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I bought my wife’s engagement ring from and I learned a few things in the process…

Pros of buying a wedding ring from Amazon

When I began shopping for my wife’s engagement ring, I started browsing “traditional” jewelry stores to get a ballpark figure of what the ring I wanted was going to cost me. Like most other purchases I make, I did my homework and learned about the four C’s (color, cut, clarity, carat) so that I could make an educated buying decision.

All of the “traditional” stores seemed to be within a few hundred dollars of each other for similar diamonds. And this ballpark figure was tending to be higher than I was looking to spend. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon the Jewelry Store when I happened to be in the market.

I explored the site and studied the return policy. Once I felt comfortable that I would have no problem returning the ring if I wasn’t satisfied, I began actually looking at the ring design feature. The store is set up so you can actually design the ring you want and specify how good of a diamond you would like. It was a very easy process and gave me the liberty to create what she wanted rather than search for what she wanted.

Seeing the price of the ring that I designed, I became very skeptical, because it was thousands less than what I had seen in the stores (for the same specs). But after thinking about it for a while, I decided to take the chance since they had a good return policy.

Since the ring was custom designed, it took about a month to arrive. It came in a nice looking wood ring box (without the Amazon logo, thank God) and looked really nice.

Included in the package was an appraisal of the ring which stated that it’s appraisal value was a few thousand more than I had just paid. I didn’t put much confidence in their appraisal, so I took it to a high-end jeweler to have it appraised. He charged me $75 for the appraisal, but I figured it was worth it to know if I was getting ripped off.

When I received the appraisal back from this jeweler, it was a few hundred less than what Amazon had appraised it for, but still thousands more than what I had just paid.

Since Amazon goes direct to the diamond importers and sells directly to the customers, they can cut the costs that other jeweler’s have to pay for sales staff, rent, electricity, etc.

Cons of buying a wedding ring from Amazon

  • The biggest downside to buying jewelry online is that you can’t see it until it arrives.
  • If it is custom designed, it may take over a month to arrive.
  • Most “traditional” jewelers offer free cleaning for life if you purchase from them, so you will likely have to pay for cleanings.
  • It isn’t as easy returning it online as it would be driving to the jeweler who you purchased it from.

Overall, I am very happy with my decision to buy from Amazon. As mentioned, there are some cons to buying from them, but when all things are considered, I think it was definitely worth it.

I believe they sell all sorts of jewelry now, so next time you make a jewelry purchase it may be worth your time to check them out. 

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  1. Mrs. Micah

    Nice. I’m glad it all worked out. My husband actually worked with an artist to get me a recycled ring (from used jewelry). Apparently it’s a lot cheaper that way as well.

  2. rose

    that is very interesting! i’m always just a bit hesitant to shop online and my purchases aren’t nearly as big, so that’s encouraging. plus it sounds like you saved a bundle!

  3. Lazy Man

    I looked at, but the price wasn’t as competitive with what I got through’s search engine. I found some great prices from a company called Abazias. I was a little nervous, but Pricescope’s forums are extremely helpful and Abazias is publicly traded.

  4. bob

    @Mrs. Micah and Lazy Man
    It is good to hear that there are other places out there to catch a good deal – I am starting to become convinced that you are paying way TOO much if you buy it the “traditional” way…

    Yea, online shopping has its own pros and cons, but a lot of times the pros outweigh the cons… I think so in this case anyway…

  5. christ jewelry

    I once purchased an ancient greece drachma pendent on eBay at $175. It’s actual value is over 2K. If you can afford to take the risk of buying online, you can come up with some great finds!

  6. Cameron

    Hey so I’m looking at buying a ring on amazon but I’m not sure if I can get insurance on the ring, and I do want insurance. So does offer ring insurance?

    • Jon


      From what i understand, you need to look at if they send you a certificate of authenticity or certificate of appraisal. That is all you need to be able to add the ring to your home owners insurance or get a specific ring insurance.

      If not, just do what the author did, go to a jewelry store and have them appraise it. That appraisal report is all you need.

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