10 Manly Christmas Gift Ideas For $30 (or Less)

Man Under $30 Gifts

Man Under $30 Gifts

  1. Rummy anyone? Vintage Playing Cards: $7
  2. I don’t know what it is about boys and their weapons, but I have bought my husband more than one knife and he’s always happy. Kershaw Knife: $27
  3. Oh how rugged! Match Case: $20-22
  4. For the guitar players out there. This pick comes with a sweet magnet to attach to your guitar! Wooden Guitar Pick: $29
  5. This is a MAN’S thermos! Stainless Steel Thermos: $23
  6. A great gift for a dad with little boys. Lots of fun on Christmas day! How about a 12-pack of
    Wooden Airplanes: $29
  7. Not sure if you’ve checked out Saddleback yet, but their products are amazing. This wallet is a steal! Saddleback Slim Wallet: $21
  8. This gift may seem small, but the recipients will thank you years later! Men’s JCrew Camp Socks: $17
  9. To me, this gift is an investment in someone’s future in more ways than one. Engraved Pen: $30
  10. College kid? New homeowner? This is the perfect all-in-one gift. Tool Kit: $20

Guys, what else is on your Christmas list this year?

  1. Seth

    Anything wool and a straight razor.

  2. Glen Craig

    Saddleback makes awesome products. I have one of their wallets and I love it. I dig that wood pick!

    Here’s what I’d add: Lamy Safari fountain pen – writing with a fountain pen takes me back in time

    Also, an AeroPress coffee maker – I want one of these and have heard rave reviews about them.

    • Bob

      I’ve heard about the AeroPress too – I will have to check that out!

  3. Martin Bennett

    A leather book weight is worth its weight in gold for the man who enjoy reading and studying http://www.vermontcountrystore.com/store/jump/productDetail/Holidays/Gifts/For_Him/Leather_Book_Weight/17554

  4. Sue

    Thanks for posting the leather book weight Mr. Bennett. My son is a Pastor and that is a wonderful gift for him as he reads A LOT. I never know what to get him but this is a great gift for Fathers day or birthday as well.