20 Android Budgeting & Personal Finance Programs

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As an Android user I am still pretty frustrated that there are so many more and better apps for the iPhone than for Android phones. Hopefully more developers will get going for Android, but it is what it is, so we should just all get over it – right?

Anyway, John recently wrote about 5 personal finance iPhone apps that he enjoyed, and I decided to put together a post with some budgeting and financial apps for Android. To be honest, I don’t actually use any budgeting apps on my phone. I use Mvelopes for my budgeting and as far as I can tell they don’t have a budgeting app for Android (or the iPhone) – not really sure what they are thinking. But regardless, that would probably be the only budgeting program that I would use on my phone. Since do all my budgeting with Mvelopes, it would probably end up wasting more of my time if I used a separate tool on my phone – that wasn’t from Mvelopes.

So, this isn’t really a review of all these budgeting programs, it is more of a list. Hopefully you (the wonderfully helpful reader) can provide your two cents in the comments as to what budgeting or personal finance apps you use on your Android device.

As you will notice, there are a lot of Android budgeting apps, I am sure some are great and some not-so-great. I would have linked to each of these programs’ websites, but many of them don’t have them or don’t have much (or any) information about them on their homepage. So, I would probably just go the Android Market on your phone and search for the name of the program to get a better feel of the app’s features.

How the apps are listed

I listed the apps in order of their rating in the Android Market along with the current prices. While the ratings might be an indication of quality, if an app only has one review that happens to be 5 stars from the developers mom, it might not be as reliable as an app that has a 4 star rating with 25 reviews. I also provided screenshots when they were available.

Hope it helps!

Highest Rated Android Budgeting & Personal Finance Apps

Easy Envelope Budget Aid

4.5 Stars – FREE

Easy Envelope Budget Android Program


4.5 Stars – FREE

mooLa personal finance app for android


4.5 Stars – FREE


4.5 Stars – €3.99

GBA Money budgeting program


4.5 Stars – FREE


4.5 Stars – FREE

4 Star Apps

Mint.com Personal Finance

4 Stars – FREE

mint android personal finance app

Personal Budget Droid

4 Stars – FREE


4 Stars – FREE


4 Stars – FREE

Daily Expense Manager

4 Stars – FREE


4 Stars – FREE


4 Stars – FREE

3.5 Star Apps

NodEcon Pro-Budget & Exp.

3.5 Stars – FREE


3.5 Stars – FREE


3.5 Stars – FREE

3 Star Apps


3 Stars – $0.99

budgetpro android budget software


3 Stars – FREE


3 Stars – $1.99

2.5 Star Apps


2.5 Stars – FREE

What is your favorite Android budgeting app?

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  1. Bob, great idea to post an article about the Android budgeting apps. Android is becoming a very popular mobile OS, and it’s good to see that you can do much with this platform just like iOS.

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. Freeware Catalogue

    very helpful list. Can’t imagine if we have to waiting to go home and record our expenses in our computer or laptop. Some people are too lazy write in a paper, while if waiting to put the record in the computer (or laptop), they afraid forget what they have been doing with their money…

  3. Android rules

    I am using EasyMoney now and I would give it 5 stars! Good support, useful and has a great layout!

  4. Android Loverr

    Just yesterday I got this app called Wikinvest Portfolio on my Android phone, and i totally loved it! It lets me see all my brokerage accounts and i get pretty regular stock quote updates and news about my portfolio. Its pretty neat.

  5. Droiduser

    I have been using EasyMoney for more than 3 months and totally loving it! It’s a great app with fast support and a really pleasant looking interface that does exactly what I want from it. Definitely worth 5 stars!

  6. Lawrence Taylor

    I’ve been using Moola for over two years now, and I have to say that this is the best personal finance app on Android. I wish the developer would make an iPhone version so my wife could use it. It’s helped us really get control of our finances, and the developer is really quick to respond to emails, and is a very down to earth guy.

  7. Greg

    I’ve been using Droid Money recently, it is new but it has the advantage to make it really fast to add your transactions. Plus it’s clear and simple. Try it out.