Watch Charlie Brown Christmas Online (For Free)

A Charlie Brown Christmas Online

Linda and I were just talking about A Charlie Brown Christmas and how it brings back fond Christmas memories for both of us. It is one of those American classics that should be required watching (in my opinion) 😉 So we just had a conversation about how we wanted to buy it from Amazon so we could watch it before Christmas.

I started looking for it, followed a rabbit-trail and discovered that it is one of those free movies online that you can watch legally. In fact there are actually dozens of Christmas films that you can watch after Charlie Brown. Just head over to to find it and plenty of other Christmas movies to keep you busy until Santa comes…


  1. I love the Charlie Brown Christmas! It has such a great message. Thanks for posting this; we were also wanting to watch it again this year – now we can for free :)

  2. This is awesome, thank you for sharing. :)

  3. The link has expired