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Why You Should Pay Yourself Second – and How You Should!

Paying Yourself with Cash in Wallet

Paying yourself first (saving and investing each month before living on what is left over) is a popular but seldom practiced concept. I love the principle, but, for followers of Christ, I would modify it by stating that we should pay ourselves second after we give to God. But after you give to God, how should you pay yourself? What budgeting categories are most important?

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3 Ways to Avoid Using Your Emergency Fund!

emergency fund

You’re a rock star and have set up a fully-funded emergency fund. Bravo! There’s only one problem: you find yourself using your emergency fund every month because of “unexpected” expenses! How can you make sure that your emergency fund is only used for emergency purposes? Here are a few tips to help get you on the right track . . . .

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How Much to Pay a Pastor for a Wedding

Many of you who plan to get married in the future can think right away of the pastor you would want to do your wedding. Even if you don’t, nearly every state requires a member of the clergy to officiate a legally recognized wedding. Since this is the case and because budgeting is such a key component of planning a successful wedding, how much should you pay a pastor for a wedding? What are other key factors should you keep in mind when you contact your pastor?

How much should you pay a pastor for a wedding? What are other key factors should you keep in mind when you contact your pastor? Let’s explore these important questions.

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How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck


Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Tired of it? Looking for a new way to handle your money so that you aren’t anxiously waiting for your next direct deposit? Here are some simple steps to follow that will ensure you’ll stop living paycheck to paycheck – and never go back.

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How to Create a Low Income Budget

low income budget

As many of you know, I’m now working full time online. We had to take a substantial cut in income to do so . . . and also figure out how to create a low income budget. We’ve done just that. If your income is low, or you simply want to save money, follow these principles to put you in a better financial position.

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4 Ways To Budget For “Gotcha” Expenses

Budgeting can be difficult at times. When we stop and think, we all know that no two months are exactly alike. Here’s how you can budget for those unexpected bills and still stay true to your budget.

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How To Make A Simple Budget

How to make a budget for lazy people

What is the best way to make a budget? This step by step guide will show you how to make your budget. The first thing that anyone who wants to make a budget must do is to compare their income versus their expenses. The good thing is that it is quite easy to do…

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Earn $600 A Year With A Cash-Back Rewards Debit Card

Since opening my account in May of 2010 I have earned $1169 cash back. This breaks down to an average of $58/month for doing nothing different than I was doing before I switched from my old bank…

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How Much “Fun Money” Should You Spend Per Month?

How much fun money should you spend per month?

If you’re like me – a penny pincher – you need to know it’s okay to have a little fun every once in a while. But how much should you spend on entertainment and fun? The answer is different for everyone, but here are a a few ideas that can help you figure that out.

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Can You Afford the New iPhone 4S?

As I sit down to write this, the web is ablaze with excitement about the new iPhone that was announced at 10:00am today. It’s a few hours past the announcement, and I still haven’t the slightest clue as to the specifications or new features. Why? I’m waiting for the spoiler-free video posted on a rumor blog.

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How to Stick With a Budget

Budgets have always been a tough sell. However, in workshops I teach around the country, I’ve noticed a hopeful sign . . .

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YNAB Personal Finance Software: Why I Love it!

I just wanted to share with you some of the success that I am having using YNAB (You Need a Budget) Personal Finance Software. It has really got me motivated to manage my money in a new way.

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Wedding Budgets: Slash Expenses With These 5 Tips!

Watching wedding expenses add up can be frustrating, particularly if you are on a budget in the first place (like me!). Many couples are accruing huge amounts of debt to put on an enormous wedding, charging the maximum on credit cards and even taking out loans to pay for the occasion. This does not have to happen, though.

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How a Spending Journal Can Help You Reach Your Goals

One of the things that I’ve found helpful in the past with our expenses is a simple diary. Yes, that’s right. An old-fashioned way of keeping track of expenses.

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