What Do I Want For Christmas?

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what I you want for christmasI don’t know if I am the only one who has this problem (Linda definitely doesn’t), but most years when November rolls around people start asking me what I want for Christmas and I normally don’t have much of an answer. Β Believe me, it isn’t because I have fully mastered the art of being content, but more that I just forget about the things that I want. πŸ˜‰

We have tallied up what everyone wants for Christmas and you can see the top Christmas gift ideas for 2011 by clicking here!

I really need some gift ideas too!

As difficult a time I often have coming up with ideas of stuff to put on my own Christmas list, I also often need some inspiration when picking out gifts for others.

So where am I going with all this?

Well, here is my idea. What if you commented below with some gift ideas you have for this year, then I can take all of the comments and create a new article that can kind of be an inspiration guide for people like myself who need some ideas!


Tell us what you want for Christmas in the comments and you may just win it!

You can write things like 5-carat diamond earrings or a new BMW, but you probably won’t win (this year anyway). So just write some slightly more modest gift ideas that you have on your wishlist!

  • Definitely leave multiple gift ideas if you have them, the goal is for us to all help each other out!
  • I will pick a couple winners on 11/14 and will have a post of gift ideas to follow shortly after for us all to use.
Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway, but we have selected winners!
Congrats to Courtney M, Tasha, and Cathy M!!

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  1. Stevie

    I think one of those new Amazon kindles would be lovely. Even the ad supported ones. The new lending library is exciting. Being able to check out books from the library is very nice.

  2. Tawni Millet

    I would love to have:
    1. Ipad2 (to use in therapy with my clients)
    2. A red Kitchenaid Stand Mixer
    3. A set of stainless steel pots & pans
    4. Gift card to Nordstrom or Macy’s

    Thank you:) ~ Tawni

  3. AliceQ

    I would like a poster of the 10 Commandments that is nice enough to hang in my home to serve as a steady reminder.

    • Courtney Mainka

      I can send you one- we have a few that are nice and laminated- that you could frame if you woudl like- if you would like to reach me. I can give you my email or something. I love giving gifts…Courtney

    • Em

      That’s awesome Courtney!!

    • Trish @ Finances With Funk

      Alice if you have a family. It’s not the 10 commandments but it is a HOUSE RULES so to speak that I love.


      One of my great friends from elementary school designed it.

      He sells them on Etsy. His business is Alexander Creative. Look him up. I have one and LOVE it. I get comments on it every time someone new comes in our house.

  4. DP

    Love the idea of generating good gift ideas for each other! Here’s what I came up with off the top of my head:

    1) Kindle touch
    2) Basketball/ cross training shoes
    3) Gift card for Bob Evans – my oldest son and I go about every 2-3 wks for a breakfast together

  5. Tristan

    Here it goes, Bob! πŸ˜‰
    -Stillen Gen2 Cat-Back exhaust system for my G35 ($1004.60): http://www.stillen.com/product.asp?id=STISSEXH11&c=PE&year=2006&make=INFINITI&model=G35%204DR

    -Akebono Big Brake Kit for my G35 ($1839.95): http://www.conceptzperformance.com/Cart/description.php?II=3303&Car_Type=G35&UID=20100716092252156.45.254.11

    -Motordyne G35/M35 Copper Iso Thermal plenum spacer ($295): http://www.motordyneengineering.com/index.php?cPath=1_5&osCsid=31a24398a79481ea063d03c59114f2b1

    -Motordyne G35/M35 MREV 2 Manifold TM ($485) (on the same page as the item above): http://www.motordyneengineering.com/index.php?cPath=1_5&osCsid=31a24398a79481ea063d03c59114f2b1

    Okay, okay…here are some more practical items πŸ™‚

    -Arcan Quick Lift Professional Service Jack ($149.99): http://www.amazon.com/Arcan-Quick-Lift-Professional-Service/dp/B000Y9YGX4/ref=wl_it_dp_o_npd?ie=UTF8&coliid=I21WIZUGNOVY2D&colid=29HUDSI7PJ6HC

