How to Put “Steady Plodding” to Work In Your Life

Steady Plodding Isn't Always Fun

There is nothing like being inspired by God’s word. Lately, I’ve been impatient with my life. I’ve craved it to move faster in certain areas, such as with my online small business. I was recently reminded that I needed to wait on God’s timing. I also read a great devotion on contentment my wife sent me. It helped me see how I’ve been comparing myself with others. It’s a case of trying to keep up with the Joneses, but in as a business sense.

God hasn’t stopped working on me even after sharing the above. He’s nudging me along in the direction he wants me to go. Recently, a respected friend reminded me of a passage in Proverbs:

Steady plodding brings prosperity; hasty speculation brings poverty. – Proverbs 21:5 TLB

“Steady plodding” is something I’ve been focused on lately. I think there is a lot we can take away from these two important words.

This scripture is most often looked at in its relationship to investing. God describes to us how we should prepare for the future. Investing shouldn’t be hasty, or with quick decisions. It’s not a get-rich-quick process. You must have consistent investments over time. But, I’ve gleaned more from this scripture than just a lesson in investing.


Steady, by definition, is unwavering, or firm in position. You don’t give up. You stay consistent in your approach unless God calls you to do something different. Your actions don’t bring short-term success, but there can certainly be little wins that encourage you along the way.


Plodding, by definition, is “slow and unexciting.” I’ve wanted things to move along in my own light speed timing which is perhaps a sign of distrusting God’s perfect timing. Plodding takes time. It’s work that takes place over time that involves wise decisions and is methodical. Perhaps it can be viewed as work that requires a long journey which leads to God’s desired end result.

Putting “Steady Plodding” to Work in Your Own Life

Comparing yourself to others no longer makes sense when you’re taking the “steady plodding” approach to life. Your goal is longer term and you realize short term bumps in the road, or even smaller wins, don’t mean much compared to the end result. The end result, of course, must always be focused on God’s will and purpose, and not ourselves.

Raising Children

I believe steady plodding can be applied to more than just investing, or the impatience I have had with my online business. What about taking this approach with raising children? I’ve learned as a young father that my kids aren’t always going to behave in the way I desire them to. But I do know that as I plant small seeds along the way (steady plodding), like teaching them good manners or the importance of giving, the end result is sure to be something pleasing to God.

Physical Fitness

Or, what about with physical fitness? God desires us to have healthy bodies which can serve him. You know as well as I do that working out a couple of times, or eating healthy a few days, isn’t going to get you in top shape. You have to be consistent at eating healthy, or exercise over a longer period of time – steady plodding leads to a healthier you down the road.

Proverbs 21:5 brings a lot of encouragement to me. This God-inspired wisdom helps me to continue to take daily steps towards God’s will for my life and not lose patience or compare myself to others. I know it’s not a guarantee of my personal desires or achieving certain things with my business. I’ll just have to leave that up to God in the end.

What about you? What do you think about these ideas of applying “steady plodding” to your own life? Leave a comment!

  1. Carrie Spencer

    Great article and God’s perfect timing! We are in that “steady plodding” season of our life with my husbands job. Laid off last year after 13 yrs with a company and we’re thankful for the PT work he has now but are faithfully waiting for God’s next step in his career, and what this season of trusting and waiting leads to. Thank you, great encouragement!

  2. Bill Giovannetti

    Thanks for this excellent reminder. As a guy looking toward retirement in the next decade, I wish I had incorporated steady plodding into my life a lot long ago. It’s never too late, however. Every young person needs to heed this financial wisdom. Great job. Thanks.

  3. Troy

    Out of all the blogs I read, I enjoy yours the most. I actually check them out and read it. This is pretty good. Maybe you should keep all these like this one and make a devotional.


  4. Sonya

    This is an excellent article and it came right on time. I’m in career transition right now and feeling really impatient. I’ve been researching different career avenues, but I haven’t been really successful with them. I’ve been watching other people progress and it seems like I’m at a stagnated season in my life. It can get very frustrating but I decided to trust God and follow His plan for my life. So this article was refreshing. Thank you!

  5. jim

    K – I’ve been steadily plodding with our kids for over 3 decades (with no apparent end in sight) and I’m tired – no – I mean I’m really, really, REALLY TIRED. But I know that you’re right and so we will continue on – plodding, steadily. Thanks for the reminder. I needed that

  6. J Poland

    Thanks for this article. Your writing brought God’s principle of “steady plodding” to life for me.
    Keep up the kingdom work!


  7. Evelyn

    Nice post. We live in a world where it is so hard not to compare. Every single commercial, ad, etc tells us we ought to be bigger, better and faster but it takes more self control not to yield to the worlds way. This is why starting each day with reverence for the Almighty is crucial as it sets a focal point for the rest of the day.

    Great post and I look forward to reading more.

  8. Joanne

    Thank you for sharing the Steady Plodding article. It caused me to stop & think about how we are sometimes in “hot pursuit” of the things of life when it would be more effective to have a “steady plodding” approach. I have gotten off track so many times by not waiting on God’s timing. We should be in “hot pursuit” of our relationship with God & everything else will come into alignment.

  9. Dane

    Awesome article! I am about to get married and i have been searching for ways to save for our new life together. I have a history of bad decisions and being very irresponsible with my finances. But thanks to the Grace of Jesus we learn and renew our minds and ways according to His will for us. Steady Plodding has given me new sight to managing and saving for our future.

    Thanks alot!

  10. Alex G.

    I am often reminded of this truth. For so many people it’s so easy to look at another persons finished product and begin to get discouraged in their own abilities and pursuits. We often fail to take into account the sacrifice that was made and the effort and many years it has often taken those individuals to produce the final product. When we put God’s purpose in hearts and our hands on the plow and remain faithful in his calling we will produce the fruit in our lives in abundance.