Budgeting articles

Budgeting is like baking cookies

For some reason the word “budget” has an interesting effect on most people causing them to cringe in pain more than the thought of going to the dentist. It really shouldn’t be as painful as people make it seem. If done correctly, it should give you MORE freedom to get what you want. If you think of a budget as a plan “that takes away all the fun” or eliminates your ability to get things you want, then you are doing it wrong.

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What to do with a raise

Well, I think everyone KNOWS what to do with a raise, but the challenge is DOING it. Just incase you don’t know what to do with a raise, here are a few ideas…

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How I organize my bank accounts

This article explains how I organize my bank accounts…If there is one thing that I have learned about personal finances, it is that nothing is one-size-fits-all. There are different tools, methods, products, and investments that work for different people at different phases of their lives. My system that I am currently using to manage my accounts and cashflow, did not work for me 5 years ago, but…

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How to budget with Capital One 360 (Formerly ING Direct)

How to budget with capital one 360

Want to know how to budget? Well, ING Direct is my favorite budget tool. Here are the steps how I budget with ING Direct. You could probably use this same technique at other banks, but I will show you why it is more beneficial at ING Direct.

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Expenses rise to meet income

Expenses rise to meet income. This is the gist of Parkinson’s law. This is the reason that a couple months after most people get a raise, it feels just as tight financially as it did before the raise.

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Was Jesus a tightwad?

It seems that many Americans think the defining indicator of financial security is your lack of concern for waste. You can see it all over our culture with movie stars spending $30,000 on a designer handbag to carry their dogs in, or in the rock-n-roll lifestyle where music videos clearly portray the idea that,”money is no object,” often times in a competition of who can have the most gold chains or throw the most cash in the air.

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How to budget with the envelope system

4 Great Cash Envelope System Wallets

This article shows how to budget with the envelope system. The envelope system is very basic, but generally a very successful way to budget. It is a bit primitive in our technologically advanced society. But most Americans are in debt up to their eyeballs, largely due to the fact that technology has made it very easy to go in debt. So, if primitive works, why not do it?

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Why everyone needs a balance sheet

Click here to download my personal balance sheet (Excel). The simple personal finance definition of this would be: Assets – Liabilities = Net Worth | It probably wouldn’t take you more than an hour to get it set up in an excel spreadsheet, and even less to update it every year.

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4 Tips to sticking with a budget

These are my 4 simple tips to stick with a budget… Eliminate temptations – Recovering alcoholics should not hang out in bars. The temptation is too strong, it is just foolish. The same applies to someone who is trying to break the habit of overspending, you should not hang out at the mall, Home Depot, or wherever you get tempted.

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