    -Torin T43002 3-Ton Jack Stands ($27.27): http://www.amazon.com/Torin-T43002-Jack-Stands-Pairs/dp/B000CO86BY/ref=wl_it_dp_o_npd?ie=UTF8&coliid=I4JN7B3BLQ4MN&colid=29HUDSI7PJ6HC

    -Elixir Mandolin Strings ($11.69): http://www.amazon.com/Elixir-Strings-Mandolin-Acoustic-NANOWEB/dp/B0002E1NWS/ref=wl_it_dp_o_npd?ie=UTF8&coliid=I26570NVSQUJJB&colid=A8SVR0U6NUU

    Those are just a few ideas I took from a couple of my Amazon wish lists. To all who haven’t created an Amazon wish list, I highly recommend you set one up. It’s easy and fun, and it makes it simple for those who are shopping for you!

  6. Jessie

    You’re right, it can be hard to think things up on the spot! I’m coming up with…
    a snowblower! (I’m sure we will need it this winter!)
    a knee-length wool coat
    books…you can never go wrong with books, right?

  7. Katy

    I would like…
    1. Toms shoes so I could give to give to someone else and have new shoes.
    2. Samsung Galaxy Tablet so I can give it to my husband for his birthday/Christmas present
    3. Thomas the Train set for my son
    4. Money to pay down our debt

  8. Holly

    I would love a sewing machine this year!

  9. Candace

    A new heater for my house. It’s COLD here! πŸ™‚

  10. Amy H

    I mostly just want some nice kitchen knives! My husband promised me new shoes for my birthday, but I hate shoe shopping. It’s been 3 months… I’m shooting for getting them by Christmas. :o)

  11. Anil George

    I would like a Samsung Galaxy S-2 as a gift for my wife, and a few Wii games for my 3 boys aged 14, 8 and 6

  12. blessedta

    A new house and car with lots of money to spare.

  13. Rose

    Y’all are so cute. πŸ™‚ I just love Linda. Great giveaway!

    Ok, my wishes…
    1. A good rice cooker!
    2. An iPad
    3. A gift ($) for my Compassion child
    4. The Dave Ramsey FPU kit
    5. Chuck Season 4 on DVD

  14. Morp

    My family asks me what I want every year, and every year I tell them the same thing. I really don’t want anything. It’s true, I’m happy with what I have and I certainly don’t need more stuff when there is so much need in the world. The only problem is they don’t listen to me and always end up getting me too many things. Not that I don’t appreciate it.

    Anyway, after reading your post I thought that I could ask them to donate money instead of buying me gifts. Then they could still buy me something I want and it would help others. Plus I wouldn’t end up with more stuff in my house. `

    So, what’s my request this Christmas? A $50 donation to Blood Water Mission (http://www.bloodwatermission.com/). They work to bring clean drinking water to those in need as well as AIDS support. A great charity!

  15. Sustainable PF

    Samsung Galaxy Tablet as Mrs. SPFs netbook is on its last legs. Er, knobs. Er, CPU.

  16. Maggie

    Things that I would want for Christmas:

    1) Crock pot
    2) This awesome toaster/griddle combo: http://www.amazon.com/Nostalgia-Electrics-BTG-100BLK-Flip-Down-Breakfast/dp/B005QSI4E0?tag=gmgamzn-20
    3) A Gorillapod tripod
    4) A Kindle or iPod. (Because I wouldn’t want to buy it for myself, but they’re awesome looking)

  17. Kyria

    One thing I will ask for is a donation to one of my favorite charities or missionaries. I started to say “in my name” but really, not even that. Just a donation.
    I’m not completely altruistic! I also want a Silhouette Cameo (expensive craft toy) and a new laptop. Mine’s shot. Or I’m about to shoot it. πŸ˜‰
    Books are always a winner.
    Gift cards to bookstores, clothing stores, craft stores, restaurants are great, too.

