5 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts on a Budget!

Mother's Day

Since I was raised by a great mother, and since I am married to a wonderful wife and mom, Mother’s Day is special. I try to make it a day that stands out and shows honor to one who truly deserves it (cf. Romans 13:7) – and do moms ever deserve honor!

Just like any special day, though, Mother’s Day can throw us off a financial plan if we let it. I think that comes from a heart that truly wants to show respect and love, and that isn’t a bad thing. We want our wife or mom to know how much we appreciate her, so we go all out to buy a nice gift or have a wonderful meal…

…and then we realize how much we have spent, and it is far more than we could truly afford.

It may sound trite, but Mother’s Day is not about the size or expense of the day. It really is about the heart that wants to show honor and respect. So, here are some ways to do something very nice for mom, while still holding onto control of a small budget.

1. Find a great recipe and cook for her.

Now, I just lost a lot of readers, especially guys who don’t think they can boil water. But with the Internet, you really can cook, but it takes some planning if you are not used to doing it. Use Pinterest.com or a simple Google search for a dish she likes or even dishes like those served in restaurants she enjoys. Study that recipe (a few times!). You might even want to check YouTube. Often, there are video tutorials for how to cook certain things. And by making it yourself, you save a tremendous amount of money over going out to eat. (To help you out, if your wife loves Olive Garden, here are some recipes for their main dishes.)

2. Ask for flowers from friends with green thumbs.

It doesn’t matter if they come from a florist or from a neighbor’s garden, flowers truly touch a woman’s heart. You may have a friend who just enjoys growing flowers, and may even enjoy making arrangements. Why not ask for a little help with Mother’s Day? Often, they would be glad to help you show love to your spouse or mom!

3. Let the kids make something.

I know, these are often cheesy gifts, but when done with love (and a little time), they can truly touch a mom’s heart. Think bigger than just a card with a hand print on it. Take some time to make something that will last a long time. Certain stores have kits to help you with very large projects, but many can be done with just a few dollars and a little time.

4. Just give her a “day off.”

Take care of everything for the day. Most of the time on Mother’s Day, I take care of all the cooking and cleaning up. She has told me many times that this means more to her than anything, because it gives her the time to just rest and enjoy her day (and, as a bonus, she doesn’t like waiting at restaurants, anyway). As a preacher, this means that Sunday is really busy, but with a little planning, I can pull it all off.

5. Remember your manners.

One of the best gifts you can give on Mother’s Day is simply the gift of wooing her and showing her true respect all over again. Treat her like royalty with your words and actions. Open doors again. If it’s cool outside, help her with her coat like you used to. Make her coffee and bring her a cup. You used to do those things and she misses them.

I am not suggesting that we need to be stingy on Mother’s Day, because moms deserve our love and admiration. By being creative, though, you can honor that special lady in your life without it harming your financial progress, even if you are on a small budget.

What are you going to get your mom for Mother’s Day? Leave a comment (only if you think she won’t read it)!

  1. mrs. jim

    My husband shares these pf blogs with me every now and then. I LOVE your blog and I particularly LOVE this one. You sound just like our SIL – whom we happen to adore. Nice to know there are still gentlement out there and I am certain your wife feels the same. Nicely done! Thanks – you’re restoring our faith in your generation!

  2. Jake Erickson

    These are all awesome ideas! My wife and I are actually making dinner for my parents on Friday to celebrate Mother’s Day. She was very surprised and excited when we said that we’d like to have them over, so I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.