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The processes I used to take a year off work

Processes I Used for a Year Off Work

Last week I wrote about WHY I took a year-long Sabbatical and what led me to make that decision. And today, we get to chat about the nuts and bolts of how we pulled it off logistically – and managed to continue to eat and live indoors throughout the year. My goal with this article […]

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The only credit card I use for my business

The best credit card for business if you buf online advertising - because it gives you 3x points on Ad spend!!

I will soon be writing about why we use credit cards and all the ridiculous amount of free travel (hotels and flights) that we have gotten solely from credit card points.  But this post is specifically about my favorite credit card of all-time for anyone who has a business and purchases advertising. So if you […]

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How to finally get started with your business idea

Have you been dreaming of starting a business? Check this out to get a little help to finally get it started!

I remember sitting in my cubicle, with cloth walls surrounding me – or should I say caving in on me – with the sterile glow of a fluorescent light above my head. I had to stand up and look 50 yards in either direction just to catch a glimpse of sunlight. I still remember the […]

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Dear Friend/MLM Member: Please Don’t Do This

Dear Friend/MLM Member: Please Don’t Do This...

For the purposes of the article I am defining Multi-level Marketing as any business that has a downline. Meaning members earn a percentage of the earnings of those they recruit.  I currently have family members in MLMs, some friends in MLMs, have been recruited by Primerica and many others, and my wife even sold Stella and […]

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Starting an Ebay Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

starting an ebay business

A while back I did an experiment to see if I could start a profitable Ebay business. This article shows how I did it and what my results were…

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31 Legitimate & Profitable Home Based Business Ideas (for 2018)

31 legit home based business ideas for you to make some extra money with

If you are like many, the thought of starting a home-based business has probably crossed your mind at some point. With the economy being what it is, layoffs all around us, and an increasing desire for many to escape the rat race and work from home many are trying to start a home-based business…

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My Blogging Gear Breakdown

This is a look at my current blogging gear setup in 2017. I have a few things that I might add soon, but I am really happy with the current setup. And it all started with just a cheap laptop, and over the last 9 years I have honed in on some favorite tools to […]

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11 Steps To Starting A Small Business Online

These were the steps I took to start my online business and they will vary depending on the type of business you are wanting to start. Hopefully they will give you some ideas of some things you need to keep in mind as you progress!

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10 Summer Job Ideas for Budding Teen Entrepreneurs

It used to be that as school let out for the summer, most teens flocked to summer employment at camps, the movie theater, or local fast food restaurants. These days, it can be hard for teens to find a good summer job. In many areas, teens are competing with adults for positions that used to […]

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The Best 5 Work-from-Home Jobs from Someone Who Has Tried Them All

I've tested and tried out all the different work-from-home jobs out there and these are the 5 best ones -

Working from home is an excellent option for people who want to be with their families and still earn a living. When you work from home you can usually build a lot of flexibility into your schedule so that you can attend school functions for your children, care for sick family members, and tend to your household responsibilities . . . .

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The Pros and Cons of Starting a Franchise Business

Franchise Business Open Sign

A 2012 survey found that just 19 percent of workers – less than one in five – are happy with their careers. Another study said a majority of us would like to work for ourselves – but as most of us understand, self-employment can be a risky move. Would a franchise be the first step to freedom and wealth? Let’s look at the pros and cons of starting a franchise business to shed some light on the decision.

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How to Open an Etsy Store: A Step-by-Step Guide

Want to open an Etsy store to make some extra money? This article details every step in the process....If you haven't heard of Etsy, well basically is it a website that allows you to create a simple storefront to sell your crafts, homemade items, vintage items, or a lot more. It has exploded in growth over the last few years and many artists are finding it to be a great way to earn money from their creations.

If you haven’t heard of Etsy, well basically is it a website that allows you to create a simple storefront to sell your crafts, homemade items, vintage items, or a lot more. It has exploded in growth over the last few years and many artists are finding it to be a great way to earn money from their creations.

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Should Christians Work on Sundays?

Should Christians work on Sundays?

Let me start of by saying that I am a Christian and these are my views about Christians working on Sunday. My views probably don’t match up exactly with every person who reads this article, and that’s okay! I encourage you to discuss and share your thoughts on this article in a respectful way . . . .

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The Pros and Cons of Renting Out Your House if You Can’t Sell It

Renting Out Home Instead of Selling

If you need to move out of your current home but can’t sell it due to market factors, you have another option. You can rent your house out until you can eventually sell it. There are advantages and disadvantages when renting out your house, but depending on your circumstances it could work to your overall benefit.

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