Ready For Zero Review | A New Way to Track Your Debt


Does getting out of debt seem like an unachievable dream? You’re not alone. Not only is it difficult paying off thousands of dollars, it’s hard organizing a plan and acting on it. Ready For Zero seeks to answer the problem of debt management. How can it help you? Let’s take a look!

How Does Ready For Zero Work?

Ready For Zero is a debt management tool that allows you to track your loans while recommending a course of action. You can link your loan account including your student loans, credit cards, mortgage, you name it! Best of all, it’s free!

Signing Up for a New Account

It’s super easy to sign up for a new account. You’ll only need to enter an email address and choose a password – no credit card is required.

That’s pretty much it. Simple, right?

Linking Your Accounts

The next step is to link your accounts. Ready For Zero is designed to link with most major creditors, so you would rarely have an issue connecting all your accounts.

Once your accounts are linked, you can sit back and relax as Ready For Zero brings in your balance and interest rate information. Every night, your transaction history is updated automatically so that you have fresh information daily.

The accounts page of Ready For Zero shows the interest rate, minimum payment, and balance on all of your accounts. This is sort of a big picture view, whereas the overview section focuses just on the information pertinent at the time.

Ready For Zero Accounts

Overview Page

The overview page shows you two important things: your target account and new activity.

Your target account is your highest interest rate loan. There is some dispute on whether this is the best loan to pay off first (see my other review), but nevertheless you’ll be paying off debt and that’s always a good thing!

Your new activity displays any accounts that need your attention, notices on debts that are almost paid off, and offers for services such as debt consolidation. You’re also going to see upcoming payments that must be made.

Ready For Zero Overview

Progress Charts

Are you a visual person? Then you might want to check out the progress charts. From here you can see how much progress you’re projected to make over time and your debt history. You can even look at progress charts on individual accounts to get more detailed information.

This is one of the most motivating features of Ready For Zero, as you can make adjustments to your budget, pay more toward your debt, and see your debt payoff date come sooner.

Ready For Zero Progress

iPhone App

Ready For Zero iPhone App

Ready For Zero also has an iPhone app so that you can strategize on the go. You’ll be able to see an overview of your target account, your activity updates, progress, payments and accounts. You’ll find most of the important features of Ready For Zero within their iPhone app.

Other Free Resources

The amount of free information Ready For Zero provides to people on getting out of debt is pretty impressive. If you head over to Ready For Zero and scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see several resources on student loan debt, credit card debt, debt consolidation, and budgeting tips – the company understands that important topics like how to make a budget plays a big role in your success at paying off debt.

These resources provide helpful information and links to some popular posts on the topics discussed. Definitely worth checking out.

Ready For Zero PLUS and Promo Code

Ready For Zero just launched a brand new “PLUS” service that allows you to pay off all your debts from their website! You can now securely link your bank accounts and pay from just one interface instead of having to log into multiple loan websites.

You can even schedule payments and receive smart recommendations on how much you should pay. Ready For Zero PLUS is great for those who want one go-to place for paying off their debt.

Ready For Zero PLUS costs $4.99 per month, but when you enter promo code “christianpf” when activating the bill pay subscription, you’ll get three free months! You can always sign up for a free account first to try out their services, and then switch to PLUS when you’re ready.

Is Ready For Zero for You?

Ready For Zero can get you out of debt faster than if you simply threw extra money at your debts here and there. Having a game plan is an important part of getting out of debt. Without that plan, you’re not going to throw enough money at your debt to get any real traction.

You don’t need software to make a plan to get out of debt . . . but it sure helps! If you have multiple loans, have a pretty straightforward situation, and want one easy place to track your progress, sign up for Ready For Zero. If you still have questions, you can read more of my personal thoughts or ask a question below.

Are you in debt? Do you think that Ready For Zero will work well for you? Leave a comment!


  1. Jim

    I’ve done a similar thing for years. I don’t use cash. I mostly use a credit card that is paid off automatically by my checking account that has direct deposit. Every month I can check the balance and see if I’m ahead or not.

    Debt consolidation loans are all over the place. I don’t need somebody to find one for me.

    I cannot see checking my expenses daily. If I had to check daily, I would just keep my cash in my pocket. That would be easier.

    My Discover and CITI Bank were both hacked at the respective banks within a month of each other. If banks with deep pockets like that are vulnerable, then really no one is safe. I want to minimize my exposure on the net.

    But, to each his own.

    A word for you education majors out there. Oct. 2012, NY state is asking that people without a college degree become certified to teach. Also, 1/2 of the teaching candidates can’t pass the Basic Skills Test. Teaching is being beat up so bad in politics that there is a teachershortage coming and much lower caliber applicants.

  2. Cynthia Smith

    I am inspired by the articles and comments of this site. I am trying to get out of debt the biblcal way and that is how i came to know your website. I live in Harare Zimbabwe we do have credit cards but not like in the US. My debt came about by borrowing money to live a life i could not afford and now am paying the price as this has affected my friend ship with the person i borrowed the cash from.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Josh

    I have been seeing a few resources such as this pop up as of late and I definitely see a great benefit to such software. However, and it may just be that I am a bit cautious, I cannot see myself trusting one website or piece of software will all of my financial information.

    As someone mentioned above, if the major banks websites are being targeted by hackers, websites such as this must be on their radar. Maybe I am just paranoid, but I’m okay with that! I would love to have a piece of software such as this that I can recommend to my clients, but the risk involved is just far too great even when considering the benefits of the program.