Trying To Save Money? Negotiate Your Bills!


Have you ever negotiated with your service providers?  How much were you able to save?

I want to get you some results quickly, so you can see that the strategies in this course work – and that it is VERY realistic to save $500/month. 

So today, I want you to do one of two things:

1. Either call around to everyone you pay a monthly bill to and try to negotiate a better deal. Call your cable, internet, cell phone, gym, security system, utility companies and negotiate to get yourself a better rate.  

My mom was thrilled to tell me that this simple exercise saved her $75/month off her cable bill while getting MORE channels. 


2. Use the FREE Billcutterz service to negotiate all your bills for you.

Wait, did you just say they would negotiate all my bills for free?

Yes, I did.  I tried them out myself, and even AFTER I had done my own negotiating with the companies, they still saved me and additional $30/month!

 If I (the nerdy guy who prides himself on saving money) still saved $30 a month with them, then surely you should be able to save at least that much. And some of you reading this will save over $200/month by using them.

So how does it work?



It is incredibly easy. All you do is send them your bills and they call your providers and negotiate better rates on your behalf.

After they negotiate better deals/rates for you, you then split the savings with them.

From their website, “We split any savings we obtain with you. This means if we save you $100, you get $50 and we get $50. If we don’t save you any money, there is no charge to you – ever.”

Pretty cool, huh?

Find out more about their service here.

Like I said, I have tried them out myself, referred thousands of ChristianPF readers to them, and have really enjoyed working with them.

Also, I have had quite a few readers asking about how you pay them, and according to Billcutterz:

1.) They can choose to pay in full which would mean if we saved them $100/m for a year they would pay us $600 one time.

2.) The other option is that they can choose to pay us monthly, which would mean they would pay us $50 each month for 12 months.

They can either pay by check, or pay securely on our website. Whichever is most convenient for the customer. 

How have you done negotiating your bills?

  1. Aaron

    This is really an interesting concept – having a 3rd party negotiate on your behalf. Often times – we get too emotional or are swayed by the rep on the other line when negotiating. It might be good to try this service to see what they might be able to do on your behalf. The plus is they’d be motivated to do as much as possible because there is money on the line for them.

  2. Courtney

    I think it is a great concept- but if you are really trying to save money- do it yourself…then it is all your savings- no split required! If it is worth it to you then you will find the time to negotiate with the company and if that is not your strength, ask your spouse or friend..using the company would be the last option… But again- my suggestion.TRY IT may surprised at how easy it is.

  3. We tried to negotiate with AT&T Uverse for our phone, TV and Internet last April, but they wouldn’t budge. We had a sweet deal for the first year of our contract, but then over the next year and a half or so the price nearly doubled. We got offers from other companies as well and tried to use it as leverage but it didn’t work.

    So, we canceled our phone and TV, and just kept AT&T for Internet. Then we got MagicJack Plus for home phone (using VOIP), saving us $500 a year in phone costs. We went without cable TV for four months, then decided to get DirecTV right before the Olympics started.

    • Bob

      That is odd, I though my mom was using AT&T – not sure. But I second the Magicjack, I have been using that for years and it has saved me a ton on long-distance calls.

  4. Danielle

    Thank you for this article. We will give them a try for sure!

  5. JP

    Bob – Thanks for your post. If Mint can do it why can’t someone else!

    I’ve always thought this was a great idea. I was looking for a provider. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Have you personally used Bill Cutterz? I’m concerned about the privacy issues.

    • Bob

      I haven’t tried them myself, as long as my SSN wasn’t on my bill, I wouldn’t be worried about the privacy side of things. By sending them your bills, they won’t have access to anything that can’t be found doing a Google search – but that’s just me.

  6. Josh

    I love to hear stories of successful negotiations like this! There are a ton of areas that you can reduce your bills on your own, but sometimes the help of a professional company can prove very valuable.

    While I do not know anything about the company mentioned in the post, there are tons of areas to reduce your monthly bills. The question is whether or not they will do better at it than you would on your own. My stance remains that I will always try to handle the negotiations on my own. If my efforts prove to be entirely unsuccessful, I can at that point allow someone with more experience to help me!

  7. Jordan

    Has anyone here tried BillCutterz yet? I went through the process of forwarding them my bills from last month and they contacted me back. In order for them to do anything, you have to make them an “account manager” with each of your services. So, for example, to work with Verizon I will need to make my “savings specialist” an account manger then give her my 4-digit passcode in order for her to call Verizon and negotiate.

    Just wondering if anyone has experience and to make sure it is a safe service to use.

  8. Constance Reeder

    This really does work. Earlier on in our marriage, before lots of kids :), I used to check around for better insurance rates. I was able to save quite a bit of money monthly – I’ve forgotten the benefits of doing this as life has gotten busier with homeschooling and college. This article has been a good reminder to check out the bills, especially with all the gadgets we pay for monthly now. Thank you for the great advice!

  9. Jon @ MoneySmartGuides

    This is interesting. I’ve never heard of this site before but might check it out. I recently found out that Comcast is no longer “rolling over” customers to continue promotions over and over like before. No matter who I talk to, no one budges. They saw to call back in a few months so that I can get a “new” promotion. I wonder if this site could break down the wall Comcast has put up.

  10. Vanessa

    I tried BillCutterz and LOVE them! I sent in my AT&T cell phone bill first since it is almost $280 for four phone lines with data and texting. They saved me almost $100 a month because they got AT&T to give me free data and texting for six months on 3 of the lines. I sent in my electric and internet bills and they saved me money on those also. I saved about $50 a month on electric and about $20 on internet. It’s really worth it to have experts negotiate since they know what they are doing.

  11. Jesse Frei

    I’ve been working with the past few days, the lady on the other line is very professional and really wants to save you money. I had a long chat with her and it sounds a little like they are able to leverage the volume of accounts they manage to get better rates. Plus, she said sometimes they find one off deals where a company is doing a particular promotion for a few months and they are able to get the rate lowered for that small period of time. I don’t really have the time to threaten my internet provider with leaving every 6 mos. so it’s worth it for me. They’ll manage your account forever if you’ll let them. The idea is really impressive, I only wish I had thought of it first.

  12. Ashley

    I tried BillCutterz after seeing them here on Christian PF and I’m so glad I did because they saved me so much money. I tried calling myself but was unable to get anything. I think BillCutterz saved me a total of $180 a month on my cell phone, cable and internet bills.