  18. Sherita

    A bathroom added on my house. I am a single mom of two trying to make things happen.

  19. Sherita

    A bathroom added on my house. I am a single mother of two.

    • Sherita

      Praise God!

  20. Alison

    I would like to win a fuel efficient vehicle that holds a dog and 7 humans, 5 of them are still growing, (will the dog drive?), a cow for milk because we average about 16 litres of milk a week, some thousands of dollars of cash to put toward debt. The best present I would like is…. oh wait I already have it, a friendship with Jesus Christ, our Emmanuel, God with us.

  21. Mike D.

    Zig Ziglar’s “Christian Motivation for Daily Living” seminar on CD. The Rocky Box set on Blu-Ray (awesome movies, why had I never seen them until earlier this year). Some video games, some books, and some more seminars on CD.

    A gift idea for the right person is a nice moleskine notebook and a nice pen to start a journal. I started a journal earlier this year and I’ve enjoyed it. I wish I started sooner.

  22. Stacey

    I would love to have:

    1. Cuisinart EM-100 Espresso Machine

    2. A One year subscription to Blue Host Web Hosting with the 1 year Unlimited Web Template Subscription through Dream Template

  23. Sarah

    A new pair of Dankso professional clogs with a fun print! I am constantly walking at work, so a practical pair of shoes is something that I would use on a regular basis.

    I am also getting ready to finish graduate school and will have time to read β€œfun” books, so a Kindle would be a fun new piece of technology to use.

    I think the final thing would be a Chick-fil-A gift card because this is where my husband and I have our regular Saturday morning date.

  24. Weeze

    Hi Bob, This is a great idea. We love to garden and have planted native trees, shrubs and perennials that attract wildlife. We use steel dog dishes for winter water bowls, and dag nab it my pruning shears are really dull. Bird feeders and summer water dishes are always appreciated. Oh, and maybe hand cream for gardeners is a bonus.

  25. Dyllan sampson

    This was harder than I thought. I would have to say I would like some nice Red dishes service !for 8 and a nice set of pans really like the emiril pans. Would also like some glass ware for the kitchen with the red tones to tye in with everything else, oh and a stereo for my living room that has cd player and all. And I always like gift cards too like to pier imports…. So there are my wants…merry christmas

  26. Debbi

    I would like one of those electronic readers that also has wifi on it.
    Thanks for asking.

  27. Tami Knopping

    It is hard for me to see all these “things” that people “want” when I have so many needs – gift-giving is not an option for me and has been difficult for the last few years due to financial difficulties. I would love to have a hair-cut or a new pair of shoes so my feet don’t hurt. Gift cards are always so appreciated because then I can get what I need: Cost Cutters, Famous Footwear, Home Depot (for home repairs), etc. Maybe in the future Christmas will be enjoyable for me but presently it isn’t . . .

  28. Marit

    My wishlist:
    1. IPad 2
    2. My bathroom and garage remodel to be finished (both are at a standstill right now. πŸ™
    3. Wii and DS games for kids
    4. Bike for 6yr old son
    5. Phone with QWERTY and a watch for daughters
    6. Giftcards

    Thank you!

  29. Kristi Allen

    Well I would like to get a gift card for e-bay because my son just came home for convalescent leave from Ft. Bliss (His arm was crushed by an armored vehicle in Iraq) and discovered that his video game collection was stolen from my home. He had left his video games, movies, game consoles (Super Nintendo, Gamecube, Sega Genesis, etc.) at my home, alongwith his other personal and Army belongings before he left for Iraq-and somehow someone came in my home and that storage tub with all those belongings was stolen. He is so discouraged-he has had 6 surgeries on his arm-fortunately, still has his arm, but I would love to use a gift card from ebay to help restore his collection-some of the games were ‘old’ so not available in retail stores. Thank you! And Merry Christmas!

