Why Your Teenager Should Have a Roth IRA

Retirement planning for a 14 year old? Sounds like a crazy idea. But look closely at the math and you’ll realize those small contributions grow the most.

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Your Medicare Benefits in 2013

For most retirees, Medicare is the primary health insurance used to cover a wide range of medical services and costs. Medicare can be a very different style of insurance compared to employer plans. Here’s what you need to know!

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What is Gross vs. Net Income?

Quickly, how would you would answer this question: "What's your income?" Did you think about the amount of your payday deposit? Did you think about the amount on your income tax return for the year? One is your net income and the other is your gross income. Everyone should understand the difference between gross and net income and why both numbers are important in your financial life.

Quickly, how would you would answer this question: “What’s your income?” Everyone should understand the difference between gross and net income and why both numbers are important in your financial life.

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How to Calculate Your Real Hourly Wage


Have you ever calculated your real hourly wage? You might be surprised! Once you find it out, you can use that information to make some adjustments in your personal and financial life that will result in real change.

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How to Manage Money as a College Student

College Student with Money

Campuses are gearing up for fresh-faced freshmen and returning students this fall. Many college students have a limited amount of money – along with limited experience in managing money. But the opportunities to spend are unlimited! Here are some tips for managing your money as a college student . . . .

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Where is the Lowest Cost of Living in the United States?

United States Cost of Living

I’ve got my answer memorized when people ask how we feel about moving next month – “We are sorry to leave – but happy to arrive.” My husband and I will be moving back to the Midwest after 24 years on the road with his military career. Here are some ways we are comparing our current cost of living with our destination.

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How to Hire Financial Help

financial planner gives help

Hiring a financial professional can be a daunting task. It can be a bit like dating – you need to understand yourself and what you need out of the relationship. Here is what you need to know . . . .

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What is a Roth IRA and Who Needs One?

The Roth IRA is a great retirement savings tool that has many features and benefits. Let’s explore some of the basics and reasons why a Roth IRA might be right for you or someone in your household.

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How To Use Freecycle: Save Money, Reduce Clutter

Freecycle is frequently mentioned as a great way to save. This is a quick tutorial on how Freecycle works and how you can help save money and reduce clutter in your home by joining Freecyle.

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Do “iBuys” Lead to More Buying?

It all stated in 2005 with a special gift for our son – an iPod.

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The Temptation of the Daily Deal

Each morning, my inbox is full of messages about a great Daily Deal that will expire if I don’t purchase by midnight. It all started with Groupon and then I added other local & national deal sites as they’ve popped up with enticing discounts.

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Beyond the Will: Steps to Help Those Left Behind

Being financially responsible typically includes the important legal documents of a will, financial power of attorney, and advanced medical directives. But there are a few more steps you can take beyond the will.

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Self-storage: Are You at War?

One of our guilty OnDemand pleasures is “Storage Wars” produced A&E. The show focuses on the bidding wars of four featured personalities and then highlights the treasures & trash purchased in the unpaid storage lockers. Are you paying for storage you don’t need to be paying for?

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