The 10-Day Give
is a challenge to give something to someone each day – for 10 days.

The thing is, most people really want to make other people’s lives better, but with everything going on all around us, we often overlook the opportunities placed before us. The challenge is to take 10 days and give – in any way we can – to help those around us. We begin October 1st. Learn More.




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How it works1. Sign up using one of the methods above.

2. On October 1st we will send out a reminder notification to everyone signed up to begin their 10-Day Give.

3. Start giving until the challenge ends on October 10th – or just keep on giving!


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There are no rules, no judges, and no right or wrong ways of completing the challenge.

For some people that means giving money, for others time is far more precious than money, and for others it may mean their expertise in an area. But, no matter who you are, we all have something to give.

It could be taking someone out to lunch, it could be babysitting for an overworked mom, it can as simple as giving your precious time by taking your mom to the park to talk.

We encourage you to join us in the challenge and decide to give whatever you can – it’s only for 10 days. And who knows, maybe it will become a habit.


The 10-Day Give Challenge

Join us as we spend 10 days giving to those around us to make the world a better place!