Obama’s health care reform bill – your thoughts?

I haven’t done too much research into Obama’s health care plan, but it is obvious to just about everyone that many people have strong opinions about it. Most of us can agree that something needs to be done, it just seems that we can’t agree about what should be done.

How Socialized healthcare has worked out for Canada

This video takes a look at the process that Canadians go through in order to get basic healthcare. If you don’t have time to watch the video, basically two guys document their journey to get health care for a minor injury. They encounter hours and hours of waiting, a tremendously inefficient process, and ultimately government workers suggesting that they try the “private” healthcare alternative. I would love it if any Canadian readers can confirm or deny what they see in the video.


Assuming what it mentioned in the video is true, it is a little frightening to think that we might be headed towards a system like that.

10 myths of healthcare reform

CBS news had an article that sought to dispel 10 of the most common myths about the health care reform bill from both the republicans and democrats. As with all of this stuff you need to take it with a grain of salt, everyone seems to have their own angle on healthcare reform. These are the 10 myths and an abbreviated explanation of each (you can read the whole thing in the original article)…

1. The House Health Care Bill Mandates or Encourages Euthanasia

There is nothing in any health care reform bill before Congress that would require people to “decide how they wish to die.” Conservative talking points from activists and legislators, however, would suggest otherwise.

2. Americans Will Lose Their Private Insurance

The legislation in both the House and the Senate, however, would actually prohibit many people with employer-based insurance from switching to the public option, even if they wanted to.

3. You Will Be Able to Keep Your Plan

On the flip side, Mr. Obama has made a strong commitment to let people keep the plans they have. “Here’s a guarantee that I’ve made,” the president said at the AARP tele-town hall conference. “If you have health insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance.”

4. The Blue Dogs Are Primarily Interested in Cutting Government Costs in Health Care Reform

5. The Health Care Legislation Mandates Taxpayer Dollars Pay for Abortions

Mr. Obama told CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric in July that “I’m pro-choice, but I think we also have the tradition in this town, historically, of not financing abortions as part of government-funded health care.”

6. Health Care Reform Will Be Paid For

“Health insurance reform cannot add to our deficit over the next decade, and I mean it,” Mr. Obama has said on numerous occasions. In a setback for Mr. Obama, however, the CBO subsequently said that creating such a commission would produce only about $2 billion in savings over 10 years — a relatively small figure for a reform plan expected to cost around $1 trillion.

7. Cuts to Medicare?

Republicans have blasted Democrats for planning cuts to Medicare, a program that benefits millions of seniors. President Obama has insisted that there will be no reductions to benefits. Technically, Republicans are right that health care reform plans include cuts to Medicare’s projected budget; however, Mr. Obama has given specific examples of how cuts can be made by rooting out waste from the program.

8. Americans Don’t Want a Government-Run Health Care Plan

A CBS/ New York Times poll from late July shows that, even though doubts have grown in recent months about Mr. Obama’s health care proposals, 66 percent of Americans still want the government to provide a health insurance plan like Medicare to compete with private health insurers.

9. Rationing of Care

Americans will not face “rationing” in health care any more than they do now. While a public plan would not be able to cover all procedures, private insurance plans do not either.

10. A Health Care Bill Will Bring Quick Changes

“Most of these changes would be phased in over several years,” he said. “So it’s not as if you’re going to wake up tomorrow and suddenly the health care system is all changed completely. We are going to phase this in, in an intelligent, deliberate way.”

Understanding the health care problems to find the solution

As I spent a couple hours wading through all the information out there, I must say it is VERY difficult to find anything that is even remotely unbiased. It seems every article you read, or video you watch has a spin on it and most of them are extreme. To make things more difficult, the whole healthcare crisis is so complicated that is really is difficult to see what’s really going on.

Personally, I tend to lean towards the side of minimizing government involvement, but I also realize that we have a mess on our hands. It’s affecting patients who need health care, businesses who can’t afford to provide insurance for their employees, insurance companies trying to make a profit, and doctors who want to give their patients the best possible care.

