Should a Christian Use Credit Cards?

Should a Christian use credit cards?

It seems like every day you get a new credit card application in the mail. One promises 10% cash back on Amazon purchases. Another promises free airline miles. And yet another offers you rewards from your favorite department store every time you make a purchase. You begin thinking — if you make every purchase on a cash […]

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4 Ways to Watch Sports without Cable

4 ways to watch sports without cable

I’ve been trying to cut the cable cord for years. If it were up to me, I’d be satisfied with Netflix and Amazon Prime. But I’m married, and I have kids. And my husband and son are both sports fanatics. A few years ago, we cut out cable as an experiment for one year. After […]

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How to Save Money Furnishing a College Dorm Room

How to save money decorating your college dorm room

Heading off to college is an exciting time! Young adults look forward to new friends, new experiences, and a taste of the grownup life. Moving out of the house, even if it’s just to a college dorm, is expensive, though. I still remember buying a cart full of necessities at Target when I moved into […]

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How to Save Money on School Supplies when Money is Tight

It’s the time of year we parents love and dread at the same time: Back to School. We love it, because it means getting back to a good routine. But we hate it, because let’s face it. August and September rival the Christmas season when it comes to spending. Back to school expenses add up quickly! […]

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5 Reasons Your Kid Shouldn’t Go to College (and What They Can do Instead)

5 reasons your kid shouldn't go to college - and what they can do instead

[Note from Bob:  I get WAY too many emails from readers who take out over $100K+ in student loans and upon graduation discover that even low paying jobs can be hard to come by.  Many find themselves deep in debt with very little income – not exactly starting off on the right foot.   I […]

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7 Steps to Take When You Lose Your Job

7 steps to take when you lose your job

“I’m sorry. We’re going to have to let you go.” These words strike fear into the hearts of wage earners across the U.S. every day. What if it happens to you? Do you know what to do? Two months ago my husband lost his job. It was tempting to panic, knowing our family had just […]

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10 Easy Ways to Save Money at the Vet

You feel the familiar ache of worry in the pit of your stomach. Something isn’t right with Fido. He’s lethargic and not acting like himself. Is it something major? Fido is a part of the family. You can’t bear to see him hurting. In your heart of hearts you know it’s time to take him […]

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6 Legal Ways to Get Help Paying Student Loans

College is expensive. There’s no denying it. According to The Institute for College Access & Success, 69% of students graduating from public and non-profit colleges in 2014 had some form of student loan debt. The average amount? $28,950. That’s a sobering thought. Paying off that kind of debt isn’t easy, but it is possible. And what […]

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10 Summer Job Ideas for Budding Teen Entrepreneurs

It used to be that as school let out for the summer, most teens flocked to summer employment at camps, the movie theater, or local fast food restaurants. These days, it can be hard for teens to find a good summer job. In many areas, teens are competing with adults for positions that used to […]

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How to Vacation on the Cheap (Without Feeling Deprived)

Summer is just around the corner. You’d love to go someplace fun with the spouse and kids, but the money just isn’t in the budget. Another year. No vacation. But does it have to be that way? Not necessarily. Perhaps you can take a vacation. A memorable one. And it doesn’t have to break the […]

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Why Your College Kid Needs a Credit Card

Imagining your college kid with a credit card could lead you to many sleepless nights. Spending out of control, over limit fees, and ruined credit — it’s enough to give a parent nightmares. With that in mind, what I’m about to write might surprise you. Your college kid might just need a credit card. Three […]

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4 Steps You Should Never Skip When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is definitely the best way to get the most car for your money. Used cars depreciate much more slowly than new cars. However, purchasing a used car can be stressful. Did the previous owners take care of the car? Has it been in a wreck? Are there any recalls on the […]

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How to Budget When You And Your Spouse Don’t Agree

Note from Bob: I just want to welcome our new writer, Lynnae. She’s been writing about personal finance and money management longer than I have and has some great wisdom to share. Please join me in welcoming her to the SeedTime team! Setting a budget is one of the first steps in gaining control of […]

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What to Do if You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

April 15 will be here before we know it. For those of us who owe taxes, that date comes too soon each year. If you’re someone who owes taxes this year, hopefully you don’t owe that much. But what if you do? What if you owe so much that you can’t pay your taxes by […]

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