Virtual Bank account

Thinking about opening a Virtual Bank account?

I decided to open a Virtual Bank savings account. They gave me $20 for opening it, so I figured I don’t have much to lose. I have always been an ING Direct customer, but I am trying to keep an eye out for other up and coming great online banks, so I decided to check out Virtual Bank.

ING Direct and Virtual Bank Features

virtual bankRates are current as of the writing of this article, please visit the website for up-to-date rates.

ING Direct Virtual Bank
Minimum Balance $0 $100
Minimum to open $1 * $100
Interest Rate 3.4% 3.0% – 4.0%
Monthly Fees No No
FDIC Insured Yes Yes

*$250 to get the $25 referral bonus

Virtual Bank security

As far as security goes, Virtual Bank really does a good job of keeping the bad guys out. They have quite a few security measure in place.

The VB user Interface

As you can see in the picture below, the interface is fairly simple and laid out nicely…

Virtual Bank interface

Virtual Bank interface

The $20 Virtual Bank referral bonus

One of the cool things about Virtual Bank is that they offer a $20 bonus for referrals. The referrer and the referree both make $20. Not a bad deal at all… Oh and of course it is FDIC insured, so you don’t have to worry about that! If you are interested in opening a Virtual Bank Savings account make sure you contact me so you can get the referral bonus cash!!

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Also, if you are a current Virtual Bank user I would love to hear your opinion on them as well…


  1. Pat Stevenson

    I just checked VirtualBank’s website and the $20 is for referral if a friend opens an eMoney Market Account. I was looking at their eCDs but didn’t see where they would qualify for the $20.

  2. John, it is just a referral program – if I send a referral email to a new customer and they sign up they/I both get $20 – if you are unsure about it check it out for yourself on the virtual bank website

  3. Hey Bob, can I verify online services using this ike paypal…?

  4. DO NOT BANK WITH THIS BANK – DO NOT DO NOT. SEE THE RAW VIRTUAL BANK HQ IN FLORIDA BEING SERVED. Unless, of course, you support such fraudalent banking systems. here’s the link for the video.