Your thoughts? Do you think the proposed health care reform plans will fix the problems?

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  1. Dan S.

    One of the better treatments on the issue. Good word. I struggle with the bias and hate mongering I hear all of over the place.

  2. Sue
  3. We can all talk a good game about healthcare, but there are two elephants in the room that no one wants to discuss…

    Rationing of treatment. Everyone wants the best treatment, with no limits, which is understandable, but how can costs be controlled in that environment? They can’t, not in the current system and not under any reform packages. A reform package will have the same cost issues as the current system.

    Tort reform. Either set up strict limitations on what a provider can be sued for, or low limits on settlements. Congress won’t go for it, and the public doesn’t want to give up the right to sue or to have a limit on settlements.

    Until these core issues can be dealt with, reform is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    I don’t think this or any healthcare proposal can be understood clearly by most people (any more than a health insurance contract can!) because the issue is too complex, and has too many pet doctrines.

    Until we start talking about what we’re prepared to GIVE UP for better healthcare covering more people, these efforts at reform are mostly about politics.

  4. Steph

    Thank you for bringing this up! You are right, there is SO much misinformation out there and BOTH sides are using scare tactics to try to persuade the American public. I say, “shame on both of them”! We need facts, not myths. We need clear, concise facts too. My biggest concern about this and other proposals is that Congress has done nothing about tort reform. Much of our high health care costs are due to medical malpractice lawsuits that have gone out of control. Absolutely, a person should be given a chance to get a wrong made right but not for millions of dollars! In CA, there is a $350,000 limit (used to be – not sure now) on “pain & suffering” in medical malpractice judgments. Tort reform must go hand in hand with any kind health care reform, in my opinion. Also, there is nothing that puts any kind of reform on bad medicine coming from the drug companies or any kind of support on natural medicine, which can be just as good, if not better, than drugs.

  5. Rudy

    Can I trade my social security and medicare with Obamacare? I don’t want to add another tax into my already deeply cut paycheck.

  6. Stephanie S

    My first comment on ANY of your posts….I would be nice if some of the “dispelled myths” had anything to back up their statements. I think Kevin covered it nicely that even if this “reform” passes, we are still not covering CORE issues.

    As far as the statement from Mr. Obama “I’m pro-choice, but I think we also have the tradition in this town, historically, of not financing abortions as part of government-funded health care.” That does not sound like a decisive statement at all. My understanding of how payment/coverage from abortion will be covered is that that coverage will come from your deductibles, not the government portion. Like they are putting money in two seperate pots!

  7. Two Ton Tilly

    I have questions, but they are not being answered. I do not have any type of insurance. I also do not have any money to pay for any type of insurance. Mandated health insurance? How am I supposed to pay for something when I have no money? If Socialized health care is so good, why do people from Canada and Great Britain come here for health care when THEY have Socialized health care?

  8. some guy on the internet

    Any government run anything is doomed to mediocrity at best. For anyone to assume this change will be for the best is mistaken. Looking at the “Good Samaritan” in the Bible and comparing it to the welfare-state that we are facing, I can clearly see the issue for what it is.

  9. Billy Allen II

    Where is it? I would like to read it for myself… Yes, we need healthcare reform – No, we don’t need to include abortion. That is ridiculous! Too many people are falling in the gap between the last few years they have to work before retirement. There is no insurance for them. Many have to take lower-paying jobs just to stay in the work force and eat!

  10. Billy Allen II

    I am sorry to ask, but is Obama ‘shooting straight’ this time? How many times so far have we discovered he ‘twisted’ it just a little bit. He is a politician!
    I don’t care about Canada – This is the U.S. of America! We can do it and do it RIGHT!

