7 Best Part-Time Jobs Anyone Can Start

You’ve probably heard about diversifying your investments. But have you heard much about diversifying your income?

Probably not.

Sometimes the key to financial stability is not to land one job – but several! Here are 7 part-time jobs anyone can start. Oh, and did I mention some of these have benefits beyond the wages?

For the last few years I’ve held two jobs simultaneously. This gives me a level of freedom that keeps the door open to further pursue one job or the other. But lately I’ve found that diversifying my income has many benefits and keeping two jobs at the same time might be something others should actively seek.

That’s one reason I wrote this article. Today I want to challenge you to reach out and explore other opportunities. What can you do part time to maximize your income while broadening your horizons? Here are some ideas.

1. Blogging

Yes, you can make money blogging. There are several blogs hiring right now if you know where to look! Check out Problogger’s Job Board for a few jobs that are available right now. As a blogger myself, I know that I’m always looking for new contributors for my website. You can get paid doing this. Believe it!

2. Starbucks

Mmm, smell that coffee? If you’re a Starbucks fan, you might be the perfect candidate for becoming a Starbucks barista. I’ve heard through the grapevine that they offer their employees a full pound of coffee every week.

Not only that, they’ll pitch in a full insurance package complete with medical, dental, life, and disability. That simply rocks. You’ll be hard pressed to find other part-time jobs that offer as many benefits as Starbucks.

3. UPS

The United Parcel Service offers seasonal work and year round jobs. They offer full benefits for part-time employees. Going to school? UPS offers tuition assistance to those looking to further their education. Not bad at all!

4. REI

If you’re a fitness or outdoorsy kind of person, you might want to consider working at REI. They offer incentive pay when the store or department hits sales goals and provide healthcare to employees working even less than 20 hours per week! Now that’s a deal.

5. Barnes & Noble

I don’t know about you, but I’m a book worm. I love reading! If you’re the same way, Barnes & Noble might be a store you’d like to work at. They offer part-time jobs and paid vacation time to part-time (as well as full-time) employees.

You might even want to consider their 401(k) savings plan . . . especially if you’re working on Dave’s 4th Baby Step.

6. Target

What do you think about having comprehensive benefits? I’m talking about health, wealth, protection (insurance), time, and well-being benefits? You get all this and more.

One nice perk is that your in-store employee discount will also shave off dollars from what you’ll have to pay for prescription medications. Bonus!

7. You, Inc.

What if you could create your own part-time job? What if you didn’t have to settle for a job at a company that’s already been founded?

The truth is you can escape the rat race.

Are you an entrepreneur? You can be one. Think about your favorite hobbies – what hobbies can you turn into cash? Start by taking what you enjoy and monetize it.

The truth is, we all work for ourselves. Whether we are working as our own managers or working for a company, it all comes down to personal responsibility. We need to be responsible for the jobs we hold, ensuring that we enjoy our work and do what we enjoy. We have the added responsibility to make sure we do a good job – do what the job trained us to do.

What part-time work are you seeking? How has a part-time job benefited your life? Let’s talk – meet us in the comments!

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  1. Joolie

    If you’re considering the last option – starting your own business – make sure you check into local, state and federal license requirements, as well as bonding or insurance you might need. The expenses of these prevent me from becoming my own boss as a house painter.
    Also, if preparing food is your thing there are stringent requirements about where you can do so if you want to sell the end product. This, in addition to the licensing and other regulations, prevents me from becoming my own boss selling my home-made jams and jellies.
    I’d love to be my own boss but I’m over-regulated into working for someone else. There are many barriers to starting one’s own business.

  2. Brent Pittman

    Good list. I’ve actually almost landed a gig of problogger’s job board. I was just floored that they even responded!
    In gradschool I worked at a small gym..free workouts, downtime to read, plus I made pretty good $ on commissions.
    My wife worked for Peet’s also back in the day and got the killer insurance for 20 hours a week!

  3. Courtney

    Good list, but want to make Christians aware. Starbucks does not uphold the biblical view of marriage and has recently written a letter showing full support for same-sex marriage. I really liked their coffee, but now it is time to choose wisely as to where we spend our money and the causes they support..just FYI to those who find the biblical family values important!

    • Austie

      The Lord wants you to love, friend. A good family is a good family regardless of parentage. Remember, when it’s time for His judgment, He will look for the goodness and your heart, and your love with lift you to Him.

  4. Shairease L. Rogers

    Thanks! I am a single mother of two, the oldest in college. I recently resigned from from job of 12 years as a Tax Technician with the Internal Revenue Service. I just couldnt take the stress any more. It took a toll on my health and family that I just could not bare any more. I have always wanted to own my own business. The Lord told me that if I wanted to own my own business that He would back me up so here I am and the rest in history. I wrote a lot of technical and training material for the IRS as well as tax preparation. I would love to learn more about blogging. Can you tell me how what I would need to do to start my own blogg? Can you notify me when you need articles on your site?
    Thanks, Shairease

    • John Frainee

      Try guest posting! It’s the first step toward getting a feel for things online in the blogosphere! 😉

  5. Family of 7+

    I paid for our family’s living expenses during grad school by deliverying pizza 4 nights a week. Now I teach online courses. I spend an hour or two each evening most days (probably 3 hours once a week) and have made $20k+ in each of the last few years.

  6. Marianne

    I just blogged about teaching piano for side income today in a series I’m doing on how we’re earning extra money towards our next big purchase. (http://www.preservingpennies.blogspot.com/2012/02/how-we-earn-extra-money-teaching-piano.html) I will be blogging about all the other ways we make extra money in the rest of the series. I am blessed to have a very talented husband who has a myriad of skills so we are able to find a lot of ways to capitalize on our abilities to make some extra income.

  7. Kyle Ambrosas

    These actually sound like great things to do, especially if you are starting out self-employed and are just doing these other jobs for the benefits. At the same time, if you are self-employed, I almost feel like every extra hour you put into your own business is going to pay itself off eventually and will help you more in the end than working a part-time job.

  8. Jeff Crews

    Textbroker.com is a great place for writers to earn some extra cash. Have you seen/heard of it?

  9. Sean Hopcraft

    Yeah I am going to seminary at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and have been working as a blogger putting myself through school. It’s so convenient, save money on gas because I work from home, work whenever because it’s the internet….so on and so on. Gives me plenty of time to read and study.

    • Carol

      How do you earn money writing a blog?

  10. Carol

    I worked at Target over the Christmas seasonal period and it was a solid job but unless you work 35 hours a week consistently you don’t get the benefits you mentioned. The discount on goods sold there and the occasional special events (free snacks and sweets in the employee room) were good. HOWEVER, here where I live they have let all their seasonal people go.

  11. [email protected]

    Thanks for a good list of options. Tutoring online is also a good way to make extra money.

  12. Dave

    Hi John,

    Thanks for listing these options. I’d like to say, that God really does LOVE to help His sons and daughters out with opportunities that will not only help provide for their families but will also reveal His wonderful plan of salvation in Jesus.

    What happened in my case is that God led me out of working for others to set up a website and work for myself. At first is was kinda scary, but I knew God had led me… now I’d NEVER go back. Thank you LORD :).