  30. Violet

    Since my dad passed away six years ago from pancreatic cancer, my 72-year old mother has developed some serious health issues, . Having been a caretaker for elderly grandparents all my life, Mom put her own health concerns on the backburner until now. Not only a diabetic, but losing blood as well, she was just diagnosed with a malignant mass on her breast. My mother’s always been a giver, so I’d like her to get something back to help her quality of life. Would it be too much to ask for a monthly cleaning service to do carpenting, floors, dusting, minor fixes around her place?

  31. Bree Eddy

    I would like a few gift cards for:
    a manicure/pedicure
    a hot stone massage
    Barnes & Noble books

  32. Elizabeth P.

    1. iPhone 4S (still have the very first generation iPhone)
    2. iPad2 (I write freelance articles in addition to working full-time to support our household and my laptop is 10 years old and only sometimes turns on)
    3. VACATION! (either airfare or accommodations…can’t remember my last trip)
    4. Record Player (my mom passed away recently and we have always shared a love of old music. I recently found her records in our attic and would love to be able to listen to them)
    5. Visa Gift Card (Trying to find a new job and need new clothes)

  33. Debbi

    I also have leather garden gloves on my list.
    A new pole pruner would be nice or better yet one of those mini chainsaws on a pole pruner. That would be awesome.
    Itunes gift card
    Book gift card
    That’s pretty much my entire list.

  34. Tracy Jeffries

    A personal financial coach. πŸ™‚

  35. Kaye

    I go through this every year so this year I’ve already made a list:
    Kindle 3G
    Crock pot with warmer setting
    Cross training shoes
    Outdoor Hands hand cream

  36. Monica

    It’s always hard for me to think of gifts too but I guess what I would want most this year is just a mini-vacation for me and my husband. I have always loved to travel, anywhere and anytime! Before I lost my job last year, we would try to get away somewhere, even if it was just for the weekend(which it usually was), every couple of months or so. I think one of the greatest gifts is just spending time with family and loved ones. I would rather have this than any “material” gift that I could think of.

  37. Brenda

    I’m a simple gal that usual doesn’t get gifts! We usually just get our son a couple of things and are grateful to be together for Christmas! But if someone were to get me anything I would say “Home Alone” the movie, I love Christmas movies! Also, I had to throw away my winter boots last year because they fell apart, boo hoo! I really want a pair of winter Muck Boots, it gets super cold in Montana and I don’t look forward to wearing my tennis shoes this winter.
    What a great idea!!

  38. ShootingStarsMag

    I really want seasons of shows on DVD, like the latest Big Bang Theory (season four I think) and Psych (season five of that, I believe…)

    I love to read so books or gift cards to those type of places. Amazon gift cards/codes are always amazing.

    Baking supplies, because I want to try and do more. These woud be things like icing bags, icing tips, basic cake decorating things.

    A gift card to The Melting Pot! OMG, I love it. Fondue is great.

  39. Lisa
  40. Rhondell

    For Christmas I’d like:

    – a microwave
    – a set of cookware
    – a comforter set (queen size)
    – a gift card to Home Depot/Lowe’s to finally complete my home painting project.

  41. Connie

    A house
    gift certificates for: amazon.com
    an apple laptop
    an ipod

  42. Molly Escue

    I would really love to have a smartboard for use in my classroom. I am a high school chemistry teacher in rural Tennessee. Personally, I would love to have an ipad.

  43. RebeccaL

    Here’s a couple things on my wish list:
    1. Epiphanie Bag – it’s a purse but made with inserts especially to hold a large DSLR camera with accessories.
    2. Rolling duffle bag – boring but mine is toast so I need a new one.
    3. Wii + games, especially Toy Story Midway Mania.
    4. Annual pass to Disneyland

  44. Susan

    This gift is not for me actually, it’s for my daughter. She wants to become a songwriter (She’s very talented and God has really blessed her in that area) and I would get a Roland Juno Gi keyboard for her if I could afford it. There is a particular Music Business college she would like to get into and she needs to produce demos to send in to be considered. Having her own “recording studio” would help her realize her dreams!