  11. Matt

    In my opinion the problem of health insurance is the insurance itself. Because most people’s health insurance pretty much pays for everything no one shops around for health care. This means there is little to no competition in the health care industry to provide the best care at the lowest price. Add in Medicare and a potential government payer with the Obama plan and it on;y gets worse.
    Take a look at this website and see how much it cost to have a baby in 1952: http://www.oftwominds.com/blogjuly09/healthcare07-09.html

  12. CharlesT

    The problem is that CBS “dispelling” the misunderstandings is basically the talking points from the administration, and those are all misleading at best, lies at worst.
    For example; Obama says the House legislation doesn’t “force” anyone into the government option. Technically true – but, the legislation being proposed DOES say that if anything about your current coverage changes, EVEN THE PREMIUMS, you have to sign up with the public option.
    We won’t face rationing of care? How? Every other system that uses this model has resorted to this. It is the only way to control costs in the end. Medicare is bankrupt, this would be Medicare times ten.
    No thank you, Mr. Obama, you can keep your “reform”.

  13. Stephanie S

    Way to go Charles T

  14. John Jones

    I am still trying to find out about this public option. Is there an income level restriction on it. If so people that can aford insurance will not be eligable thus safeguarding the Healthcare Insurance Industry, as these low income people will not be buying insurance form these companies anyway.

  15. Beth

    Couldn’t stomach watching the entire video, but I can confirm the waiting part (though wait times generally aren’t that long where I live)! I wouldn’t put too much stock in the video — it’s obviously biased and not very well researched. You can’t assume that the service you receive in one place is representative of the healthcare system across the entire country. Health care differs by province. (I can’t comment on Quebec, I don’t live there).

    As a Canadian, I’m getting really sick of my country being either the poster-child or villain in this debate. Has it ever occurred to people that we fall somewhere in between? Our system has it’s flaws, and yes, it needs work. But if your system is so perfect, why is there such an outcry for change?

    I don’t know if universalized health care is right for the U.S. or not. (Our population is one-tenth of the size, and we’re a very different country.) I think it’s a topic that should be debated and examined because it will be a huge undertaking.

    Just leave us out of your propaganda, please!

  16. Beth

    Oh dear. Didn’t mean for that to come across as a rant! Sorry about that 🙁

    I think people are smart to try and understand health reform rather than believe everything they hear and read. I think this post does a good job of helping people to be more aware.

  17. John Jones

    Have the Public Option part of the Healthcare Reform Bill by restricted by the ammount of families combined income and singles with a single income.
    Famalies that make, lets just say 100,oo.oo or more would not qualify for the Public Option and singles that make 50,000.oo. This would guarantee the safety of the Health Insurance Industry as these income groups cannot afford to purchase insrance from them anyway.

  18. Richard Conner

    It seems to me that the health care issue is just good ole politecs as usual. Can’t we just take a good look at the plans the rest of the industrialized nations have and come up with a plan that works for us? Why do we think we always have to re-invent the wheel. Let’s knock off the politics and get together to find a solution. Politics , as practiced in this country, will destroy us…sooner than we think.

  19. Steph

    Richard, you are so right! We have to stay away from political parties and their agendas and find good solutions to our country’s problems that don’t line politicians’ pockets.

  20. I just can’t believe that so many are willing to support a bill that they know nothing about, just because they think we need a change. These days, instead of researching an issue, we just assume that those in power know what’s best. That’s a good way to keep the same people in power forever and minimize the power of the people. I guess many of these are the same people that would elect a president because he’s going to “pay my mortgage”.

  21. John Jones

    Well Mathew You can believe that we are willing to support a bill that offers change, as for now one accident or serious illness will mean financial ruin for most of us. We do research these issues and we do trust those that we have elected to do the right thing, if they do not then we vote them out. As for my mortgage I don’t have one and I don’t ever hearing that our government is going to pay anyones mortgage, as healthcare is the issus you have wandered from the matter at hand.

  22. Jennifer

    Having lived in Canada all my life I can say that we do have flaws in our Health Care system…but there are many benefits as well. Our wait times at hospital emergency rooms can be long and to get into a surgeon when it is not an emergency can be a lengthly wait. However, when you need treatment immediately you receive it. My mother was ill with cancer and she was into a specialist within 2 days. She received all the necessary life saving treatments immediately. I love living in Canada and I love the fact that the treatment we receive does not depend on what we can afford. I would hate to be in a position where one of my children was ill and I could not afford treatment for them. I am sure that there are many people that don’t agree with me and that is fine but I am proud of the health care that we receive.

