5 Simple Steps to a Christmas Budget That will Keep you out of Debt

Want to have a debt-free Christmas this year? If so, then you need to start planning now and you can start with these 5 steps to create a Christmas budget!

Time is running short. You need to prepare now. It will not be long until Father Christmas is saddling up his reindeer. Today is the day to decide to make 2010 a debt free Christmas. In fact, you are more likely to get through Christmas without any new consumer debt if you set your Christmas budget now. So let’s get started!

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How to Survive a Financial Crisis: 12 Tips For Married Couples

How to survive a financial crisis: 12 tips for married couples

Job loss.  A lay off.  Fraud. Getting fired. Robbery.  Legal Issues. Credit card debt.  In a moment, any of these instantaneous events can shatter your financial plan. At times these events do not come alone, but they come in groups – event after event. Unfortunately, life is filled with disappointment, frustration, and surprise.  So what […]

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Getting a Big Refund Check? Should You Adjust Your Withholding?

Are you getting a large tax refund check? Should you adjust your withholding? Here is how to find out...

The larger the income tax return check you receive, the more money you’ve paid throughout the year. Of course, there are some exceptions for credits and things like that. But for most Americans, a tax refund check just means you paid the government too much money and they are now giving it back . . . .

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4 Habits of Millionaires (Have Any of These?)

Becoming a millionaire

The book The Millionaire Next Door analyzes the financial habits of millionaires. It shares the results from interviews and surveys with millionaires. The goal of the book is to give an accurate idea of what characteristics make a millionaire. I found four of those characteristics especially important . . . .

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A Checklist To Get Your Financial Affairs In Order

A checklist to get your financial affairs in order

First, allow me to give honor where honor is due. This post was inspired by Qantas Airlines as we took off from Brisbane, Australia. During take off, we had a lot of turbulence, and for a moment I wondered if I had all my personal affairs in order . . . .

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4 Spiritually Unhealthy Motives to Save Money

4 reasons we definitely should NOT be saving...

Motives can be as important as actions. The Bible often emphasizes that our answers to the “why” question are just as important as our answers to the “what” questions. Take giving, for example. Someone could ask you what are you giving? You might answer I’m giving x% of my income or I tithe . . . .

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Personal Capital Review

Personal Capital is an online personal finance tool that allows you to track all of your finances (budget, bank accounts, credit cards, and investments) all in one place. Best of all, it’s free! Here are some benefits as well as what you should know before you sign up.

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Christian Stewardship: 7 Essential Lessons

A steward is one who manages something on behalf of someone else. All we have belongs to God. He is the owner of everything, and our responsibility is to oversee and manage all we have received. What does this mean?

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The Greatest Lie of Our Generation: “If Only I Had …”

new car

A man is seated on a donkey. His hands are fully extended holding a stick in front of the donkey. From the stick hangs a carrot on a string. The donkey marches onward hoping to finally taste the sweet carrot. Yet, no matter how far or how fast the donkey walks, the carrot always remains the same distance away from the donkey . . . .

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How to Create a Fantastic Yet Frugal Christmas Gifting Strategy

Christmas Gift

Culturally, Christmas is one of the times that we are to acknowledge the important roles that others play in our lives. We do this by giving them a gift. However, for most of us, our list of people who we should buy Christmas gifts for continues to grow, but the amount of money that we’ve decided to spend on Christmas remains the same. What should we do?

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4 Ways to Become a Better Neighbor

Man Needs a Good Neighbor

Jesus says we should love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. He says that it is vitally important that we also we love our neighbor (Luke 10:25-37). A man hearing the teaching of Jesus asked, who is my neighbor? We’ve heard the story so many times that perhaps our ears close as the familiar words wisp past us. But, listen again to the question: Who is my neighbor?

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How to Find the Lowest Price for Holiday Air Travel

Travel Airlines

If you don’t yet have plane tickets for your upcoming holiday travel, then this would be a perfect time to start researching fares. In order to help you get the best price on your plane tickets, you should learn how to use the ITA Matrix website.

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How to Fight Against Fear When Managing Your Finances

fear of finances

I’ve had to make a lot of important decisions. What has amazed me most about it is how often fear becomes one of the key motivating factors when making a decision. Do you make decisions based on fear?

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Quality Product

Quality Items

Justification is a powerful tool. If you start with a desire for something to be OK, you’ll often eventually get to a point where it is OK. The brain has the amazing ability to convince us of anything we want to be convinced is right. What’s one to do?

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