10-Day Give – FAQ

I wanted to answer a few common questions about the 10 Day GiveStarting  October 1st!

Why are you doing it?

The main reason is that I like to maintain an attitude of giving to those around me. It is easy to get caught up in the daily grind and overlook all the people around us whose lives we can make better. By getting hundreds or thousands of you involved with us, we can have a huge impact on the world around us. I believe that just like the movie Pay it Forward suggested, little acts of kindness really do change the world.

Where do I sign up?

Right here… /10daygive

Is this a fund-raiser for ChristianPF?

Not at all, this is not about giving to ChristianPF. It is all about giving to people in your sphere of life – making the lives of those around you better. In fact, ChristianPF gives stuff away to random 10 Day Givers, so it is like the opposite of a fund-raiser. 😉

What if I don’t have money to give?

Give your time or anything you have that can be translated into value to someone else. Get creative. There is a lot more that you can give other than money.

Do I have to sign up?

Nope, you don’t have to, you could do it on your own. But, isn’t it so much more fun being part of a group that is all working towards a common goal?

What else can I do to help?

  • Let your friends know about it
  • Write about it on your Facebook page, twitter page or website
  • Put a banner or badge up on your website (Get one here)

Helpful Tips for completely your 10 Day Give

  • Start saving ASAP – it will be a lot easier to give if you have money saved up in advance.
  • Fill your wallet up with cash, so you can always dole out some cash if you need to…
  • I love giving to strangers on the street, but sometimes they can be freaked out. So, proceed with caution!
  • If you think your giving could freak someone out, do it anonymously. This can be very fun. You can almost turn it into a James Bond type challenge not to get caught!
  • Plan out your giving in advance, but be ready when a moment of inspiration strikes.

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  1. Lakita

    Hello Bob,

    Just wanted to let you know I wrote about the 10 Day Give on my site.

    I think this is a great idea and I’m looking forward to participating.


  2. Bob,
    Thanks for organizing and putting together the 10 Day Give! It’s a great idea.

  3. Peter

    I’m in for the 10 day give! posted about it today. Thanks for spearheading the effort Bob!

  4. Marshall Jones Jr.

    Wow, it seems like today I’ve been hit by calls to give more than usual. It’s definitely an area of my life where I need work: giving out of obedience and to honor the Lord instead of giving to see results.

    I’m looking forward to getting creative over the next ten days of giving.

    Marshall Jones Jr.

  5. Josh

    I am in too!!!

  6. Olivia

    I saw a wonderful thing happen today. By way of intro. A small thrift store in town uses volunters from local churches on an eight week rotation. It was our church’s turn. There’s a little old lady who comes in every day to look and socialize. We often chat. She told me a man had just come into the store and said to her, “the Lord told me to give this to you”, and handed her a crumpled bill. She thought it was a five and thanked him. When she unwadded it she saw it was a fifty. She was absolutely floored. I know for a fact she could use it, but it was so cool to see the impact this kindness made. (Maybe the guy reads your blog.)

  7. sokun

    Great post, i’m all for anything giving

  8. Donna

    I blogged about this challenge on my site. I am all about this idea. Thank you for the great article.

  9. Jenni (Traveler for Good)

    I’m going to have to get creative. I want to try and seek out additional ways to give rather than the things I normally do. I have challenged some of the youth at the church to let me know how they give – if they let me know what they’re doing, they might win a gift from me.

    My intro to the give on my blog:

    Thanks for putting this together. I can’t wait to hear some of the stories that will come out of people making a conscious effort to give more often!

    • Bob

      Jenni – that is great to hear! I love it!