10 Valentine’s Day Ideas from Pinterest

valentine ideas

I’m a little Valentine’s crazy. It may be my favorite holiday. It’s just so festive and fun and girly! Growing up, I always had a Valentine—my mom. And she always made sure to make all her kids feel special and loved. She still gets us gifts to this day!

So, if you’re like me, and you just love celebrating, here are some fun ways to celebrate. You can also check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration!

valentine ideas

For your home:

  1. Make heart ice cubes! They’ll turn the milk pink when they melt!
  2. Ombre balloons!
  3. This sweet heart garland is a perfect little addition to any room and can make a party extra festive!

For Your Kids:

  1. A fun little project for the kiddos! Great for parents, grandparents, friends, or school!
  2. Write them a Valentine everyday! Just a sweet note to love on and encourage.

For Dudes:

  1. I guy can never have too many hoodies.
  2. Work Gloves. This necessity can also be a luxury.

For You:

  1. Sweet little earrings. They also come in pink!
  2. I’ve been planning outfits for a few weeks now. 😉 I told you I love Valentine’s!
  3. Some sweet little heels to make you really feel pretty.


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  1. My daughter just gave me a Valentine card, she made hearts and put a sweet message on it. I’m planning to give her a cupcake with a picture of her on the top.