  45. Alvin Moore

    I like the moleskine notebook and pen idea.

    I think I would like a decent used table saw, and maybe a shed to put it in.
    I also like crafty/repurposing things, so I am always wanting to buy gifts that people can use, that meet a felt need in their lives. Like a cool flashlight for someone who has been wanting one but not sure which one to get, or a little piece of utility software that solves a particular problem someone has been having.
    Those online gift list things are great ideas, I will have to check out the one at Amazon.

  46. David

    A Kindle $79
    A Kindle Touch $99
    A Kindle Fire $199
    A Sansa Fuze+ $47 (4gb Red)
    An External Hard Drive $89
    A Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver (4th Generation) $46
    Alarm clock on wheels $35
    Some Cologne
    Gift cards everyone loves giftcard
    Apple And Potato Peeler $20
    Jbud Headphones $10
    New Shoes
    Turtle Neck Sweater
    A Box of chocolate or tea
    A new guitar
    A Fish
    A 16 gb Sansa Flash Drive $15
    A New Wireless Mouse $20
    A new Bible

  47. Angie

    Quite honestly, I would just love to have the ability to purchase gifts for my 3 children. There is truly absolutely nothing I need (or want!) except to see their faces lit with joy on Christmas morning.
    If I had to choose something for myself…I have been craving a few new books, so a gift card from Amazon.com would be great.
    Thanks so much for the chance!

  48. Katie T.

    Thank you, for your generosity!

    Volunteer time and/or $500 donation to Junior Achievement (K-12 programs, Work Readiness, Entrepreneurship & Financial Literacy, http://www.ja.org) would be greatly appreciated. I manage a local office in California’s central valley.

    Lastly… a mini Kuerig single-cup coffee maker for my office.

    Thanks, again, and God bless!

  49. Kiesha

    This is our first year in our new home, and my husband and I have been growing the most beautiful plants and lemon trees all summer. By this time we’d hoped to have a green house by now, to keep our garden safe in the winter. We we’ve worked so hard, we don’t want to see our efforts go to waste, so that’s what I want for Christmas: the materials to make an inexpensive greenhouse.

  50. j webster

    Hmmm, I have the same problem of coming up with ideas for family, so I started a Wish-List that we share on Google Docs so that we can update throughout the year when we think of something and can refer to it for birthdays as well.

    My wish list
    – Sonicare toothbrush set (ours died and would be helpful now that our dental ins. has run out)
    – iPad (for my business) and Kindle Fire (for my wife)
    – a 7.1 stereo receiver
    – outdoor speakers for my patio

    This was a wish list right. I don’t expect any of those except for probably the toothbrush, but it’s nice to dream.

  51. Joycelyn

    1) for my kids to have a good christmas. 3 and 12 yr old boys. ITs been a hard year.
    2) something nice for my sister and my mother for all they do for me.
    3) Happiness and health.
    4) to be debt free would be nice. working hard to get there.

  52. Keith

    I would like a box of Bibles (English and/or Spanish) to give out to people – especially children.

  53. Marianne

    We live in an old Victorian house and there is no room for a dishwasher, so I would like a countertop dishwasher.
    This is fun… like when we were little and got the mail order catalog and sat for hours wishing!

    • debbie

      I remember when we used to circle what we wanted in a Sears catalogue- and my mom and dad would try so hard to please us. Life is so much harder today- too many other things come in front of presents.. It is nice to wish isn’t it?

  54. John Dey

    I would like one of these clearspot devices on this link. I need this in order to be able to work my second online job more hours, while still being able to be with my family nights and weekends. So I really want it for them, and for fulfilling God’s will that I provide for my family. Thank you for considering it.