  23. Cody

    As a Canadian ill admit,as a few others have done already, that yes our system is flawed as well. I had a friend who had to wait a month or 2 to get a rather nasty looking ingrown toe nail fixed by a specialist, but in the end she didnt have to pay for it.

    Personally even if people i say it wont work or it will only work for the super rich i’d support a 2 tier healthcare system. From what the guy said in the video ” only the super rich will be able to afford the decent better healthcare, and the rest will have to use the public option” isnt that what the problem is to begin with in the states, people cant afford healthcare PERIOD, and only the people who have decent jobs can afford the insurance while the rest are left out on their butts. if the old adage time is money is anything to go by then long hours in the waiting room is the equivalent of paying to see a doctor. But at least they are able to see a doctor. So yes if you can afford to bump yourself to the front of the line then by all means do it, and for those who cant at least you will still be able to see a doctor and get treated.

  24. Deborah Alfano

    I am very disappointed and perhaps even angry that I will be forced to buy, and will be checked by the IRS, a “government approved” policy which I amy not want or need. Every one is told they can keep their policies but once the businesses figure out it is cheaper not to give good health care policies to their retired employees then I am sure I will be dropped and forced into a government plan. I think it is just fine if someone wants the government to pay for their food, housing, child care and even health care if that is what they want. I, on the other hand would rather make my own choices and not have government involved. I also know that Independents and some Republicans helped to elect Obama….now he only appears to be the President for the very liberal, easy spending Democrats. I dare say that fiscally conservative Democrats, Independents and Republicans will vote him out of office. So sad to see the big spending and government controls thrown on our shoulders.

  25. Val

    Let me start by saying that I know little about the health care in the united states, I only write this to talk about Canadian health care. Four years ago I spent five weeks in the hospital. I recieved amazing care. I had three brain surgeries!! Not once through any of it did I worry about the cost! I needed the treatment so I got in very fast, and when I want to see my family doctor I call his office in the morning and see him later that day. I live in one of Canadas major cities. Everyone in this country can sleep easy knowing that if something bad happens to them they will be taken care of, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  26. Kelly

    I live in Calgary, Canada and I know that emergency is handled on a priority basis, if I have a gash and joe blow has a broken arm he will be treated first(as he should). Here in canada you are never turned away you are treated no matter the cost, at no cost! It’s not perfect some time there is a wait but thats because if help is needed you go to a hospital or doctor, you don’t stay home and hope for the best. Extended health coverage for my family of four my company pays $100 monthly and covers dentist, drugs, disbility, etc. All and all it’s a wonderful system.


  27. Val

    Again, I dont know too much about the health care in the States but I can tell you for sure, that I have not heard of a single person in Canada that has had to sell their house to pay for a medical treatment of any kind!!!

  28. Helane Shields

    I am old enough to remember President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” in the 1960s. Medicare, health insurance for the elderly, was created as part of the Social Security Act Amendment in 1965 and was put into effect in 1966. The critics howled that the Medicare would bankrupt the country.

    But [President Bill] Clinton presided over the longest period of peace-time economic expansion in American history, which included a balanced budget and a federal surplus. The Congressional Budget Office reported a surplus of $236B in 2000, the last full year of Clinton’s presidency.[ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Clinton So “bankruptcy” is NOT inevitable (unless you turn the country over to Wall Street !!) Prudent governance can put us back on firm financial ground.

    President Johnson said: ““Ensuring all Americans have guaranteed affordable health care is the missing piece of the modern American social contract.” Thank you, President Obama, for taking the first step towards making that dream a reality.

  29. osob

    I think that we should all be thankful that the health care bill has been passed.. And NO worries Obama has got it all under control. Or we hope he does.

