7 Reasons You Should Review Your Life Insurance Policy

7 Reasons You Should Review Your Life Insurance policy

Figuring that you never have to review your insurance needs is one of the most common misconceptions about life insurance! But, if you don’t review your plan annually – or, for that matter, don’t have a financial plan – here are some guidelines to know when you should review your life insurance.

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10 Things American Christians Must Do With Their Money

Did you know that the #Bible gives specific instructions on what to do with our money - and this article we address some of those commands that are for all of us American Christians -

Let’s face it. If you live in America, you are rich. Sure, there are exceptions like those who can’t afford food or shelter, but generally speaking, if you compare yourself to others around the world, you are filthy rich…

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10 Credit Card Traps Designed to Trip You Up!

10 credit card traps to watch for

An article on Yahoo Finance referenced seven credit card traps to watch out for. It was a good article outlining a few of the traps out there with credit cards. Personally, I find credit cards to be extremely helpful as a business owner, and in our personal finances, but that comes only after a toilet-cleaning campaign wiped out $10,000 of credit card debt and after much-needed self control was applied to my use of credit.

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What Does “Storing Up Treasure In Heaven” Mean?

What does Storing Up Treasures in Heaven mean?

I often think about what Jesus might say regarding the American Dream. Would he want everyone to be a homeowner, everyone to have comfort and the security of a nice economy with nothing to worry about?

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How to Save $5,000 on Your Next Car Purchase

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably not a big fan of the sales process for buying a car. I always feel like I’m getting worked over, don’t you? Here are some ideas on how you can save money on your next car purchase!

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A Big Money/Life Lesson from Wal-Mart’s Sam Walton

Recently I came across an article about Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. It was a very interesting read and I found some things I never knew. After doing a little further digging about Wal-Mart I found an article quoting George Will, who had this to say about the company…

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Which IRA Should You Invest In?

So you’re saving money for retirement, or thinking about opening an account – that’s great! But should you open a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA? The question inevitably comes up – Which Type of IRA Should I Invest In?
It’s a good question, and there are advantages and disadvantages of both the Traditional IRA and the Roth…

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4 Things the Apostle Paul Teaches Us About Money

The Apostle Paul is the most well-known Christian missionary. He was beaten, persecuted, shipwrecked and thrown into prison numerous times for His faith, and yet wrote half of the New Testament! So let’s take a look at what the Apostle Paul teaches us about our money…

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What Is Disability Insurance & Why You Need It

golden eggs

Remember when you were in school and read Aesop’s Fables? One of his stories was about the goose that laid golden eggs! A man and his wife were blessed to have a goose that would lay one golden egg each day – but let’s look at the story from a different angle – they should’ve purchased some insurance on the goose!

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Are You Making These 4 Credit Card Mistakes?

We all make mistakes, it’s in our nature. Sometimes we make them because we don’t know any better, and oftentimes we make them even though we do. A lot of us have made some pretty big flubs with the plastic and so it’s always good to get some helpful reminders of great credit card tips so we can avoid the past blunders again…

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3 Things Moses Teaches Us About Money

moses in the bible

The chapter emphasizes their faith in God, and they knew that no matter the circumstances He would never leave them nor forsake them. One of my favorite highlights in this chapter is about Moses, the great leader of Israel who helped orchestrate the exodus out of Egypt, and the writer of the first five books of the Bible known as the Pentateuch.

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When Can You Withdraw From Your Traditional IRA?

For some reason I get this question a lot in my day job, so I thought I’d provide a little clarification on some of the rules regarding withdrawals from Individual Retirement Arrangements, or IRAs.

IRAs were designed to provide an opportunity for folks to save for retirement on a pre-tax, tax-deferred basis. In other words, the money grows without having to pay any taxes on the gains.

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