  55. Dee

    Gift ideas:

    1. spool holder for lots of spools of thread
    2. book: Home Comforts
    3. book: Laundry
    4. book: Nourishing Traditions
    5. bowl, bag of unpopped popcorn, box of hot tamales (popcorn and hot tamales are excellent together!), and the movie Courageous if it’s out by then or another great movie if it isn’t
    6. a game for 5+ players like Wise and Otherwise (we already have that one, but it’s an idea for you)
    7. For grandparents you can get the grandkids to play several songs together and record them. Voila! A personal, autographed CD. :o)

  56. Carol

    1) smart phone and paid annual plan for my dear friend who is a student in PR studying to be a Dr of Optometry – he only has prepaid and it costs him too much
    2) Macbook Pro for me to do more web design work
    3) A paid RX for my friends ADHD medications (he needs this to study)
    4) Gift cards for him too at Walmart so he does not go without food in order to pay his tuition…

  57. Em W

    The sequel to Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice that is supposed to be published in the US on Dec 6th. I don’t even know what it will be titled, but P&P is my favorite book of all time and I am so excited to read this new addition, even though it’s written by someone else! πŸ™‚

    The only other thing on my list this year is a Kindle Fire, of course!

  58. Miranda Wilkes

    My Christmas List:
    *Clarisonic Miaβ„’ Skin Cleansing System with Boscia, Dr. Brandt, Dr. Dennis Gross & Peter Thomas Roth – Berry (at Sephora)
    *Brighton earrings(Kalpana French Wire and Margarita Cross french wire)
    *Brighton Venus ring in blue size 7
    *Sephora Deluxe Fragrance Sampler For Her
    *Sephora Collection Moonshadow baked palette-in the nude
    *Fresh sugar plum glam and go(at Sephora)
    * I pod touch or other mp3 player with touchscreen
    *Gap jeans and sweaters

    I know, I don’t want for much, but I like for my husband to have options so I don’t know exactly what I will get! Even as an adult I still like the element of surprise!

  59. Bridgette H

    ~I would like an all inclusive trip for myself and my daughter to somewhere nice as she graduates college in Dec.
    ~I would like free Internet service for a year
    ~I would like to bless a jobless friend with a Visa gift card to get their son Christmas gifts
    ~I would like some health insurance
    ~I would like to pay off my daughters car for her graduation
    ~a Mac book

  60. Boomer

    These are gifts for others that can be given for little or no cost.

    1. Pictures of special people and family (grandparents, great grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncle, aunts, cousins, friends, classmates,list goes on)
    2. Free Day – Take the day off from work or busy schedule and spend it with someone special.
    3. Free Car cleaning.
    4. Parents night out – watch children for them.
    5. Help someone with their spring cleaning or winterizing (clean windows, rake leaves, cut wood etc.)
    6. When you separate your flower blubs, give extras to others as a gift.
    7. Always smile and give a good word.

    A Gift is not a gift till it is given away!!!!!!

    • debbie

      I like that- it makes life for others a little bit easier doesn’t it?

  61. Julie

    Love that combo toaster/griddle idea!
    I’d also like a decent set of speakers for my computer at work and either clothes (I’m lucky to have family with great taste) or a gift certificate to buy my own clothes. Finally, a gift certificate toward a purchase of artwork to hang in my office (can you tell I just got a new job with my own office?!?!).
    This will be our third credit-free Christmas and that is a blessing in and of itself. By January or February we expect to be debt-free except for our mortgage and anything I don’t get that pays down our debt faster will be gift enough! I feel like I should get Dave Ramsey a gift!

  62. Stacy

    I want to be able to get a Wii for my daughter for Christmas. I only want her to be happy. My husband just lost his job and we are able to pay the bills but not able to provide for Christmas. Thank You

  63. Samantha

    I would like a Kindle or a Kindle fire, but am just as fond of actual paper books. I would also like a day trip to a spa or something like that I could give to my mother. She’s the single mother of three girls and is helping my sister raise her son as well.

