Get 10% Cashback at Amazon Just By Using This Credit Card

This is a simple hack that can easily save you 10% at Amazon! All you need to do is get this credit card and then you will be on your way to saving 10% at Amazon!Are you already getting stressed about shopping in the upcoming Christmas season?

If you are, we’ve got some good news on a package deal that can save you a lot of cash.

The Discover It credit card is offering one of those too-good-to-pass-up bonus offers, and they’ve teamed up with, just in time for the holidays.

The combination can save you hundreds of dollars on your holiday shopping. That’s what happens when two competitive vendors team up – it’s a win-win for you.

Quick Aside:

I am always cautious when writing about credit cards because I know some people get themselves in trouble with their credit cards. But I trust that you are NOT one of those people and that you are smart enough to know that carrying a balance on a credit card is a no-no!  Repeat after me: “I will not carry a balance on my credit card!”.

Ok, now that we got that out the way we can continue.

The Discover it Card

Use this card and Amazon to get 10% cash backThe Discover it card is one of the most popular credit cards available (and they are one of the best-rated card companies), and they’re making an incredible offer to get you to sign up. Here are the details:

  • Interest rate – Variable rate, ranging from 11.24% APR to 23.24% APR, based on your creditworthiness. Cash advance APR is 25.24%. But Discover it is currently offering 0% on purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 months.
  • Discover it fees – None! There is also no late fee on your first late payment, no overlimit fee, and no foreign transaction fees.
  • Balance Transfer Fee – 3% of the balance transferred.
  • Credit required – Excellent or Good.

Discover it Cashback – Discover it offers 1% cashback on all purchases. But it also offers 5% cash back on bonus categories (see calendar list below). The categories change each quarter, but the cash back offer applies to purchases of up to $1,500 purchased for each quarter. That means that you can earn up to $75 on bonus purchases, plus 1% on all other purchases, each quarter.

Oh, and cash back rewards are paid in cash, or they can be redeemed at checkout.

But it gets even better…

The Discover it Cashback Matching Bonus Offer

For the first year that you have the Discover It card, Discover pays double cash back. That means that you can receive 2% on all purchases, but up to 10% on the purchases in the rotating bonus categories (see calendar list below).

On bonus category purchases, you can receive up to 10% cash back on up to $1,500 in purchases, or up to $150. That’s each and every quarter, or up to $600 for a full year – plus 2% of all other purchases.

The matching bonus is paid at the end of 12 billing cycles. The bonus offer is available to new Discover it customers only. You must also be a US resident.

The bonus categories for 2016 include:

  • Jan-Mar: Gas & Ground Transportation
  • Apr-Jun: Restaurants & Movies
  • Jul-Sep: Home Improvement Stores &
  • Oct-Dec: Department Stores, Sam’s Club &

Cash back rewards never expire, and you can redeem them at any time and in any amount.

Other Discover it Benefits: If that weren’t enough, Discover it also offers the following:

  • Free FICO score included for on monthly statements and online
  • $0 Fraud Liability
  • Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty Program
  • Flight Accident Insurance
  • Auto Rental Insurance
  • Freeze your account in seconds with an on/off switch on either the mobile app or website to prevent new purchases
  • Accepted at 9.6 Million merchants nationwide

The Connection

Amazon isn’t just books and music anymore! Merchandise available includes electronics and computer components, sports equipment and outfits, home goods, lighting, tools, auto parts, jewelry, clothing, toys and more. If you can buy it in a department store, you can probably get it at – for less.

You can also shop Amazon’s Today’s Deal’s, where you can get discounts of 50% or more on items purchased at

Amazon offers their own credit card, and it pays 5% cashback. But you may want to pass on that card, and do your shopping on Amazon with the Discover it card instead. is one of the major cashback bonus categories with the Discover it card. It offers double cashback on your purchases up to $1,500 per quarter, when Amazon is a featured vendor. With 10% cash back, you can get cash back of up to $150 in cash per quarter.

Combine’s low prices and discount deals with the Discover it 10% cashback bonus, and you can save and earn hundreds of dollars, just by shopping and buying what you would buy somewhere else. And with Christmas coming, you now have a real opportunity to save some serious cash.


Thanks to Jim for letting me know about this Discover/Amazon hack.

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