10 Things Every Parent Should Tell Their Kids (and Themselves)

These are 10 important things we should be telling our children - and even ourselves -

Because the world encourages us to seek success so diligently, we almost need to have an entirely different mindset in order to find happiness. Along that line, here are several things every parent should tell their kids – and themselves – about how to find true happiness in life – even if financial success never comes your way.

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How To Consolidate Your Debt With Lending Club

This is a much cheaper, faster, and easier way to consolidate your debt rather than using traditional banks or debt consolidation companies. Lending club makes the process extremely simple and extremely cost effective -

Technology is changing everything – even the well-worn process of getting a loan through a bank. You can now streamline the whole borrowing process and consolidate your debt with Lending Club. Lending Club is the largest and most well-known of the rising class of direct lending platforms that enable both borrowers and investors to bypass […]

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The 9 Crucial Steps Needed To Pay off your Debt

Controlling debt

Everyone agrees with the need to pay off your debt. But it’s a multi-step process, and success or failure will be determined by the process itself, and not just the desire or intention. Here are nine crucial steps needed to pay off your debt. Be sure to implement each in order to achieve the best […]

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9 of the Best Money Habits of the Wealthy

9 of the best money habits of the wealthy

While it’s tempting to believe that wealth is about being lucky, the reality is that it’s mostly about using God-given wisdom and developing the smart money habits. If you can do that, and avoid too many foolish mistakes with your money, there’s a very good chance that you will have more money than you need. And that […]

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Why You Need Life Insurance and Why it Needs to be Term Insurance

Why you need life insurance and why it needs to be term insurance

It’s unfortunate that so many people don’t consider life insurance to be very important. They’re much more concerned with health insurance and auto insurance, since the need for such coverages is usually more immediate. Life insurance doesn’t seem important until it becomes necessary, and then it becomes critical!   That’s because you can’t buy life […]

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10 Tips to Get More Done Than You Dreamed Possible Today!

Have you ever noticed that some people are able to accomplish incredible things in just a single day? It’s probably because they know the ways to get more done. You can do the same thing, if you know what those ways are that will enable you to accomplish more. This list should help you do just that.

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5 Ways To Get Started Investing With Very Little Money

5 ways to get started investing with little money

Do you think that it is impossible to build a balanced investment portfolio if you have very little money to invest? Think again. Using very little money, you can spread your investments across the full spectrum of asset classes – stock-based mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, bonds, and even commodities.

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12 Things You Can Learn That Will Make You Better at the Game of Life

These are 12 simple things that you can learn today to help you become better at the game of LIFE!

We go to school to learn hands-on skills that will enable us to be better at earning a living. But many of the skills that will make you a success in life have little or nothing to do with earning a living. They’re mostly about living your life, interacting with other people, and improving yourself. And sometimes they even help you earn a living. Here are several things you can learn how to do today that will make you better at the game of life.

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How Much Money Are You Wasting by NOT Refinancing Your Student Loans?

The college class of 2015 has the dubious distinction of being the most indebted graduating class in US history, at least as far as student loans are concerned. The average student owes $35,051. If you owe student loan debt in this range or higher, you may be wasting money by not refinancing.

The average student owes $35,051. If you owe student loan debt in this range or higher, you may be wasting money by not refinancing. Whether or not you can benefit by refinancing your student loans will depend upon the interest rate that you are paying on your current loans. Private source student loans usually carry […]

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5 Things Wealthy People Do Differently

When it comes to the wealthy, there’s often a belief that they’re rich because they were born into money. While that’s certainly true for many, it isn’t the case across the board. Many of the wealthy have had to work their way up to being rich and to do so they’ve had to adopt a different set of habits from most other people.

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Why We Should Give in Secret

Why we should give in secret

Giving is giving, right? Not if you’re a Christian. There are ways to give – and God wants us to give – and there are ways we shouldn’t give. One way we shouldn’t is giving publicly. As Christians, we’re told to give in secret.

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If You Only Read 5 Financial Books Your Entire Life, Make Sure These 5 Are Included

There are all kinds of lists that will proclaim this or that book to be the top financial book available. But we’re going to take a different approach here. Our list is going to focus on the books that are a benefit to you in five fundamental areas: Getting out of debt Changing your attitude […]

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12 Things You Should Stop Doing That Are Stealing Your Joy

These are 12 things you can stop doing today to get more of your JOY back in your life!

Sometimes we’re unhappy, but we don’t know exactly why. Even if our lives seem to be happy and successful on the outside, we may not feel that way deep inside. If you feel that way, it’s likely that there are some things you should stop doing that are stealing your joy. Here are several of them . . . .

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7 Things Every Christian Should Do Every Day

These are 7 things that every Christian should be doing each day -

As Christians, we never want to get into the legalistic practice of creating “to do lists” that we must follow in order to define ourselves as believers. But at the same time, there certain things every Christian should do every day in order to stay in faith. “But be doers of the word, and not […]

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