-home-survey-companies/I remember a  few years ago (when I started blogging) home survey companies started popping up – or maybe I just started noticing them. Either way, I decided to try one called CashCrate which offered a bunch of semi-legit surveys and I made about $10 in 30 minutes.

That wasn’t too bad I thought, but the downside was that apparently I failed to read some small print somewhere on one of the surveys and got signed up for something and that was a bit of an annoyance (my full CashCrate Review).

Since that point I have shied away from survey sites, but I have been hearing more and more about them, so I figured I would ask you guys if you have some favorite legitimate home survey companies that you use?


Legit Survey Sites

These are some of the survey sites that I have either heard good things about from readers or have some reason to believe that they are legit. I have only personally tried a few of these, so as with all things, proceed with caution. From my research on these sites I believe all of them are free to join, which not all survey sites out there are.  Having to pay to work seems like a little bit of a red flag to me.

Also, I have included the minimum payout as some survey sites make you wait a while before you can get paid. And you can also see the minimum age to join as well – some allow high-schoolers, but not all do.

If you try (or have tried) any of these survey companies, I would love to hear your experience in the comments below. Also if you have some other survey sites that you use and love let us know about them as well.


  1. I have made several hundred dollars with Opinion Outpost. I really like their site and they offer various ways to receive your payment. They are definitely legit. I’ve also used Toluna, but I didn’t like them as much, however they are also legit.

  2. Man, talk about timing Bob. Surveys are something I’ve been wanting to experiment with for some additional side income. i’ll definitely let you know how it goes for me. keep an eye out for a review that I do too. There are some other bloggers who have had great success with these surveys. If you get fast enough you can make $30/hour or something in that ballpark :)

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys, it looks like there are a couple others to add to the list…

  4. Bjorn

    I am in American Consumer Opinion – I agree – what a timely topic. The cash isn’t great, but it adds up. and it is legit. I will try some of these others – thanks

  5. Opinion Place Surveys is AWESOME! They usually pay about $3 per survey and you can log in once a week. They pay very quickly (within a few days) to your paypal account. Most surveys are fairly short, less than 15 minutes. A lot of the other one’s I tried were way too long for very little payout and some even require you to reach a certain threshold before they will give you your payout. For me personally, if I have to wait 6 months to earn $20 and spend hours earning those dollars it’s just not worth it for me.

  6. Darcyjo

    I take surveys at E-rewards (gift cards) and Pinecone ($3 cash per survey). Both totally legit, but it takes a while to make any considerable money.

  7. Opinion outpost is a great survey site. I’ve made around $100 in a year of doing surveys and testing products through these guys. Surveyhead is another good one that pays to your paypal account. My Points is a great site. It is a bit different because you get points for reading emails, buying things, taking surveys, etc. I have received several gift cards from these folks and am getting ready to cash in for another one right now. They have a large selection of gift cards, visa prepaid cards, or paypal.

  8. I have been paid by CashCrate, Opinion Outpost, and Toluna. Online paid surveys are a great way to make some extra cash. You are definitely right in your advice to stay away from sites that request payment. I have been able to make close to $600 thus far from working with these and other similar sites. Feel free to visit my blog to read my reviews.

  9. I’ve had decent success with Clear Voice Surveys and Valued Opinions. I’ve even gotten some products to test through Clear Voice.
    If it’s kosher to post URLs, here’s the link to an article I wrote on the subject. http://www.donnafreedman.com/2010/10/16/rockin-the-surveys-when-its-worth-it/
    And another one:

  10. I have been doing surveys online for 14 years. I started doing them as I was in the U.S. going to school and because I was from Canada I was unable to work off campus. Surveys were a simple way for me to make a little extra dough.

    I basically cash in once a quarter and when I cash in I typically have about 3-400 dollars in cash and gift cards. It’s not huge, but I enjoy it as a hobby. I am working on a report currently related to surveys and the ones that I have found effective.

  11. I have a blog with a list of survey site’s I do them now and then. You can’t make a living at it that’s for sure, so don’t let anyone tell you different.

  12. I have done surveys with Toluna, 40 in a month, and they are pretty interesting surveys. I also started Opinion Outpost and Opinion Place, so we’ll see how both of those work. Thanks for the article.

  13. Hi
    I am thankful for the thoughtful article but I think if it had mentioned the availability of the survey sites to various countries, I think you shall help a much larger online community.


  14. Most of the surveys pay about $.25 each…. hardly worth the time invested!

  15. Marleila

    Mturk thru Amazon is an interesting site. It allows you to sign up for various small projects, and a lot of surveys for different posters. The money making can be slow, like a lot of survey sites. But the longer you do it, the better the projects you qualify for. I have a friend who is on it regularly, and she says she’s made over $3000 this year so far. This might be something else for people to look into.

  16. cathy corning

    I have been doing suveys for about a year (when I got a computer and internet) I have made quite alot of money doing them my favorite one is survey spot you get 100 points for 1 survey when you get to 1000 points you can cash-out for $10.00 via pay-pal. opinion outpost is run by the same company there the surveys pay the same but the lay-out is a little different you need 100 points and the surveys pay 5 to 15 points per survey when you get to 100 points you can cash-out for $10.00 via pay-pal with both sites you have the choice of how you want to be paid
    my view and quick rewards are also legit

    • Yes, but… what does “quite a lot of money” mean? It’s all different to everyone.
      Does that mean $100.00? Or $1,000?? To say “quite a lot of money” has no meaning really……