10 Summer Job Ideas for Budding Teen Entrepreneurs

10 Summer Job Ideas for Budding Teen EntrepreneursIt used to be that as school let out for the summer, most teens flocked to summer employment at camps, the movie theater, or local fast food restaurants.

These days, it can be hard for teens to find a good summer job. In many areas, teens are competing with adults for positions that used to be considered high school jobs.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost for teenagers who want to earn money this summer.

Budding teenage entrepreneurs may need to get a little creative when it comes to earning money, but opportunities are out there.

What can a teenager do for some extra spending cash?

Childcare or Mother’s Helper

Summer is a tough time for moms. The kids are out of school, and sometimes it’s hard to get things done around the house or run errands with the kids in tow.

Teenagers can earn extra money by offering to babysit for moms who need a break. Even younger teens can make money by offering to be a mother’s helper. Sometimes all a mom needs is someone to entertain the kids while she does other things…like clean the house.

Pet Sitter

Entrepreneurial teens can leverage their interests and skills to make money during the summer. Here are 10 summer job ideas for budding teen entrepreneurs.

Many families take vacations during the summer and need to find care for their pets. Teens of all ages can earn extra cash by offering to feed and play with a vacationing family’s pets.

Hiring someone to care for pets is a lot less expensive than boarding a pet, especially for those with multiple pets.

House Sitter

The season for summer vacations results in many vacant homes over the summer. Older teens can make money by offering to live in a home while a family is on vacation. This helps deter would be thieves and makes sure routine home care gets done while the vacationers are away.

Younger teens can offer to visit an empty house to water the lawns and plants while a family is away, even if they aren’t old enough to actually stay at the house.

Virtual Assistant

With the boom in internet entrepreneurs, many busy bloggers are looking for virtual assistants.

Teens are a natural fit for things like running social media. Last year my daughter completely took over my Pinterest account, and she did a great job! I more than made up the money I paid her by focusing on other avenues of earning.

Responsible and social media savvy teens can really help a blogger out…and make money at the same time.

Graphic Designer

Numerous teens these days have experience in basic graphic design. Learning Photoshop is a requirement in my teen’s high school and I’m sure in other high schools around the nation, as well. That’s great news for those teens seeking summer work.

Teens who have a knack for Photoshop can earn extra money by creating logos for websites and podcasts. Fiverr is a great place to market beginning graphic design skills.

Personal Grocery Shopper

Teens with cars can offer to shop and deliver groceries for busy families.

As a busy mom, I would gladly pay for someone to take my shopping list, do the shopping, and deliver my groceries to my house.

Grocery shopping is one of those pesky tasks that needs to be done week after week, but it takes a lot of time. Teens can take advantage of that fact to earn money.

House Cleaner

When the kids are home for the summer, I have a really hard time keeping my house clean. Yes, my kids have chores, but when they are home, the house gets messy in a hurry.

Entrepreneurial teens can offer to clean houses once every week or two. Many moms would be glad to pay for that service.

Yard Caretaker

Entrepreneurial teens can leverage their interests and skills to make money during the summer. Here are 10 summer job ideas for budding teen entrepreneurs.

A yard can become unmanageable in a hurry during warm weather. Plants, weeds, and grass grow quickly, needing more care than they do during the winter months.

Smart teens will offer to work for neighbors who are too busy or otherwise unable to properly care for their yards. Especially during really hot weather, teens should be able to find plenty of yard work!

Music Instructor

Teenagers with a few years of music experience under their belts can offer to teach younger students during the summer months.

Teens don’t have to be musical prodigies to teach other students. They just have to be a few steps ahead of those they are teaching.

Because teens aren’t professional musicians, they charge lower rates than professional music instructors, and many parents are willing to pay an experienced student to teach a beginning player.

Athletic Skills Coach

If your child is a budding athlete, maybe he could put together a sports clinic for kids in the neighborhood.

My thirteen year old son is a dedicated soccer player. He has studied the sport extensively and has skills he could easily teach to younger players.

Sports camps can be really expensive, so entrepreneurial athletes could offer a few lessons. Many moms would be happy to pay a little bit for their kids to get outside and learn new skills.

The key to earning money as an entrepreneur is to find a need and fill that need.

With a little creativity and a lot of ambition, there’s no reason teenagers can’t earn money during the summer — even if they are unable to find a traditional summer job.

What skills do your teens have that they can leverage to earn a little extra income?

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