  64. Frisbee Girl

    Some things that I have received in the past that I have really enjoyed are:

    short sleeved sweater/shirt
    comic books (Mutts, Baby Blues, Calvin and Hobbes, etc.)
    cozy pajamas (a pair of slippers would go along nicely with that)
    shower gel and perfume from Bath and Body Works
    journals and nicer pen
    craft kits (color-by-number, latch hook, engraving art, etc.)
    dolls (when I was much younger πŸ™‚
    a pet (dogs are the best, but I loved my hamster too)
    one year my sister printed out a symmetrical design and colored it for me in the colors of my room and put it in a frame
    basket with gifts-in-a-jar

    an idea for grandparents that don’t have a computer: a Presto email printer

    My wish list this year:

    exercise clothes
    mp3 player
    Sony a55 camera

  65. Courtney Mainka

    Well it is always hard to list for me- but I would get my husband, if I could afford it.. a
    Tablet or Ipad or laptop for seminary school (funny but I think he is the only student in his class without one- but he is content (i love him)- I would love to see it be easier for him- but like I said he would be fine with the pencil and paper still.
    For me- you know- I do not need anything- so I will list just for my hubby (his name is Steve)
    you know I also think gift cards to grocery stores or gas are always pratical- helps families out or groupons (that way it costs less for the buyer and helps them out too!)

  66. Raquel Cohen

    Such an amazing idea and fun giveaway!!

    My List:
    1. Amazon Fire
    2. IPhone 4S
    3. Food processor
    4. Stand Mixer
    5. Banana Republic Giftcard

  67. kristy

    The top items on my wishlist this year:
    1. Cheese-making supplies (making cheese is fun!)
    2. An electric water kettle with multiple temperature settings
    3. Knitting supplies (tried it once, had a lot of fun, would like to try again but have no needles or yarn)

  68. JC

    It seems weird to put out a list of things we “Want” to the readers of this blog. It’s interesting to read a lot of these comments… I see a lot of electronics out there…

    I’ve been puzzling over what to do to earn more money and I think my creative juices are flowing.
    -A router
    -A Good powered circular saw
    -Wood burner
    -paracord 550 (1000 foot spools of black and of brown would go a long way)
    -Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership

  69. Ellen

    With a new baby granddaughter in the family, I’d like to be able to spend some time with her & her brother. I live in Michigan, they live in Houston.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  70. Stacy Makes Cents

    It’s always good to give personalized gifts – totes, lunch boxes, etc. People love things with their names on them.:-)

  71. Nora

    My “wish” list consits of:

    1. a new crockpot
    2. a new pair of tennis shoes
    3. new cookie sheets

    It’s crazy how your wishlists turn from “wants” to “needs” when you have precious children!! Merry Christmas to everyone! And thanks for this, I always have trouble thinking of ideas for my in-laws, grandparents, etc!

  72. Melissa

    On my wish list this year…
    -electronic rain gauge
    -wireless weather station (temp, barometric pressure, humidity)
    -king size electric blanket
    -cordless battery operated drill set
    -pair of slippers
    -new coaster set for beverages
    -paper shredder

  73. Lee

    On my wishlist would be a gift card to Longhorn Steakhouse for my husband and I to go out for a steak dinner, and cinema tickets to go the movies. We rarely do date night because of finances…and it’s long overdue! Thanks.

  74. Lara

    My Wish List:
    Amazon Gift Card

    I have had great luck with finding great deals on unique and personal gift items on Etsy.com. I buy discount vouchers on Heartsy.me which are good for shops through Etsy.com.

  75. Chi Chi

    Hey there! What a gerat giveaway!

    1. Would love for you to donate to cure lupus. My mom suffers from this disease, you can read my personal story here: http://donate.lupus.org/site/TR/Walk/General?px=2108183&pg=personal&fr_id=1405

    2. I think I nice gift certificate to Target would help this Christmas season. I could pick up some inexpensive Toys for Tots and a few groceries for our Christmas dinner.

    3. A gift certificate to Amazon.com. I read A LOT OF BOOKS that I donate and pass along to friends. I have found some great deals as of late on books that I am normally too frugal to purchase elsewhere.