The 5 Best-Rated Credit Card Companies

The 5 top rated credit card companiesI am always cautious when writing about credit cards because I know some people get themselves in loads of trouble with their credit cards.

But I trust that you are not one of those people and that you are smart enough to know that carrying a balance on a credit card is a no-no!

Repeat after me: “I will not carry a balance on my credit card!”.

Ok, now that we got that out the way we can continue.

A few months back, J.D. Power released their annual U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study. The study seeks to find out how satisfied customers are with their credit card companies by looking at six factors:

  • Interaction
  • Credit card terms
  • Billing and payment
  • Rewards
  • Benefits and services
  • Problem resolution.

The top 5 credit card companies for 2016

It looks like Discover and Amex are far and away the best in customer satisfaction.

Capital One is following behind in 3rd, but according to their point system they are a distant 3rd.

  1. Discover
  2. American Express
  3. Capital One
  4. Barclay
  5. Chase

For those of you who use credit cards, how do you feel about the results?

Agree or disagree?

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  1. Tania

    I don’t think BOA should’ve made it to the results, but I figure, a company their size probably has more customers than any other smaller credit cards and easier to survey… I agree with Amex and Discover It as #1 and #2. Chase is pretty easy going too, but their communication isn’t the greatest.

  2. I just don’t understand the allure of BOA, have never used Discover and have always had good customer service with Chase. I’m in the market for a business credit card and think Chase is the most advantageous for my and my situation.

  3. Ivan

    We have used PFCU and USAA for decades – awesome deals and service – and NO complaints. 🙂

  4. Naquan

    I actually have a Discover It card—and I love it. I love the cash back perks and options to redeem cash back. While I’ve received an offer from American Express, I’ve discard it because of there annual membership fee which I personally don’t feel like giving them. I recommend Discover to anyone. There customer service is great.

  5. Leeanne O

    We base our credit card choice simply on rewards, since we pay off each month. Chase Freedom Card is what we have used for years but if anyone knows any that give better Rewards please tell:)

  6. Cheryl

    American Express is tops in customer service and points. Discover and Chase are great too. I use all 3 and frequently fly free with my american express jet blue and Delta points.

  7. jeannie d.

    I just paid off all of my cards (5… 2 Visas, 1 Mastercard and a store charge…shame on me). Am getting rid of all but my Discover card and a visa for travel or places they don’t take Discover (few and far between in USA, not sure about International). Love my Discover card. Customer service is excellent as well.

  8. Renee

    I definitely do not feel that Bank of America should’ve made the list based on my own personal experience. Because of Customer service , availability of days and hours, problem resolution if there is a problem and resolving the problem , are not their strong suits by any means. On the other hand I think Navy Federal credit Union should’ve ranked number one. Also capital one.

  9. Steve A

    We have used Simmons First Bank for years. No frills but terrific service and 9% interest if we carry a balance for a month or two. I also use Southwest Airlines Visa for work expenses. Usually get two or more free flights per year.

  10. Kevin C

    @Leeann O: I also based my credit card decision on rewards. I should also note that I have one card and only one card, and I pay the balance off bi-weekly. I did a great deal of research before selecting a card since I do not need one but I felt that I was leaving money on the table by not having a rewards card. By and far the best choice for us was the AMEX Fidelity Retirement Rewards card. This card is great because, unlike cards that give you 5% on grocery, 3% on gas, etc…this card gives 2% rewards on EVERYTHING. You can then have the rewards directed straight into a registered fidelity account, such as IRA (which is what we do). I love this because I don’t have to “sign up” for rewards or keep track of where I will get the most. Just 2%, plain and simple and automatically deposited. I like this approach the best because not only are you getting rewards but then those rewards dollars go straight to work earning interest. I have already received roughly $250 in the first 9 or so months of having this card and there is no annual fee.

  11. Joel

    I love American Express and completely agree with its rank at the top. We have the Blue Cash Rewards card (autopaid in full each month). In addition to great rewards (5% on groceries, drugstores, and gas and 1% elsewhere after 6500 in spending, no annual fee), customer service is amazing. We talk to real people who address our issues in one call. I highly recommend American Express (and no, I have no ties to it!).

    • Eric

      Joel, what Blue Cash Amex card are you talking about? The cashback you’re talking about sounds like the Blue Cash Preferred we have. Which is 6% groceries, 3% gas, and 1% everything else with a $75 annual fee.

      We have both an Amex and Discover card. I think Discover beats Amex for the top spot. Discover’s customer service and dispute resolution has been top notch. Amex on the other hand has been somewhat of a hassle. Amex currently wants to hold us accountable for unauthorized charges we didn’t make even after filing a dispute.

      Discover all the way on this one!

  12. Millennial Finances

    I haven’t found an AmEx card that offers great rewards unless you spend a lot of money and pay an annual fee each year. The card that I think is the best combination of rewards/no-hassle is Capital One’s cash back card (they keep changing the exact name of it).

    I think with the CARD Act of 2009 (thank you Democrats/Obama!) and the CFPB, the companies have much less leverage or legal ways of ripping you off or just giving terrible customer service. So normally I flock to consumer-favorites, but here I just don’t see the value.