  30. Scott

    It never seizes to amaze me that the comments from those who disapprove of (any) health care plan are the young who haven’t had problems, the ignorant or the people and politicians making more than they can spend that have their healthcare paid for for by us, the citizens of this country and will for the rest of their lives. I’d love to see these people stripped of their health benefits and go through any major health issue like cancer. Even better, Let them all have a bought with Kidney Stones without being able to afford insurance and have them told they won’t blast them because you have no insurance so you’ll just have to pass them on your own! Insurance rates bled us dry. I believe this plan is a necessary first step because our countries greed and stupidity can’t care for themselves! HOWEVER, I am holding reservation on just what “affordable health care” will be. IF this plan and future changes are not policed to insure the providers are not raping the public like they have been, I feel there could be wide spread chaos throughout the country and deservedly so!

  31. DontTreadOnMe

    Obama is destroying this country from within and he is not qualified to be president. The time has come for the President to perform his duty to THIS country and show us his birth certificate. No certificate? Then all of these constitutional crimes go away; the czars, healthcare, all of it. There are too many questions, too many doubts and he has been dodging far too long. Where there is smoke there is fire. The more people that begin asking for the proof, the less he and the major broadcast networks will be able to ignore us as they have done with so many other issues. If there is the slightest doubt in your mind then you too need to be asking. We have let the seemingly small things go and look where that has taken us. I want to talk about it because they are in cover-up mode. It would be such an easy thing for any one of us to show our birth certificate. Why is it so difficult for him? Why does he treat this country as if he is ashamed of it? Why does he treat our allies as if they are enemies? Why does he encourage Congress to ignore the will of the people? Why did his wife refer to his home country as Kenya? Why will he not release his own school records? Why does he disgracefully bow to the leaders of other countries? Why does he admire dictators from other countries? This is Obama’s Watergate. There is no need to impeach someone who is not qualified to be president. Everything he has signed, ordered, or acted upon is illegal. So I ask you Mr. President: WHERE IS YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

  32. Matt

    What birth certificate can President Obama produce that you won’t claim is a forgery?
    If Obama really was born outside of the US, don’t you think he’d have a much more convincing forged birth certificate to show everyone?

    I don’t like his presidential activities either, but hanging on to conspiracy theories like this doesn’t hurt the president and only makes his opponents look crazy.

  33. DontTreadOnMe

    How about his long form Matt. The bigger the lie the more they believe. Mr. Obama is spending millions to prevent this scandal from gaining momentum when all he has to do is show a simple document that any one of us would be required to have to send our kids to kindergarten. With all due respect your attitude is playing into the hands of the Left. Why will Mr. Obama not reveal his birth certificate Matt? It would be so easy. Don’t you see they accuse their enemies of the very thing they do? Hillary made claims of a “vast right wing conspiracy” in the 1990’s; the truth is there is a vast LEFT wing conspiracy. Pelosi accused Republicans of being corrupt but it is her own party which has turned out to be the most corrupt in our history. The Democrat leadership accused us all of being Nazis for speaking our minds but it is they who act like fascists and ram through – against the will of the people – healthcare; for your own good. Mr. Obama and his party tried to accuse John McCain during the campaign of not being eligible for office when in fact it is Mr. Obama who is NOT ELIGIBLE FOR OFFFICE. Everyone must start asking him to show his birth certificate. It is a simple thing to do. For the good of the country he must put this issue to rest by SHOWING HIS ORIGINAL BONAFIDE BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

  34. Matt

    The great thing about conspiracy theories is that they can never be disproven. 😉

    Why doesn’t Obama just spend much less than millions to create a foolproof forged birth certificate?

  35. DontTreadOnMe

    He cannot forge it. There are too many eyes looking his way. His only choice is to show it, or stonewall it; and he doesn’t want to show it. I can only wonder, why? How easy would it be for you to show yours? Our Dear Leader is running from the truth. Why not show it and make his enemies into fools? He can’t because his Birth Certificate betrays his assertion that he is a Natural Born Citizen. Our country is in this position because people did not stand up and demand the truth. For decades we assumed the media was there for us. They were not. “The forth estate has become the fifth column”. THIS IS OBAMA’S WATERGATE. MR. OBAMA: WHERE IS YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

