PC Remote Control

As promised in a previous post where I talked about how I started watching HD TV on my computer for under $70 I said that I purchased a remote control to switch channels rather than using the keyboard.

Just to clarify, my ultimate goal is to have an entertainment center fueled by my computer. I want to be able to watch HDTV, record TV shows, watch DVDs, play streaming radio, and listen to my music all from the comfort of my couch (without needing a keyboard or even worse: having to get up!!)

StreamZap PC Remote control I am now well on my way to my goal – the PC remote control was a crucial piece of the puzzle that has been added.

The StreamZap PC remote control

I picked the StreamZap PC Remote because the reviews on Amazon were good, I couldn’t find many other options, and it only cost about $30. I have been using the remote for a couple of weeks now – so, I think I am now qualified to give it a review.

The StreamZap review

StreamZap PC Remote control packageLet me start by saying the remote does seem to control every program that you would want it to, just like it promises. However, this is a universal remote to the extreme. Universal remotes rarely work as simply as the original remote and this remote is no exception.

It took me a few minutes to figure out what each button does in each program – some are not what you would expect – i.e. to make the TV program screen full size you need to press the MENU button.

The buttons are little bit sensitive –  you only need to tap each button for the command to execute, any longer and it may dupe (go up 2 channels instead of one).

That said, it does everything I wanted it to do:

  • It turns on the TV program on the computer. It changes the channel, volume, records, and goes to full screen.
  • It works with iTunes – skips songs, selects play lists, even allows me to search for songs by name
  • It closes the programs and shuts down the PC with the touch of a button.

Final thoughts on the StreamZap Remote

All in all, I am happy with the purchase. I think there is some room for improvement, but I think the average good (but not great) reviews on Amazon paint an accurate picture of what the remote is and is not.


  1. I checked out the system from the last article and have added it to my wishlist.

  2. I think the remote control is simply wonderful as it is little difficult to use keyboard every time you are watching a movie.But I feel its a touch expensive.