Top 20 Twitter Accounts For Personal Finance


I use twitter to keep up with a lot of great financial writers and blogs.  It’s just nice to scroll through the twitter feed and find articles that I might not have otherwise seen.  Since you can create lists in twitter, I’ve grouped a list of powerhouse twitter accounts that produce excellent articles about personal finance.  While I can’t guarantee that you’ll become a millionaire soon after following these financial gurus, I can say that you’ll gain some wisdom from their tweets and learn a lot from the articles they share.


The team at is always asking thought provoking questions and engages with their followers really well.


You can count on MoneyCrashers to share high quality articles each week from their blog.  They also have a live tweetchat on Fridays at 4PM EST using the tag #MCchat where you can win great prizes.


Get Rich Slowly is a well-established finance blog that shares excellent articles each week through twitter.  For great personal finance advice, join the tweetchats on Wednesdays at 8EST using the tag #moolah.


Perkstreet is one of the newest ways to bank online.  You actually get points for using your debit card, not a credit card.  Their blog is great too, and you can get updates, tips, and connect all via twitter.


Peter at Bible Money Matters is another great voice on twitter that keeps you connected with the latest financial happenings.  He’ll often share a few Bible verses about money which is always nice to catch.


The team at The Consumerist seems to work around the clock creating interesting financial articles each day.  You’ll never be short of a good read when you follow Consumerist on twitter.


Did you know there were more post offices than Walmarts, McDonalds, and Starbucks combined? You would have if you follow PlanetMoney.  Their tweets and articles are always thought provoking.


I love reading Money Magazine, but if you don’t get the subscription, you can always follow Money on twitter and get clued in on the most recent headlines.


Free Money Finance is one of the powerhouse blogs in the personal finance world.  The articles posted each day are really well thought out and keep the readers engaged.  Be sure to follow their tweets for the latest articles.


He’s just as funny and direct with his tweets as he is on the radio.  If you’re a Dave Ramsey fan, you should definitely follow his tweets!


Stanley is the author of The Millionaire Next Door and Stop Acting Rich.  I’m always intrigued when he tweets about an article because his writings are fascinating!


If you want to keep up with the latest financial news of the Wall Street Journal, follow SmartMoney.  They’re always posting good articles that cover relevant topics from investments to small business trends.


Forbes always has an interesting article about investing, business news, entrepreneurship and practical personal finance.  They must be doing something right with over 350,000 followers!


Philip Taylor of PTMoney is a great personal finance blogger that has been featured on Fox Business, CNBC, and MSN. He’s also launched a new podcast and shares a lot of great articles through twitter.


The community at WiseBread is always producing good articles and tweeting about them.  You can also win prizes in the #WBChat that happens on Thursdays at 3PM EST.


This is the official site of MSN Money.  If you want a wide variety of personal finance news, MSNMoney is a great resource to follow.


If you’re from Canada, you should definitely follow Canadian Finance on twitter.  Tom Drake does an excellent job putting financial issues in a format that is easy to understand.


The Simple Dollar uses twitter as a feed for the latest articles.  If you’re looking only for good personal finance articles, this feed will let you in on the best from The Simple Dollar blog.


This is the official twitter feed of Crown Financial Ministries.  They’re a great account to follow because of the interaction they promote among followers.


Of course, we hope that you’re following ChristianPF on twitter too!

Are you on twitter?  What financial resources do you follow?  Add your suggestions in the comments!

Photo by Rosaura Ochoa

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  1. Walter C Rudolph

    I follow @Paths2Benefits. They always post some great finance articles and info about resources in Philadelphia. They actually helped my sister clear some things on her credit report through their counseling services. Can’t say enough good things about them!

  2. Lee Holcomb

    Thanks for the @CrownUpdates mention Tim, we really do appreciate it!

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    Follow @bucktrak for updates and info on using an online budgeting tool…

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    I must mention @extremejacob and myself @bluesauger

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    Thanks for mentioning @CanadianFinance Tim!

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    @victorybydesign sends out some interesting articles as well on a variety of personal finance topics

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