  36. Val
  37. DontTreadOnMe

    Val, you cannot be serious. Obama is destroying this country from within and he is not qualified to be president. Even more shameful than a politician spouting lies is the U.S. Media, which resides in the lap of the Left: The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. For its entire life our media has hidden itself behind the First Amendment. Extolling its virtues. Claiming to be the watchdog for the country. Claiming to be the only true test for a political candidate. Where is the Birth Certificate? No certificate? Then all of these constitutional crimes go away; the czars, healthcare, all of it. There are too many questions, too many doubts and Obama has been dodging far too long. Where there is smoke there is fire. Why can he not end the controversy and show it? Where is the media? Obama was friends with a terrorist. Where was the media? 20 years listening to a preacher who hates this country. Where were the watchdog media? News is made every day and is ignored because it doesn’t fit the LEFT ANTI-AMERICAN AGENDA. No wonder they struggle to survive in a free market.

    Soon they will get their pals in the government to bail them out. That will only make official what has already happened. We know whom these reporters work for and they are not for freedom and liberty. And freedom and liberty are the American way of life.

    The only thing Mr. Obama has shown is a “Certification of Live Birth” available to anyone; even those born outside the USA. It is not just the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Why are all of his records sealed? From World Net Daily: “kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and his adoption records.” Why was his first executive order to lock down the personal information that you would need to show to sign you kid up for school sports, or for you to apply for a job? With all due respect Val, this is “settled” like man-made global warming is “settled”. It is you who need to did a little deeper and stop taking the medicine that the LEFT is feeding you.

  38. Uncle B

    Canadian here – Canada’s health care system works well for the Canadian mentality – a much different mentality than the American one! We are a Sociql democracy and we frown on rampant barracuda style Capitalism and Corporatism – Our votes still count ove and above those of the loggieats, and sharehoders votes, and we control our country very very closely – We can fold our whole government over a small thing like a poor economic decision by governing bodies, and live in a perpetual coalition with three or even sometimes four parties having voice in our affairs. Our dollar often exceeds the American sawbuck in value but we tame it with intereat rates, we are a resource rich country selling our ‘Saudi Arabian’ sized oil fields to the world – China included. We love our American neghbors and share common ancestory and very strong family ties cross borders and would do nothing to harm Americans, they are us in a warmer climate! Most of us have large and extended family ties in the U.S. but we are not the same – our mentality allows for less corporatist and less capitalist control, balanced by a strong socialist flavor in all we do. We are multi-cultural and come in every color of the rainbow, not just blqck and white as is the American custom and we love it! We celebrate interracial marriages, permit homosexual ones and are for the greater part much more tolerant in these things than Americans – We have a strong sense of national pride but are hardly nazis! We are a unique people on the face of the earth and all of us partake in the Canadian medical system and vigourously support it. We do so go to the U.S. for expert help advice and even medical care and we recognize America as a center of excellence in some parts of some field! We never refuse our expertise to Americans either – we willingly give all we can to support the Free Western civilizations – We are good neighbours and try to keep our own backyard clean.

  39. DontTreadOnMe

    I’m happy for you Uncle B. But we here in the States have our own problem right now. The man who was elected to the “Office of the President” has lost his CERTIFIED LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    The time has come for the President to perform his duty to THIS country and show the AMERICAN people his birth certificate. No certificate? Then all of these constitutional crimes go away; the czars, healthcare, all of it. There are too many questions, too many doubts and he has been dodging far too long. Where there is smoke there is fire. The more AMERICAN people that begin asking for the proof, the less he and the major ANTI-AMERICAN broadcast networks will be able to ignore the AMERICAN people as they have done with so many other issues. If there is the slightest doubt in your AMERICAN mind then you too need to be asking “WHERE IS YOUR CERTIFIED LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

    We have let the seemingly small things go and look where that has taken us. I want to talk about it because they are in cover-up mode. It would be such an easy thing for any one of us to show our AMERICAN birth certificate. Why is it so difficult for him? Why does he treat this country as if he is ashamed of it? Why does he treat our allies as if they are enemies? Why does he encourage Congress to ignore the will of the people? Why did his wife refer to his home country as Kenya? Why do people in Kenya claim he was born there? Why will he not release his own school records? Why does he disgracefully bow to the leaders of other countries? Why does he admire dictators from other countries? THIS IS OBAMA’S WATERGATE. WILL THE NEW WOODWARD AND BERNSTEIN PLEASE STAND UP! There is no need to impeach someone who is not qualified to be president. Everything he has signed, ordered, or acted upon is illegal. So I ask you Mr. Obama: WHERE IS YOUR CERTIFIED LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE SIR?

  40. Robert Mills

    Considering what you found in Canada, can you imagine what you could have recorded in South Africa, which has a similar system. Even the doctors and nurses are leaving, some to go to Canada.

    We lived there 47 years, and always went to private hospitals? One can not afford not to. More government involvement, less effeciency at greater cost.

  41. Val

    Uncle B, may I say that your comment is fantastic. It perfectly states what it means to be a Canadian!! Thank you for that.
    DontTreadOnMe, I don’t know what to think about the whole birth certificate thing, however, I do agree with you about the media and how they tend to direct us away from the truth. At times I also feel as though they are terrorists!! I will try to remember to be more skeptical in the future.

  42. Bonelle

    What really hurts us all is that there are so many families out there having one child right after another and before you jnow it there are five or more kids plus 2 adults in the family all receiving the maximum of welfare help there is (health care, over $600 a month in food stamps, over $700 a month in a government program that pays their month’s rent (no out of pocket expense there), over $500 a month in heating assistance, etc.Most of the families I know who live around my area live in a household like this where only ONE parent works (usually the mother). What.s wrong with this government making BOTH or the absent parent work to provide support for the big families they choose to have or enforcing more of a child support issue? It seems to me our government should be ″lessening″ the welfare help they give these folks and telling these parents: We can.t tell you how many kids you can have- BUT we can limit all the help we give you. If you want 5 or more kids, that’s your perrogative but we will only give you help for 2 of them. You as the mother AND father should go out, get a job and support the children you choose to have. To hell with the excuses you want to give as to wh YOU CAN’T! You want them- be responsible for them instead of relying on welfare help!! And EVERYONE, including those who originally were born inother countries should ALL fall under this new health care reform- even if you are illegal. Why give some all the welfare breaks while raising taxes n everything for the working, middle and lower class families. We have enough bills to pay as it is plus rates on everything from food to gas to taxes keep on increasing. I am one of those ones who keeps cutting back on so much where I havent had TV, internet or vacations since 1998 and still amhaving a hard time making ends meet. If I could afford health insurance I would have had it a long time ago but I dont!! And why is it that most everyone now wants to say ″they are disabled and cant work?

  43. Garrett Montgomery

    Anytime a peoples RIGHT to choose is superseded by government edict, you no longer have democracy. If Obama wants to force us towards socialism, which apparently he does, he would be best advised to look at the long term affects of his politics in Russia, China, Cuba, Iran. Hey Mr. President, IT DOESN’T WORK!!

  44. Adam

    “So i realized how much people were talking about this health plan reform and decided it was important enough to create a site dedicated to loving and bashing the obamas health plan. http://www.obamashealthplan.com , I would love to have some of you guy…”

  45. shawn

    You made one of your myths that “you will be able to keep you insurance plan”

    That might be sorta confusing to some people that you put a true statement in there with the other myths.

  46. Bobby Adams

    I am sorry you have fallen into the TRAP…you aactually believe Pres. Obama
    when he speaks. AARP and AMA have also been dooped. It is a matter of words; they don’t mean the same thing to us all. Do you actually believe that
    medicare can be cut 500 mil. without decreasing services? Dems have controled congress now for 4 years,yet abuse and waste are just as always.
    Rationing? Doctors must ALREADY cut the number of medicare/medicaid
    patients seen monthly. Please wake up.

  47. Matt

    I think that most voters still don’t like the new national health care law more than a year after it formally took effect, and Republicans are hoping that translates into gains on Election Day. Regards